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Three Heads: Numerous miracles have taken place since Swami's childhood. They are happening even today in the case of deserving devotees. A few of these are recorded as examples in this book. Swami says that miracles are not necessary for real devotees since they believe in the Lord in human form even without miracles. To such devotees, this entire creation is the biggest miracle of the Lord. True devotees see it as such and do not aspire for petty visions, healings and miracles. They do not want the Lord to cancel their problems, sickness or losses because they know that the only way their problems can get cancelled, is when the Lord in human form suffers for the sake of His devotees. True devotees will not accept their beloved Lord undergoing any suffering for their sake. In fact he would want to take up the suffering of the Lord, if that were possible. This is true love. Therefore, true devotees do not want the Lord to perform miracles.
A person who is utterly worldly and egoistic is not a devotee and is unlikely to become one, merely by seeing miracles. The non-devotee will not believe even in the miracles and will dismiss them as illusions or sleight of hand. Thus, miracles are of no use in case of non-devotees.
Miracles are useful for the intermediate devotees who have faith but sometimes have doubts. Only a doubting Thomas requires proof. Lord Jesus has said that those who believe without proof are more blessed than those who believe after seeing the proof. Miracles only create surprise and fear in the hearts of some devotees and love and bliss in the hearts of some other devotees. These emotions facilitate belief in the human incarnation of the Lord.

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