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Aim of Human Life

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

In the materialistic plane, a person says that the aim of his life is to achieve a particular post [career objective] and then help his family members. Another person says that the aim of his life is to serve mankind. We appreciate the second aim as higher than the first one. The highest aim of human life can be known only in the spiritual plane. The sole aim of this creation is pleasing God through entertainment. Every human being is a part of the creation and so the same aim applies to every human being. Human life becomes fruitful if one serves the Lord and pleases the Lord through the service. Service means the sacrifice of work and the sacrifice of the fruit of work. Service is the proof of real love. The mother serves her child by sacrificing a lot of work like feeding, giving a bath, dressing up the child etc., continuously for years. The father serves the child by sacrificing the fruit of all his hard work to the child [by providing for the child financially]. It is a clear practical point that the proof of real love is only service. If you serve your family, it proves that you love your family. If you serve the entire world, it proves that you love the creation. If you serve the creator, it proves that you love the Creator. It is a very simple point.

Love is the attraction of the mind towards anybody or anything. When illness attacks the body, you take so much care to serve your body. You love your body. Similarly you serve your father, mother, wife and children because your mind is attracted towards them. What is the first prerequisite for this love? When you love your child, you are aware that a particular small living being is your child and you have the differentiating knowledge of your child from other children who are similar. Similarly, when you love God you must be aware of the form of God, who must be differentiated from other forms, as your child is differentiated from other children. You identify your child by certain special characteristics like the shape of the face, voice etc; you do not recognize your child by the clothes, which it puts on. Other children can put on such clothes too. Similarly, you must distinguish the Creator from the creation and then only love the Creator. You cannot love the entire creation as the creator. Do you love all the children as your own children? Therefore, the prerequisite of love is the true knowledge and the inseparable identifying characteristics of an object by which you get attracted towards it. Therefore, what is the real form of God? And how does it differ from other forms? What are the inseparable identifying characteristics of God? The answers for these questions constitute the detailed true knowledge of God. Only such true knowledge generates attraction and love. When you know the separate special details of Bombay, which are not seen in any other city, then only are you attracted to Bombay and like to see it.

Before proceeding to identify the true knowledge of God, you must also know the purpose of your attraction towards an object. You love your child, and there is no purpose in it. You also love a doctor when you are ill. But that love is not real. It is not love at all. It is only an artificial apparent love, exhibited for a purpose. You want the doctor to help you. Therefore, true love is that when there is no purpose in it. False love is that in which there is some purpose. Generally almost all people love God because God is omnipotent. He has miraculous powers to do anything that is impossible for anybody on this earth. When a problem comes and when one fails to solve it by all the means existing in this world, one starts loving God to solve that unique problem. Therefore, you love the position or power of God and not God Himself.

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