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Tears on a picture of Lord Datta: Swami had told from the very beginning that He has come down to this world to propagate knowledge and devotion; not to perform miracles. Yet, Mrs. Bhavani, wife of Mr. C. Balakrishna Murthy, had been pressing Swami to show a miracle for a very long time. Finally, Swami agreed. One day while worshipping a picture of Lord Datta, Swami asked Mrs. Bhavani and Mr. C. Balakrishna Murthy, to look at the eyes of Lord Datta, in the picture. Both of them looked at the eyes of Datta. Suddenly two streams of tears started flowing from the eyes of Datta in the picture. Smt. Bhavani and her husband were astonished. Bhavani touched the tears and shouted, "Look how cold these tears are! They are just like ice-cold water!" The tears stopped flowing as soon as Bhavani touched them. However, the marks of the tears remained on the photo throughout the day. Swami told them that the tears were cold since Lord Datta was happy with them. This was the first miracle performed by Swami. The news of the miracle spread and Swami performed some more miracles.

Swami as Lord Datta

Seethamma sees the Lord. Datta Mrs. Seethamma is one of Swami's devotees in the Krishna Lanka area of Vijayawada, India. She is a neighbor of Mr. C. Balakrishna Murthy. One day Swami appeared to her with three faces, six hands and a golden colored body. The three faces represent the three aspects of the Lord, namely, creation, sustenance and destruction. The Lord as the Creator is called as Brahma. The Lord as the Sustaniner of creation is called Visnu. The Lord as the Destroyer of Ignorance and evils called Siva. Lord Datta is the Lord who includes all these three aspects. He is the Trinity of Brahma, Visnu and Siva. This Lord comes down as the human incarnation and is called Datta. The lady was so astounded by this vision of Lord Datta that she went into a semi-conscious trance for three days.

Devotee describes vision. On another occasion, Swami went to the residence of Sri. G. Sivarma Murthy, retired Secretary of Khadi Board, in the Khadi colony at Tirupathi for three consecutive days to sing devotional songs. On third day Swami gave the vision of Lord Datta to Mrs. Srivalli, the eldest daughter-in-law of Sri. Sivarama Murthy and asked her to describe the vision to the devotees present there. Smt. Srivalli announced in a loud voice that she was seeing Swami as Lord Datta having three faces and six hands.

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