Q&A: Family and Society

1. What are the strong bonds, which hinder spiritual growth of a person? How can one overcome these obstructions?

2. What is the difference between moha (attachment) and prema (love)?

3. Should we leave our families or leave the love for our families?

4. We have to discharge our duties towards our children. How can we cut the bonds with them?

5. My son wants to take samnyasa (renunciation; monkhood). Can you please stop him and explain to him that the Vedas say that one must carry out one's responsibilities towards one's parents by serving them and treating them as God Himself?

6. When one is spiritual, the parents may cease to take the place of God for him. Yet should he not give them what is due to them as parents? How can he be justified in leaving his parents for the sake of the Lord?

7. Worldly duties are inevitable due to responsibilities towards the family. Then how can one cut the family bonds? One can have a bond with God along with the family bonds.

8. I am very much anxious to get a child and good health. Please advise me.

9. My son who died in an accident was an excellent devotee of the Lord. The Lord who should have protected him, killed him. Is He not cruel?

Please protect the job of my son. Is it not the responsibility of the Lord to feed all the living beings in this world?

11. How do you justify the caste system in Hinduism?

12. What do you have to say about inter-caste marriages?

13. According to genetics, qualities are inherited from parents and passed on to offspring. In that light, the divisions of caste must be based on birth alone. How can you say that divisions of caste are not by birth?

14. Creatures such as fishes eat other creatures. How can one incur sin in killing and eating such carnivorous creatures? Vegetarians, who protest against killing of other creatures for food, themselves eat plants, which too have life. While we argue about killing lowly creatures, the recent tsunamis killed about a hundred thousand people including innocent children. Could you please shed some light on these issues?

15. You say that meat and fish should not be eaten. Then, why did God create such creatures?

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