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Three Heads:Swami normally uses a large pillow in His bed. One day Smt. Bhavani removed the regular pillow and replaced it by a small pillow. The next morning, after a disturbed sleep, Swami brought up the issue with Smt. Bhavani, "You have kept a small pillow for Me on My bed. How can a small pillow be sufficient for My three heads? (Lord Datta is symbolically represented by a human form having three heads. The three heads are of the Lord in the aspects of Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of creation.) Just because you are not able to see My three-headed form, how did you assume that the three heads do not exist? All three of My heads need rest; not just one. The small pillow that you have kept cannot accommodate all three heads. If you do not believe what I am saying, go and see the pillow on my bed". Smt. Bhavani, along with some other devotees went to Swami's room and saw the small pillow, which had an impression in the center corresponding to the central head and impressions at the edges of the pillows where the other two heads might have been.
All the devotees saw that and were shocked with surprise. By this incident, Swami proved that He should not be limited only to His visible physical form.

Swami is full without eating
One day, Swami was giving a discourse in Vijayawada. He was totally absorbed in giving the discourse and He did not stop to take food. When it was quite late, devotees asked Him to have some food. Swami said that He had already had food. The devotees were perplexed. They were with Him all evening and none had seen Him have food. Swami explained that He had eaten the food that was offered to God in a temple in Chennai, which is several hundred kilometers from Vijayawada. He said that He had gone there in invisible form and partaken of the food. His devotees still would not believe Him and insisted that He should have some food with them. Finally, Swami asked them to smell His palms. Devotees could clearly smell sambar rice and curd rice, which are very popular dishes in the Chennai area.

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