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Deservingness of Receiver is Life of Sacrifice in Practice

[August 06, 2017] Dr. Sudershan Rao (Doctor in Global Hospitals, Hyderabad) asked:

1) What about the human beings present in Western countries to develop spiritually in the absence of this Vedic culture in those countries?

Swami replied: You sympathized foreigners missing Vedic culture due to your kind and good heart aspiring universal benefit. But, if you follow My analysis, you will know the truth, which is otherwise. What is the meaning of the word ‘culture’? Is it external language like Sanskrit in which the Veda is composed...

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[July 22, 2017] Shri G. Lakshman: Padamanamaskarams to Swami!! I put forth my humble question to you.

1) Does all the souls in the upper world able to identify the human incarnation on the planet Earth or is it only the Bramharakshasas able to identify (referring to the Bramharakshas who directed Vishnudatta to the Lord)...

Swami Replied: Living being in the upper world is made of sattvam (awareness) and rajas (inert energy) along with a trace of inertia (tamas) associated with energy. Any living being has all the three qualities associated with each other. Sattvam (awareness) always...

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[July 08, 2017] Dr. Nikhil Asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to bring the following questions related to the Ṛg Veda and Indian culture. I seek Your clarifications on the same. At Your Divine Feet, Nikhil

1) Are the deities mentioned in the Ṛg Veda, the human incarnations of God or different devoted angels from the upper worlds, who have periodically incarnated on Earth to guide humanity?

Swami replied: The power is of two types: i) Power of unimaginable domain, which can’t be touched by any human being through any instrument at any time and in any place and ii) Power of imaginable domain, which is sub divided into a) Power so far achieved by human beings and b) Power to be achieved in future through research...

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DATTA VEDA - CHAPTER 10 (Contd...) presented by: P. V. N. M. Sharma

[June 24, 2017] 10th Chapter Continued …

20–09–1999, 4.00 a.m.

Pravrutti and Nivrutti are the two portfolios of the same God. In Pravrutti if you go against justice, God becomes displeased. In the Nivrutti, if you exhibit false devotion (becoming zero in practical devotion), God becomes equally furious. Since this point is not realized by devotees, today, we find several devotees, who are excellent in the Nivrutti do simultaneously unjust sins in Pravrutti. The devotee sacrifices a lot for God in the Nivrutti. But, the same devotee is doing several sins...

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[June 24, 2017 2nd Message] Shri Balaji asked: Namaste Swamiji. Kindly clarify the Gita verse



By anyadevataa, does Lord Krishna mean even energetic incarnations of God like Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva? Or is He referring only to angels like Indra etc. It is confusing in this verse whether by 'maam', He means Lord Krishna (human body) or Lord Vishnu (energetic body). In a few verses back in the same chapter, He says 'Avajaanantimaam…manusheem…' where He clearly means human body...

Swami replied: The word ‘devataa’ means energetic form or body since the root word “div” stands for light or energy whether the energetic body is of Indra or Lord Vishnu (or Lord Shiva), it means the same because in both cases the body is made of inert energy and awareness (awareness is also a specific work form of inert energy only). As far as the medium...

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[June 04, 2017] Shri G. Lakshman asked: In the light of your explanation of Mandukya Upanishat, please clarify the following: 1) Regarding the state of deep sleep of Human Incarnation like Krishna and, 2) Regarding the visible objects to the eyes of Angels in the upper worlds.

Swami Replied: 1) The Upanishat mentions four states, i) Awaken State or Consciousness (Jaagrat): The human being or Human incarnation observes this world in which objects constituted by inert energy, inert matter and awareness are seen. The seer in the human being is the individual soul made of awareness. The seer in the Human incarnation is the individual soul of the human being with which the unimaginable awareness...

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DATTA VEDA - 10th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

12—08—1994, 04.00am

You think that a specific area on this earth is especially pious because a deserving sage has seen Me in that area. I surely tell you that there is no specialty in that area to treat it as very pious place to be visited as pilgrimage. I appeared in that area because the deserving sage was living in that area. You can attach importance to Me and that sage but not to that area. People come to that area in crowds thinking that that area has My special grace. This is the climax of ignorance. Priests have stressed some importance on that area...

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[May 18, 2017 2nd Message] Today Shri Phani asked: While explaining Mandukya Upanishat, You told that angels don’t sleep and hence there is no dream-state for them. But, the state of Taijasa represents dream only. Does this fact apply to angels (energetic forms of souls) and to Narayana also (energetic incarnation)?

Swami Replied: In the case of angels, there is no dream-state due to the absence of sleep. The deep sleep is also absent. Only the state of awakening is present, which is exactly similar to the dream state of human beings. In the dream state of human beings and also in the awaken state of angels the similarity exists because in both states...

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DATTA VEDA - 9th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

[09-04-1994, 9.00 p.m. On this day a special festival of worship was done to goddess Bhramaramba in Her temple. The doors of the temple were closed. In the external extension of temple (Veranda), Swami, Shri CBK Murthy and Smt. Bhavani were sitting. Shri CBK Murthy closed his eyes and was chanting the name of Shiva using a garland of beads. Little far from him, Swami was sitting reciting the 100 verses written by Shankara on Goddess Shakti (Soundarya Lahari) and Smt. Bhavani was sitting near Swami hearing the verses. It was 9 pm in the night. Suddenly, a 10-12 year old stout-black girl with round face having white ash on forehead with a central round...

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[April 01, 2017] Shri Balaji Asked: 1) In the verse below,

“satyena labhyas tapasa hy esa atma samyag-jnanena, brahmacharyena nityam, antah-sarire-jyotir-mayo hi subhro yam pasyanti, yatayah kshinadosah”

Can we take the overall meaning of 'antah-sarire...pasyanti' to imply devotees freed of sinful actions will see God in human form?

Swami Replied: 'Inside the body' does not mean that whether it is own body of the sage (yati) or the human body of someone else. Due to this, we can take the meaning in three ways. 1) It can mean the soul present in the own body of sage. Here, the soul is said to be full of light (Jyotirmayah). Jyoti means light or inert energy. The word ‘Maya’ can mean a modification (Mayat vikaare). Since the soul or awareness is the work-modification of the inert energy in the specific nervous system existing within the body, Jyotirmaya can clearly mean the soul or awareness...

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[March 18, 2017] Shri Balaji asked: Respected Swamiji, Kindly clarify the following 2 verses of Mundaka Upanishad: 1) MUN.3.8 (Yatha Nadhyah... Vidvaan Nama Rupaath Vimuktah Paraathparam Purusham Upaiti Divyam).

Swami Replied: This verse is specifically aimed at removal of the difference between various forms of God by reaching the innermost and ultimate unimaginable God existing in all the divine forms. Let us take God Shiva of the Shaiva followers and God Vishnu of Vaishnava followers...

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DATTA VEDA (8th Chapter: Part-3)

(Smt. Bhavani got a dream in which Lord Datta appeared saying “I will now tell you three important points”. She suddenly awoke and found Swami sitting on His bed, who told her “following are the three important points: 1) don’t brood over past and plan for future dream. 2) Concentrate in the present time to do the important work and 3) no soul here, about which you are so fascinated, will at least even recognize you there after death...

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DATTA VEDA (8th Chapter: Part-2)

[February 12 2017] This creation can never touch Me and hence I am called as Nirguna. I can’t be captured by any extent of imagination or logical analysis and hence I am the real Avyakta. The soul is only a part of My creation and I am always beyond the creation. The real root-spiritual knowledge is the knowledge of My unknowable nature only. You can worship Me as this infinite cosmos or any part of it you like that stands as My representative model...

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DATTA VEDA (8th Chapter: Part-1)

[February 12 2017] {On 20—09—1993, the couple along with Swami visited a saint called as Swami Narendra Maharaj to whose feet all the three submitted their salutations with respect. Maharaj felt some divinity in Swami. On the evening of that day, the couple and Swami went to the temple as usual. Maharaj also came to the temple standing far behind and found Swami and couple in the usual crowd...

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[February 11, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked:: In the fourth chapter of Datta Veda (dated 10/01/2017), there was a discussion on the four states as mentioned in the Mandukya Upanishad. I seek a few clarifications related to it. Before posing the questions, I would like to summarize my understanding of the Upanishad. I request You to kindly confirm or correct my understanding. In the first section, the Upanishad explains that the symbol OM (AUM) indicates Brahman (God) in relation with the three stages in creation namely creation...

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DATTA VEDA - 7th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

(Smt. Bhavani got a dream in which Lord Datta appeared saying “I will now tell you three important points”. She suddenly awoke and found Swami sitting on His bed, who told her “following are the three important points: 1) don’t brood over past and plan for future dream. 2) Concentrate in the present time to do the important work and 3) no soul here, about which you are so fascinated, will at least even recognize you there after death...

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DATTA VEDA - 6th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

God Brahma is in the upper most world called as Satya loka or Brahma Loka sitting above 1000 petal lotus flower. Brahma is said to be the creator existing before creation. This means that Brahma represents the unimaginable God existing before creation as creator. Such God is the unimaginable God present above the intelligence (lotus flower), which conducts logical analysis in thousand (many) ways (petals). This means that you have to first recognize the unimaginable God, who created the entire world, by many ways of analysis...

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DATTA VEDA - 5th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

Soul may be God as per Shankara. Soul may be part of God as per Ramanuja. Soul may be totally disconnected from God as per Madhva. But, the reality is that soul is awareness whereas God is unimaginable beyond awareness and hence not awareness. God is neither non-inert awareness, nor inert energy and nor inert matter...

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DATTA VEDA presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma

[January 02, 2017] 3rd Chapter

29-03-1993, 4.00 am: Generally devotees think that if one has seen the energetic form of God, it is the highest stage. But, I assuredly tell you that it is the lowest step. There is nothing in it. Several times Ravana saw the energetic form of God (Shiva). But, Ravana was not blessed by the God and was bitterly killed along with all his family! Rama never saw God Shiva, but was blessed by God ...

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DATTA VEDA presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma

[January 02, 2017] 2nd Chapter – Continued

28-03-1993, 5.00 pm I am extremely happy to hear your decision about printing these messages given to you in this sacred place of pilgrimage of Lord Shiva. I made it compulsory that I will not speak any spiritual knowledge if it is not recorded. Recording may have the opportunity of printing so that this holy knowledge reaches several people not only in the present generation but also in the future generations. I am extremely pleased with you to hear about your decision to also propagate this knowledge...

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DATTA VEDA (Chapter 2) By P. V. N. M. Sharma

[December 24, 2016 2nd Chapter – Continued]

27.3.93 – 4:00AM When you have come into this world, you are influenced by the general trend of the humanity surrounding you and you are carried on by that general trend only without analyzing the merits and defects of the blind trend. You are immediately influenced by this blind tradition of humanity because majority of humanity is following it...

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DATTA VEDA By P. V. N. M. Sharma

[December 03, 2016]

23-3-1993: 4AM: Yajna means sacrifice. Dravya Yajna means sacrifice of food materials after worshipping God. Food is converted into inert energy, which in turn is converted into awareness in a specific system called nervous system. Thus, if you give food to someone, it means that you are donating inert energy to that person, which is becoming awareness. Apart from awareness, the inert energy is responsible for several activities....

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Each Soul Develops Its Own Direction Based On Free Will Given By God

[November 26, 2016] Shri Balaji asked: 1) Respected Swamiji, Namaste, Kindly clarify the following question, There are many scientific inventions. A few are path breaking and have immensely benefited the world. But others are mediocre in quality...

Swami replied: The scientific logic leading to inventions is blessed by God. Hence, the energy required for a scientific process and the resulting discovery are certainly due to the grace of God (Janaardhana) only. The application of the discovery is the direction of the invention in the further journey. This direction is due to...

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Power of Attraction in My Knowledge is Only Truth

[November 13, 2016] Dr. Nikhil told “Your translation of Datta Veda is amazing”. Smt. Devi (wife of Dr. Nikhil) told “to whomever we give this knowledge, such person is terribly attracted!”

Swami replied: The power of attraction in My knowledge is only truth, which is the first requisite of preaching the spiritual knowledge as per the Veda (Satyam jnanam). Truth is always very clear and very attractive. I have not made any effort to keep clarity...

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DATTA VEDA (First Adhyaaya) By P V N M Sharma

[November 05, 2016] Introduction: [This book contains a series of speeches given by Swami to Shri C B K Murthy and his wife Smt. Bhavani in Shrisailam. The couple recorded these speeches and published these speeches as a book in the name of ‘Datta Veda’, which became very famous in Andhra Pradesh and this book was published again and again...

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Control of Luxuries Not Loss & In Fact Beneficial To Get Good Health

[November 3, 2016] 1) Shri Phani asked: My friend Shri Gopi Krishna is feeling very much for the comments of Shri Swarupaananda ji like calling Baba as ghost in burial ground.

Swami replied: Daksha also criticized Lord Shiva as leader of ghosts (bhutapati) living in burial ground. Lord Veerabhadra (He is the deity of our family or ‘Kula Daiva’) removed his head by very sharp sword in physical sense. The head is characterised by the intelligence or argument. I will cut such argument by My knowledge-sword...

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Tomb of Human Incarnation of God Most Sacred Place of Worship

[October 29, 2016] Shri Pavan asked: Recently, again Shri Shankaracharya (Shri Swarupanandaji) criticized Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on the following points:

1) People are worshipping the ghost (Baba) since the tomb (Samadhi containing His dead body) is being worshipped. People going to Shirdi temple are going to the burial ground only since tombs are present in burial ground...

Swami replied: 1) This Shankaracharya belongs to the tradition of Adi Shankara. There is the sacred tomb of Adi Shankara near Himalaya Mountain. People go and worship the tomb of Adi Shankara. Now, will this Shankaracharya say that the worship of the tomb of Adi Shankara...

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God Monitors Progress of Every Soul

[October 06, 2016] Shri P V N M Sharma asked: It is said that a sinner is born in sinful atmosphere and it is also said that sinful atmosphere makes the soul sinner. Prahlada is born in demons and not changed by the atmosphere. How to reconcile all these points?

Swami Replied: A sinner is born in sinful atmosphere and the surrounding sinful atmosphere increases the sinful nature of the soul. It is a double punishment. Both don’t contradict each other. A sweet, soaked in sugar solution becomes sweeter. A saltish bread in salt solution becomes more salty. It is only reinforcement and not a contradiction for reconciliation. Prahlada is an exception...

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Top Most Scholars Give Top Most Importance To Spiritual Knowledge Only

[October 04, 2016] Shri Anil asked: In the recent book on Your miracles, I found that You controlled the situation in the function of foundation stone for temple at Ayodhya. Similarly, why don’t You control the India-Pakistan Issue?

Swami Replied: First, you should realise the meaning of the word ‘You’ expressed in your question. The meaning of the word ‘You’ in your question is God Datta and not this human form called Swami which is medium. Of course, Datta merged with Swami and hence, Swami is treated as Datta. In this way, you should realise the actual meaning of the word ‘You’ used in your question. When God asked Jesus...

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Only House Holder Has Both Options To Sacrifice Work And Wealth

[September 27, 2016 Evening Message] Shri Surya asked: “In the Gita repeated practice, knowledge, meditation and sacrifice of fruit of work are told in ascending order of importance (Shreyohi...). Please elaborate this concept.

Swami replied:1) Shreyohi Jnaana Mabhyaasaat: This means knowledge (Jnaana) is better than repeated practice (Abhyaasa). This clearly means that there is no knowledge in repeated practice since both are told as separate entities and also it is told that the second entity is better than...

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Devotion Means Sacrifice Of One’s Own Money & Not Government’s Money Secretly

[August 28, 2016] MESSAGE-1

[September 27, 2016] Dr Annapurna, Professor, asked: “Lord Rama did not respond to the severe suffering of the greatest devotee, Ramadas, given to him by the king Taanishaa through punishment for constructing the temple of Rama. How to accept the kindness and justice of Rama?”

Swami replied:  You have used two words: kindness and justice, which can’t go together like water and fire. The human incarnation of Rama was purely for Pravrutti of the humanity. He left even His dearest wife, Sita for the sake of justice in the administration of a ruler...

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Brahma-Narayana-Shiva Eternal Address Of God

[August 23, 2016] Shri Balaji asked: Veda says that Brahma and Shiva are Narayana (Brahmaah cha Naaraayanah...) and at the same time also says that Indra and sides like East are also Narayana (Indrashcha...Dishashcha...). How to understand these statements in a proper way?

Swami replied: Unless you understand every word with the detailed background involving Sanskrit grammar, logic etc., the final conclusion being incomplete...

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Reaching God Means Reaching Energetic Incarnation Of God In Uppermost World After Death

[August 14, 2016] Shri Pavan asked: There are verses praying God to avoid death or to sanction easy death without agony. Please give your analysis on this important topic of death about which everybody fears.

Swami replied: The Vedic hymn called as Mrutyunjaya mantra or Apamrutyumantra (Triambakam yajamahe…) refers to the protection from untimely death only and not from the death in the old age since the Gita says that every living being...

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Solution Of God Looks Odd Since Various Factors Involved Not Known

[July 16, 2016] Shri Anil asked: Kindly give some suggestion regarding the solution of issue of Kashmir. When you are asked about the issue of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana long back before its solution came, you gave the correct prediction and it happened.

Swami replied: First, you must have full faith in the administration of God. He is omniscient and omnipotent knowing what to do and when to do. His solution, many a time, looks odd to you. The reason is that you are not aware of various factors involved in that issue. Your information about the issue is just like newspaper...

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Read Stories & See Pictures Of God To Develop Spontaneous Devotion

[July 03, 2016] Shri Pavan asked: What is the practical spiritual knowledge to be given to an ordinary human being? What is the goal of various stories narrated in the secondary scriptures called Puranams?Swami replied: The practical spiritual knowledge, which is the essence of the Gita and other scriptures is that you should approach God simply by your attraction to God (based on His Divine personality that is expressed through...

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Never Do Anything To God To Escape Punishment Appearing In Form Of Problems

[June 09, 2016]Peddibhotla Krishna Murthy asked: :
1) Swami Pranamams.  Vibhudi-its gives trigunatmaka. If so why the people wearing vubudhi on their forehead are under continuous  suffering. Why?.
2) Bhasma dharma. It is said that bhaskar gives trigunatmaka. If so  I used to see a lot of them wearing bhasmam on the forehead, but their problems are numerous...

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Buddha Stressed On Main Aspect Of Journey Keeping Aside Goal

[April 10, 2016] Shri Pavan asked: I heard some scholars saying that Buddha mentioned in the list of incarnations as per Bhagavatam is totally different from the present Gautama Buddha, whom we are referring as Buddha. Can you please clear this point?

Shri Swami replied: After the incarnation of Krishna, the Dwapara age ended and a few years only passed over since Kali age started. In this short span of time there is no necessity...

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Praise Of God Is Absolute Truth Without Trace Of Lie

[April 09, 2016] Questions from Shri Anil: 1) God do not require our worship. But, there are lot of Vedic hymns which praises God in different ways. These verses also authored by God Himself?

Shri Swami replied: Praise of God does not have any exaggeration. Every praise of God is absolute truth only. It is said that any praise of God is statement of reality only though...

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Unexpressed God Compared To Undressed Person

[February 28, 2016] Questions from Shri Anil.

1) In recent poem addressed to Arsha (D/o of Nikhil and Devi), you mentioned about undressed Datta as Digambara Datta, who is said to express Himself as undressed only. Can you clarify this?

Shri Swami Replied: The word ‘Digambara’ certainly means undressed only. This word should not be taken in its literal sense and such literal sense results in concluding that Lord Datta appears undressed. This is the climax of madness...

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Devotee of Specific Nature Like to Worship God of Similar Nature

[January 24, 2016 3rd Message] Padanamaskaram Swami

Kindly please provide Your replies to the following queries

1. Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma are actual living energetic forms existing in the upper world. The same God exists in Them. Lord Dattatreya is also living energetic form in the upper world. What is the necessity of 3 separate forms (Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma) when the three forms are existing in the single Lord Dattatreya Himself can achieve individual functionalism?

Shri Swami replied: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva represent the three qualities separately, which are Rajas, Sattvam and Tamas. Each quality predominates and is always associated with other two qualities in minor quantities. Human beings are also of the same nature. Anybody with some specific type of nature likes to worship the form of God ...

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Full Attachment To God Is Avadhuta

[January 24, 2016 2nd Message] Padmanamaskaram Swami.

Request You to please clarify my below queries;

1. In some discourses you have mentioned the merits of Avadhuta and they are blessed by God. But in many you were against them for their limitivity of their inert energy in awaken state as their final goal and will be born as inert objects (stones, trees etc). Please elaborate what message should we take on Avadhuta and what to avoid?

Shri Swami Replied: Avadhuta means the person, who attained total detachment from all the bonds with the world and this is the meaning of the word Avadhuta. Avadhutas are of two types: 1) The detachment from the world is attained due to the extreme attachment to God. 2) The detachment is only attained and there is no attachment to God since these Avadhutas think that they themselves are God. I have appreciated the first type and condemned the...

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Characteristics Of Gayatri Hymn

[January 08, 2016 Evening Message] Shri Ajay asked: I found one lady devotee preaching in T.V. saying “I don't know from where this bad tradition of restricting the ladies from the recitation of Gayatri Mantra has come?” Please give your comments on her remark.

Shri Swami Replied: This shows that the lady devotee is angry regarding this bad tradition. I can say that her remarks are based on the situation already filled with total confusion. In such case, I have to say that she is right from one angle and not right from another angle of misunderstanding. My remark will be well understood if I clarify first the background and then explain about My remark. If the background is clarified, the remark becomes self explained also.

This Gayatri Mantra, the Vedic hymn, is not at all the real Gayatri. It is called as Gayatri hymn because it is just a verse existing ...

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World Created By God As Sacred As Him

[December 30, 2015] Shri Veena Datta asked: What is the significance of the negative qualities exposed by Lord Dattatreya, which bring difficulty in the progress of the spiritual effort?

Shri Swami Replied: All the items and qualities created by God are most auspicious and positive only. Is there any unholy verse in the Ramayana written by the holy sage Valmiki? Hence, this world created by God is as sacred as God. Fools only criticize and abuse this world. Of course, the negative direction of qualities came into picture only after the misuse of the qualities by these created souls only. Any item or any quality used in the original positive direction created by God is sacred...

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Misunderstood Interpretations In Hinduism

[December 29, 2015] Dr.Nikhil asked: What are the various main misunderstood interpretations in Hinduism?

Shri Swami replied:

1) Unimaginable God:

a) This is a misunderstanding in all the religions including Hinduism. This space, which is subtle energy, is infinite. This infinity is not the absolute inherent characteristic of the space. It means that the space is not infinite by itself. The space is generated from the unimaginable God. If you reach the boundary of the space, you touch God like touching the soil on reaching the boundary of the ocean. You cannot touch or imagine God. This is the reason for the infinity of the space. Thus space is relatively...

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Mediated God Is Finite Due To Boundaries Of Medium

[November 25, 2015 Padanamaskarams Swamiji,
My daughter Arsha, asked why the Lord is said to be Yajna Swarupa in the Shivapanchakshara Stotra (Yajnaswarupaaya jataadharaaya…). A number of possible explanations came to mind, I seek Your guidance on whether those ideas are relevant and how they could be correlated. Also, there might other relevant concepts that too need to be correlated.
At Your Divine Feet

Why is God said to be of the form of sacrifice (Yajna Swarupa)?

The possible explanations that came to my mind are:
1. In the Chhandogya Upanishad , King Pravahana had posed five questions to Shvetaketu...

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Practical Sacrifice Presented In Eighteen Puranas

[November 17, 2015] Shri VeenaDatta (S/o Ajay) asked “why the Indians always crave for material-life?”

Shri Swami replied: When you do not have something, you will always crave for it. When you have something to the full extent, you will not be bothered about it. In the middle age, Indians always approached God through theory only and avoided the practice of the theory concluded. God said in the Gita that He will approach you in the same way through which you approached Him...

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Miracle Is Dangerous Hurdle To All Human Beings In Spiritual Path

[November 05, 2015] A lady, devoted to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, asked: “Please give a message to me for my spiritual life”.

Shri Swami Replied: All your devotion is concentrated on Baba and there is no doubt in this. But, whenever you worship Baba through devotional songs, you are always for a solution of worldly problem from Him. Such devotion is false, artificial and hypocrite only since the devotion is not on Baba but on the solution of your problem that is to be obtained from the miraculous power of Baba only. A son is pressing the feat of his father daily and asking his father to transfer his bank account in his name. What will be the feeling of the father towards his son? Every day, you are mentally aspiring for some miraculous fruit from Baba...

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Sages Ended Sexual Life After Getting Children

[October 30, 2015] Shri Phani asked: Somebody told that Lord Manikantha (Ayyappa) is born to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and says further that this means that the concept of homosexual relationship exists from the beginning even in divine personalities, which need not be criticized.

Shri Swami Replied: This argument projected is meaningless showing the climax of stupid ignorance. Shri Manikantha is not born to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He is born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Mohini, who is the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Even in the case of human beings, a female in the present birth, married to a male and delivered a son, might have been a male in the previous birth. Since she was male in previous birth, her sexual relationship with her husband...

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Real Devotee Always Prays God With Gratefulness

[September 13, 2015] Shri Balaji asked: 1. What is the meaning of the second verse of Eeshavaasya Upanishat? 2. Should we decide somebody as a Brahmin just by his qualities and actions (Guna Karma)?

Shri Swami Replied: 1) This verse means that you should wish to live long doing the duties, there is no other way, then, you will not be bound by the duty. Every human being does the duties or actions (karma) and there is no need of advising it to do the duty. The Gita says that even the livelihood can be earned by action only. The Gita also says that your attachment to fruit will bind you (Phalesakto...). Therefore, the importance lies in doing the action in such a way so that the action will not bind you...

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Fasting Before Rituals

[August 08, 2015] (On 07-08-2015 the yearly ceremony function of the expired mother of Shri Ajay was performed for which Shri Swami was invited to take meals. Shri Swami phoned Ajay stating that He will come in the night only to take the meals and strongly told him several times that he should not wait for Shri Swami to take the lunch. But, Ajay did not take the lunch and fasted throughout the day waiting for Shri Swami. Shri Swami arrived in the night and Ajay took the dinner after the dinner of Shri Swami. During the dinner Shri Swami gave the following message in the form of conversation).

A house hold lady invited Me for lunch and I told her that she should take meals since I may come late. But, the lady fasted till the evening and took meals only after serving meals to Me. I told her that such tradition is blind, meaningless and wrong and gave the following message: Fasting makes the soul to suffer and God also is deeply pained for His hungry child as said in the Gita ...

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God works through available easy path

[June 16, 2015] Shri Kishore Ram asked the following questions:

1. Dear Swami,
Would you kindly explain what Shirdi Sai Baba meant by saying that He would speak from His Tomb or that His bones would speak? Thank you
-Martin California USA

Swami replied: Bones mean skeleton. Skeleton is the internal part forming the basis of the external imaginable body. The external body represents the human being. The internal skeleton represents the internal unimaginable God existing after entry in to the human being in the formation of human incarnation. This means after the death of the external human form, the internal eternal God will speak through the external tomb. The tomb represents another human being selected for incarnation. The tomb is constructed after the death of this external body only and hence represents another human form ...

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Upanayanam (The Holy Thread Marriage)

[February 19, 2015 Part-1] (This message is regarding the holy thread marriage or Upanayanam done as ritual. Sons of some close devotees of Shri Swami are initiated by this ritual and Shri Swami gave this message on such auspicious occasion.)

Opponent: Upanayanam means nearing God through worship and hence it should be applicable to all the human beings. Confining it to certain castes showing the partiality of the ancient sages, who were Brahmins, is highly deplorable since everybody has the equal right to reach God, the Divine Father. For this, answer should be given by Lord Dattatreya, who is the son of the sage of Atri and belongs to the caste of sages...

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Analysis of The Vedic Statement

[January 31, 2015 3rd Message] Shri Madhu Seth asked a clarification: Very interesting! But the last bit is not very clear. I wish someone could explain that.

[Swami said "The Veda says that your bond to God will be tested at the root level (Dhanena Tyagena...). If you are detached from the root, you are detached from all the worldly bonds. If you have surrendered this root to God, God alone is the every bond for you."]

Swami Replied: The answer is very clear by itself. Money is the basis of all the worldly bonds. Even your life and body leave you if you don't supply food purchased by money. Everybody gives his or her wealth at the end to his or her children only, which is the strongest bond...

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Theory & Practice Leads To Total Assimilation Of Knowledge

[November 2, 2014] Shri Surya asked: "Shall we complete the knowledge (Jnana Yoga) in which we can clarify all the doubts and then only enter into the phase of practical implementation (Karma Yoga) so that all the hurdles, which are the practical forms of the uncleared doubts in knowledge, can be crossed over?"

Swami Replied: You can understand this point well if you take the example of the study of the course of science and engineering. After the completion of the course of engineering, the candidate is going to work in the industry where the work...

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Don't Attribute Sin To Incarnation Of God

[October 18, 2014] Dr. Nikhil asked: "Swami Sampurnanda says that Sai Baba ate meat and hence, cannot be pious. He also says that Dattatreya is only the second son of sage Atri while the first son was Chandra or Moon and the third son was sage Durvasa. Hence, Saibaba as the incarnation of Dattatreya has no significance and calling Him as God is not correct."

Swami replied: The first point was already answered by Me. Non-vegetarian food is certainly not justified since a co-living being is killed for that purpose. But, God follows the wrong culture also to become friendly with wrong people before diverting them

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Good Is Higher Level And Bad Is Lower Level

[August 9, 2014 3rd Message] Shri Anil referred a question asked by some person 'Karna and Ekalavya were insulted based on their low caste. Duryodhana encouraged them whereas Krishna did not condemn such insult for the welfare of the society in future'.

Swami replied: The concept of caste system should be understood with cool and balanced mind without emotions. Krishna talked about caste system in the Gita stating that the caste is based on qualities and actions (Gunakarma vibhagashah). More than 100 elements are discovered in science and these elements were classified in periods...

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God May Enter Good Person Like Arjuna But Never in Duryodhana

[June 13, 2014] The story of the Mahabharat was running in Star Plus Channel for quite a long time. The scene of the Gita started since two or three days back and this was keenly observed by Swami. Certain concepts delivered through the role of Krishna in preaching the Gita were pointed out and the correct clarification was given by Swami...

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Take Help Of Ethical Scriptures And Scholars Before Conclusion

[June 8, 2014] Shri Guna Darsana, Bali, Indonesia asked "Good evening. On Wednesday (May 21st), Hindus in Indonesia will celebrate Galungan day (the victory of dharma over Adharma). Could I request Swami to give us His discourse please? According to old story, long long ago there was a bad king, who had height of power in Bali. The king is called as Maya Danawa. He considered Himself as a God. So, he did not permit the people to pray to God and Goddess in temple. So, the people were very fearful and then God Indra comes to earth to protect devotees and kill King Maya danawa. The victory of God Indra over Maya Danawa is celebrated as the win of Dharma over Adharma."

Reply of Shri Swami: I am happy to note the background of the festival 'GALUNGAN', which is the victory of justice over the injustice. This concept is pictorially represented as the success of Indra over the destruction of the demon called as Maya. The meaning of the root word 'Indra' in Sanskrit denotes...

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Incarnation Is Mixture Of Nara And Narayana

[May 7, 2014] Shri Pavan asked: "It is said that if Narayana and Nara exist in a place, all good fruits result (Yatra yogeswarah...). Please clarify this point. This point was raised by my friend."

Swami replied: If Lord Krishna alone is with you, all good fruits will come there and there is no necessity of existence of Arjuna (Nara). Wherever Narayana exists in human form, such human incarnation is a mixture of Nara and Narayana. The external medium is Nara...

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True Meaning Of Samaadhi

[April 27, 2014] Shri Ramanathan asked "Please tell me about the significance of the word Samaadhi".

Swami replied: Every word has its true meaning and that alone should be taken for practice. When the true meaning becomes inconvenient, people try to link a false meaning with the word, which is very much convenient to them in practice. Such false meanings form the false knowledge, which is propagated by false preachers. The preacher, who propagates the true knowledge alone...

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Brahma Ananda Differs From Manushananda Quantitatively

[April 24, 2014 Evening] Shri Lakshman asked: "In your recent message You have mentioned the Jagrat, Swapna, and Sushupti as the three states and the Veda also refers to these three states only. In addition to these three states, You have mentioned the fourth state also in which the experience of impossible experience of God is done. Since the bliss is always derived from God...

Swami replied: The Veda deals with the three states (Jagrat, Swapna and Sushpti), which are common to all the human beings irrespective of theists and atheists. In the state of Jagrat, the soul is called as Vaiswa meaning that the soul is in association with the materialized forms because the physical items of the physical world...

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Analyze Scripture To Reject Wrong Interpretation

[April 18, 2014 2nd Message] Dr. Nikhil asked ‘People say that Rama is inferior to Krishna since Rama does not have some kalas like Svarupasthiti and Ahladini’.

Swami replied: Whenever somebody gives a statement, you must question the validity of that statement by asking its authority. If the statement does not exist in the Veda, the root divine scripture, you must test the authority of the statement by subjecting it to deep...

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Donation Is Double Edged Knife

[April 18, 2014] Hindu religion is actually in the top most place among all the religions of the world since it is the only religion that deals with the subject of God (Nivrutti) to the extreme depth. Unfortunately, this religion is now in the bottom most place. The reason is that today the rituals performed in Hindu religion are waste since the essence ...

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Essence Of Three Main Epics Of Hinduism

[April 4, 2014] All the three sacred epics of Hinduism (the Ramayanam, the Bharatam and the Bhagavatam) deal with the main concept, which is the contemporary human incarnation of the unimaginable God on this earth for the sake of humanity. Unfortunately, this main point is not impressed in our minds so far in spite of the special mention in the Gita about the human incarnation...

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Science and Technology in Ancient India

[April 3, 2014 Abstract for Symposium on Science and Technology in Ancient Scriptures, Mumbai] Science and technology existed in ancient India to very high level in advanced state. Mathematics of Bhaskara, Astronomy of Arya Bhatta and Brahma Gupta, Geometry of Apasthamba, Bodhayana and Kaatyayana, Physics of Kanaada and Gowtama, chemistry of Rasaarnava...

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Context and Relevance Followed by God Throughout Preaching

[December 15, 2013 Shri Anil Antony asked: "One person asked that why Lord Krishna preached the Gita to Arjuna in such polluted atmosphere of war? He should have preached in a peaceful atmosphere".]

Swami Replied: For preaching knowledge, the primary factor is the appetite for knowledge expressed by the receiver through a question or doubt. The external atmosphere is only a secondary factor. You may be serving food...

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Enlightenment On Shri Vidya

[December 01, 2013] The infinite power of attraction of My knowledge is the truth in it and not My efficiency in the presentation. One type of false knowledge may be replaced by another type of false knowledge. But, the true knowledge can never be replaced by any type of false...

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God's Power Sufficient to Control Evil Forces

[November 17, 2013] God Himself Needed for Preaching Right Knowledge: Swami attended a function in the house of a devotee, Shri Pavan, since today is the festival of Kartika Purnima. The Shiva Lingam, which is a stone in the form of a wave, is worshipped and behind it, a photo of Lord Shiva is placed. On the other side, there is a big shrine of Shri Satya Sai Baba and Swami also sat facing this shrine.

Swami commented in the following way: The Shiva Lingam is in the form of a wave indicating the energy since energy propagates as waves. The material of this Shiva Lingam is matter. Thus, Shiva Lingam denotes the medium in two forms 1) Energy and 2) Matter. All the forms of God in the upper world are energetic forms. This means...

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Cleaning of Caste System in India

November 03, 2013 Deepavali Day A devotee raised a peculiar issue stating that some people of backward castes claim Narakasura as their ancestor, who was a good person and was killed by the upward castes in wrong way. They state that he was 'Asura' meaning that he does not drink wine. Hence, Deepaavali is a function of the victory of injustice over justice.

Swami Replied: You believe that Narakasura was killed by Krishna on the basis of a Scripture that gives the life history of Narakasura. If you believe that Scripture for this point, you must believe the same Scripture for the other points also related to Narakasura. You are using the Scripture for a specific convenient point and you are discarding all the other ...

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Scripture Should Withstand Logical Analysis

[October 20, 2013 Shri Anil asked Swami that the devotee from Indonesia spoke about his dream in which Shri Satya Sai Baba appeared stating that He and Shri Datta Swami (Swami) are one and the same. He asked the comments from Swami on this.]

Swami replied: There are two phases of a dream. One is that the feelings, which are very strong impressing on mind either in this life or in the previous lives, appear as a dream. The other phase is that God gives some message through the dream. You may not be able to conclude...

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God Discourages Pilgrimages

[June 23, 2013 A devotee asked Swami to give a message on the recent havoc followed by several deaths in the pilgrimage to Kedarnath.]

Swami Replied: The fundamental point that everybody should note is that God is not present in any inert stone or statue and hence, a specific place containing such stone or statue has no real significance. The spiritual significance is forcibly rubbed...

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Rejuvenation of Rituals in Hinduism

[June 21, 2013] The entire essence of all the rituals is missing today and as a result every ritual is a simple wastage. When the essence is lost, the ritual is like the body after losing the life. You must know that the essence of all the rituals is only acquiring the spiritual knowledge, developing the devotion to God and finally serving the deserving devotees.The ritual is both theoretical and practical. Knowing the right direction through...

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Rejuvenation of Hinduism

Why there is so much rush in the temples? There is only one reason. People think that if they go to the temples they can escape from the difficulties, which are the fruits of their sins. They also think that they can get some benefits (which are the fruits of good deeds) for good deeds that they have not performed. Obviously this is not true. The scriptures say "Avasyam Anubhoktavyam" which means that we must enjoy the fruits of our good and bad deeds. You cannot escape the result of your bad deeds and you cannot achieve the result of a good deed, which you have not done. One cannot escape the punishment given by the judge in the court. Similarly you cannot escape the judgment of God. If this fact is written at the gates of the temple, nobody will enter the temple...

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Rituals Without Analysis Are Mere Waste

The priests today recite Vedas when there is no need to do so since the Vedas are available in printed form. These priests do not know the meaning of Vedas and are mocked as divine animals by the Veda itself (Devanaam Pasurahah). The concept of the temple as a model for communicating divine knowledge has been completely buried. Temples and statues are being misused for the selfish business of the priests. Even the rituals are misused in a similar way. These priests misinterpreted the temples and rituals as the means for getting rid of the effects of sinful deeds and for attaining the results of good deeds, which were not done. They have simply thrown away the theory of karma, which says that one has to enjoy the results of both good and bad deeds even after millions of ages (Avasya manubhokthavyam)...

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Human Rebirth is For Extraordinary Only

A devotee asked "You say that the same Lord revealed the same knowledge in the entire world in different languages. But Islam and Christianity say that there is no rebirth. Hinduism speaks about the rebirth. If the Lord is same, how this contradiction comes?"

Swamiji replied: Only one Lord created this entire universe. He should have told the same knowledge everywhere in the world. The contradiction is only due to misunderstanding. In Hinduism also Sankara says that again human birth is almost impossible (Jantunaam Nara Janma Durlabhamidam). Sankara was the incarnation of Siva and so what He told is also authoritative. Even Gita says that the soul comes back to this world but does not say that the soul gets again the human birth (Ksheene Punye Martyalokam Visanti)...

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Nishkama Karma Yoga: The Path of Selfless Service

Karma and Karma Yoga:Nishkama Karma Yoga is a word that often comes in the Bhagavad Gita. Karma, Akarma and Vikarma are also mentioned in the Gita (Karmanohyapi..,). Karma means the work done with a selfish desire for a limited circle of family. Karma Yoga means the work done for the sake of Lord. Akarma means inaction; not doing either Karma or Karma Yoga. Vikarma means action, which disturbs the peace of the world by harming good devotees...

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Does God Favor the Rich?

Some people criticize the human incarnation of God saying that He concentrates more on rich people than poor people. But they should remember that all human beings are the children of God. The father concentrates on the child, who is suffering with cancer. Although cancer is incurable, the father still attempts to do something for the child. He is more concerned with that child and pays more attention to it. A rich man is a serious case and is very dangerous to others. He has all the powers to do sins and disturb the peace of the world. Keeping him on the right path or even controlling him temporarily is very important for the peace of the world. So the human incarnation pays more attention to him, in order to protect the world. A poor man cannot disturb the peace of the world, because he has no power of money. He is always involved in earning his livelihood. So he is not as dangerous. Without knowing this inner truth, people criticize the incarnation...

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