Is Jesus The only Path?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Jesus said that one can reach His Father through Him only and that He is the only path. Does this not mean that we have to follow only Jesus? In such case how can one accept Universal Spirituality? This is a question posed by several devoted Christians from all over the world.

My answer to these dear devoted holy Christian souls is as follows:

Does Jesus represent a human body? Or a word? Or both? If it represents a particular human body, then such a human body does not exist now. Only a particular human generation and that too, in a particular place was favored by the association of the human body of Jesus. Is it not the partiality of God?

If Jesus represents the word (Message of the Christ), then the previous human generations before the birth of Jesus were not favored with this word and this also leads to the partiality of God. If Jesus represents both the body and the word, then both the above objections will attack together, strengthening the partiality of God.

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