Shri Datta Swami-A Brief Biography

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

His Holiness Shri Datta Swami is a complete incarnation of the Lord (Pari Purna Avatara). He has come to this world to preach Divine Knowledge to mankind. In the past incarnations of the Lord, this wonderful Divine Knowledge was not revealed to its fullest extent. Today, more than ever, there is a real need for this wonderful Divine Knowledge. The situation is rather peculiar. People are not ignorant about the true knowledge. They are highly intelligent. Their minds have been sharpened by the advancement in science and technology. They know the truth but they do not like it. They want to reach the true goal by the false and convenient path. For this purpose they have twisted the meaning of the scriptures. Humanity stands divided by a number of religions and religious sects. Therefore there is a dire need at present, for Lord Datta Himself to come down and reveal the true knowledge to the wonderful people. He has come in the form of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami to give this Divine and special knowledge to us.

Birth of a Great Soul

Ancient history of Nagulwaram. In the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in Guntur district, Vinukonda taluk, is a small village called Nagulavaram. This place has an ancient history. Thousands of years ago, the illustrious and righteous King Parikshit, of the Pandava dynasty, ruled India. In a moment of weakness, he once insulted a sage called Shamika. The sage's son, Shringi, cursed the king to die within seven days from the bite of a snake. Parikshit realized his mistake, since there was no sin greater than insulting a sage of the stature of Shamika. Faced with his impending death, the king was filled with renunciation. He left his family and kingdom and went to the forest in the refuge of Sage Shuka, who preached the Holy Bhagavatam to him. The news of the imminent death of Parikshit sent tremors among the wise ones. The great sage, Kashyapa, rushed to the rescue of the king. In the meanwhile Takshaka, the serpent king was dispatched by the heavenly executives to deliver the fatal bite to Parikshit and fulfill the curse of Shringi.

Takshaka, knew that he would be unable to kill the king if Sage Kashyapa were protecting him. He made up his mind to seek blessings of success from the sage and dissuade him from protecting the king. He met the sage in what is now the village of Nagulvaram. In the past, this village was the abode of snakes. Takshaka respectfully received Sage Kashyapa and gave a cow in donation to him. He requested the great sage to not protect King Parikshit. The king had committed a sin and Shringi's cursed had to be fulfilled otherwise it would be a violation of the Law of Dharma (justice). Sage Kashyapa finally agreed with Takshaka. He blessed Takshaka and went his way.

King Parikshit was immersed in the devotion of the Lord by listening to the Holy Bhagavatam preached by Shuka. He had given up all his worldly attachments. When Takshaka came to deliver the fatal bite, Parikshit was prepared. He attained salvation.

Swami's ancestors. In the same village of Nagulwaram, in recent times, lived a devout Brahmin (priest) called Sri Koteswara Sastry. He belonged to the lineage (gotra) of the same Sage Kashyapa. He spent his entire life repeating the name of the Lord (Rama nama japam). Even when he passed away, the name of the Lord alone was on his lips and his fingers were counting the rosary. His son, Sri Veerabhadra Shastry is a poet in Sanskrit and Telugu and has written more than a hundred books. He is also a great astrologer. His wife is called Hanumayamma.

Two distant cousins of Sri Veerabhadra Shastry, were evil sorcerers. They were skilled in black magic and had terrorized the whole village. They had the power to kill people with a mere look or the utterance of certain words or mantras. They used to worship ghosts, evil forces and demons. Cemeteries and cremation grounds used to be their haunts. According to some people's estimate, they had killed hundreds of people including over three hundred children, using their evil powers. They were sworn enemies of Sri Veerabhadra Shastry and had cast an evil spell on Sri Veerabhadra Shastry's family that his lineage may come to an end. As a result of the spell, seven children in the joint family, which included Sri Veerabhadra Shastry and his two brothers, had died.

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