Fragrance of the Lord

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Inundation of fragrance
The day after Swami visited the house of Mr. Bhimasankaram for the first time, a divine fragrance exuded from the chair in which Swami sat, the day before. The fragrance was so strong and was spreading so fast that family members panicked and closed the doors and windows of the house to prevent it from spreading everywhere. This lasted for an hour after which the fragrance subsided.
A devotee called Sri P.V.N.M. Sharma heard about Swami's 'fragrant miracles' and dismissed them as far-fetched. On day as he sat next to Swami, a strong and divine fragrance gushed forth from Him. Swami asked Sharma with a smile, "How did you like the fragrance?" Sharma, regretted having doubted Swami and fell at the feet of Swami.
Mr. Somayajulu and Mrs. Kameswaramma did not believe in the stories of miraculous fragrance from Swami. One night, a fragrance was emitted from Swami's bed. It lasted in the house all night. On another occasion, a similar fragrance was emitted from Swami's photograph, continuously for three days. Mr. Ramanadha Iyer once just referred to Swami in a casual conversation with his family and out of nowhere, the entire room was filled with fragrance. On a Guru Purnima (festival) day, Swami emitted a sweet fragrance for fifteen minutes and all devotees present there smelt it.
Sri Ajay once thought that Swami was not giving Him enough fragrance as He had given to many other devotees. As he thought this, he was immediately surrounded by a whirlwind of sacred ash for an hour with an abundance of fragrance. Ajay was very delighted and was in peels of laughter.
Thereafter Swami emitted fragrance of sacred ash in Ajay's house several times. In fact, every evening, while Swami gave discourses and Ajay typed transcripts of the discourses on his computer, Swami would emit fragrance of sacred ash. The fragrance would spread all over Ajay's home and spill over onto the street. Passers by, would be drawn towards it and could not help wondering where it came from.
There are indeed hundreds of occasions when Swami has given off fragrance to His devotees. Swami says that fragrance from Him indicates the happiness of Lord.

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