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Identification of Human Incarnation of God

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

The main pre-requisite to identify the human incarnation is the complete removal of egoism and jealousy. The human body has the highest advantage on one side and the highest disadvantage on the other side. The highest advantage is that human beings can easily experience the Lord through the human body, which is most convenient for them. The highest disadvantage is that the human being repels against another human being due to the principle of nature i.e., likes repel likes. This repulsion is in the form of egoism and jealousy. The main purpose of God is to preach and guide human beings in the right spiritual path. The word Datta means 'given'. The Lord is given to human beings in a human form. This human form alone can be the preacher or Guru. The word Guru Datta means the Lord given to human beings in human form, who can alone act as a spiritual preacher. Statues, birds, animals etc., cannot serve this purpose which the human form can. There is a hidden instinct in the mind of every human form that he or she should become the Lord.

This instinct exists unconsciously in the minds of even great scholars and great devotees. This instinct is never expressed directly but its influence exists in every spiritual thought and spiritual action. Therefore many human beings are attracted to the misinterpreted form of Advaita philosophy, which says that every human being is already the Lord. This concept satisfies the hidden instinct of the human beings. This is the reason for the appreciation of the Advaita philosophy by every human being. Any concept that hurts this instinct will be repelled or condemned. The human being can tolerate to some extent if you say that he is not the Lord. But if you say that only a particular human being is the Lord, it can never be tolerated. They will be satisfied if you at least say that no human being is the Lord. Now the address of the Lord shall be a formless and all pervading power or a statue or a photo.

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