Greatest Miracle

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

The Greatest Miracle-Health Through Knowledge: There was a scholarly priest, who was delivering a sermon on a philosophical scripture called Astavakra Samhita. In that scripture, there was a certain verse which can be translated as follows: "The mother and the son of this birth are born as wife and husband of each other in the next birth, owing to the attachment of the mother to the body of her son." The scholar simply could not accept this outrageous statement due to the social stigma associated with this idea. Preaching this statement to people was out of question for he would surely get beaten up if he were to do so. However, the statement, being in the scriptures, could not be refuted. The scholar was extremely distressed at his inability to resolve the conflict and understand the verse. He consulted many other scholars hoping that someone would come up with an acceptable interpretation of the verse. However nobody could satisfy him.

Some scholars suggested that he just skip that verse and move on to the next one. However this particular scholar was a true seeker of the truth. Neglecting what he could not understand or accept or just blindly accepting it, was not an option for him. He had to know the true meaning of the scripture. He had to know the truth even if it was hard to accept. He was looking for some authoritative scholar who would explain it to him. However none of the scholars, he had met could help him. Upset and helpless, he began neglecting his food and health. He fell ill and remained in bed for six months. Finally, in desperation, he gave up food until he could get his answer.

It was in this state when someone told him about Swami, telling him that Swami was an incarnation of the Lord. If there was anyone who could solve his problem, it was Swami. He was carried to Swami, where he asked his question to Him. Swami offered him some coffee and food. However the scholar refused saying that first he must have the answer to his question. Swami was amazed and extremely pleased to see this man who was so committed to knowing the truth that he had given up his food and sacrificed his health for its sake. He said, "People approach Me only to satisfy their worldly desires but here is a true seeker of the Truth". Swami convinced the scholar that He had the answer to the question and would certainly explain it to him at length if he ate well first. Finally the scholar agreed.

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