Q&A: Miscellaneous

1. Under what circumstances is a person justified in killing another human being?

2. Why do you often quote from the Bible while talking about Hindu religion and tradition?

3. Are you interested in purifying the Hindu religion or in world peace?

4. Why does the body of the yogi not give out a bad odor even after several days after death?

5. If we catch a fraud guru by error, what will be our fate?

6. Lord Jesus, in the Bible, said "The first will be last and the last will be first". Please can you explain this?

7. Can you please give the message on Sankara Jayanti?

8. Why do you criticize Hindus so often and praise Christians and Muslims?

9. Your photo as Lord Venkatesvara is wonderful and appears as if you are stating that you are Lord Venkatesvara. Can you give us a song to associate with that photo?

10. We came to know that your devotees started a website under the heading "UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALITY". Can you give the details of this?

11. What are the various factors, which disturb world peace, and how does your universal spirituality address them?

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