What miracles signify?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

The primal power (Maya) of the Lord itself gets modified to form creation. This modified Maya is called as nature or prakrti. The Lord can control nature with His Maya. Everything in creation follows certain natural rules. These include the rules discovered by science and those which are not yet discovered by science. Nature functions mechanically and independently as per these rules. It does not need continuous supervision of the Lord through His power, Maya. Individual souls, being part of creation, are subject to these rules of nature and dependent on them. Maya, on the other hand, acts according to will of the Lord. It is at the disposal of the Lord. He may, using Maya make effects on nature that are beyond the usual rules of nature. Therefore Maya is also called as the super-natural power. When God uses His super-power, Maya, on nature, we perceive it as a miracle. E.g. Water normally flows downhill under the influence of gravity. This is a natural law. Now the Lord could use Maya and make it stand still. This would be called a miracle. Such interference of the Lord's Maya (super power) with natural laws is called a miracle.

The miracle shows that the entire creation is just the will of the Lord (cchamatram prabhoh srstih). Maya underwent modification to become creation by the Will of the Lord. Miracles prove that creation functions independently according to the laws of nature only because of the Will of the Lord. At any point, the Lord can use Maya to circumvent the natural laws and control creation as per His Will. The Lord also has the power to destroy creation at the end of the cycle of creation. The miracle is a practical demonstration to preach this divine concept. Thus, miracles are a tool to preach divine knowledge.

The power to perform miracles is extremely dangerous in the hands of human beings. No person other than the ringmaster can control the lions in the circus. The lions will kill any ordinary person. Similarly the power to perform miracles will ruin a devotee. Some individuals perform severe penance and obtain certain limited superpowers from the Lord. These powers can be controlled only by God. No individual can completely control them. The possession of such powers creates egoism in a person. He uses them to perform miracles and get fame. He wants to be worshiped by the world as God. However using miracles for such a purpose certainly destroys the person. In the epics, we have stories of demons performing severe penance to get superpowers from God. They get the powers and use them for selfish ends. Finally the same powers lead them to their destruction.

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