Q&A: Epics and Mythology

1. Why did Krisna steal butter dance with Gopikas? Is it not a black scar on the full white moon?

2. Did all the Gopikas pass the test of Datta?

3. What is the essence of the Visvarupam showed by Sri Vasudeva?

4. You said that Duryodhana intended to start the Mahabharata war on amavasya (new moon) after consulting astrologers but Lord Krisna brought the amavasya one day earlier by joining the sun and the moon, and forestalled Duryodhana's plans. This story about the amavasya is not found in the Mahabharata and therefore has no claim to authenticity. How can you then justify it?

5. According to the Valmiki Ramayana, after the war Lord Rama asks Sita to marry Bharata or Vibhishana and become the queen. Later on, He also left Sita when one of His subjects talked ill about her and called her characterless. Is this justified on the part of Lord Rama?

6. Why was Sabari favored by Lord Rama, even above all the sages?

7. Why did the Lord give salvation to Sabari and Hanuman but not to the other sages?

8. Could you please give us a message on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami (the birth of Lord Rama)?

9. What is the difference between Rama and Krisna?

10. Radha never did karma samnyasa like Hanuman and karmaphala tyaga like Saktuprasta. But she attained the highest position. How do you explain?

12. What are the preachings of Kapila, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu?

13. It is said that Lord Siva killed Yama Dharmaraja who was doing his duty by taking the life of Markandeya? Is this justified?

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