My [Swamiji's] Mission

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

My main aim to propagate the divine knowledge
On this earth is Universal Spirituality

For World Peace, because there should not be difference
Based on the religion, two people should not fight
For the sake of Nivritti, which is reaching the Lord.
Nivritti is related to Lord and is very sacred.
Should one stab another for the sake of this?
In India have you not heard of a Muslim stabbing Hindu
And vice-versa just for the sake of religion?

There is meaning if two fight for wealth etc.,
Which is Pravritti, Pandavas and Kauravas fought
With each other for wealth, it is justified
Both belong to the same Hindu religion
They did not fight for the religion
It is shameful for the Lord to see such fights!
The same Lord is in two different dresses.
And you both are fighting for the difference in the dress!
You are not recognizing that the same teacher came
And taught the same syllabus in two different languages.

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