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Raising the Dead: Past incarnations of the Lord have performed this miracle of raising people from the dead. Bringing a dead person to life is a very serious transgression against the natural law. The Lord in human form does not do this miracle frequently. Even if He does, He keeps it secret. The Lord does not want to be known as one who violates His own laws. He violates His laws only under exceptional circumstances, in order to benefit His real devotees and that too when there is no other alternative. Swami told some devotees, "Lord Krsna brought back to life, the son of His teacher, Sandipani. The boy, whom he brought back to life, was a very deserving soul and the circumstances were extraordinary. Lord Krsna did not publicize the event. What He told most people that the boy was drowning in the water and had drifted to a faraway shore where he was lying unconscious, next to a black man. He (Lord Krsna) had merely rescued the boy from the black man. Actually the faraway shore was the after-world since the boy had died. The 'black man' was none other than the Lord of Death, Yama, who is supposed to be black in color. Thus Lord Krsna tried to make the incident appear as a case of an ordinary rescue.
Later, in the Mahabharata war, Abhimanyu, the son of Lord Krsna's sister died in the battlefield. His sister, Subhadra, prayed to Lord Krsna, to bring back her dead son. She quoted the incident of bringing back to life the son of Sandipani. She thought that being related to the Lord's human form, in this world was justification enough to violate the natural law and bring her son back to life. However the Lord knew better. He knew that Abhimanyu, the dead warrior hero, who was his nephew, did not deserve to be brought back to life. Abhimanyu had died on the battlefield and was sure to reach heaven. So He refused the request of His sister. He told her that He did not have any such powers to bring the dead to life. He told her that the incident of saving the son of His teacher, Sandipani, was a case of an ordinary rescue.

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