Does God Favor the Rich?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Some people criticize the human incarnation of God saying that He concentrates more on rich people than poor people. But they should remember that all human beings are the children of God. The father concentrates on the child, who is suffering with cancer. Although cancer is incurable, the father still attempts to do something for the child. He is more concerned with that child and pays more attention to it. A rich man is a serious case and is very dangerous to others. He has all the powers to do sins and disturb the peace of the world. Keeping him on the right path or even controlling him temporarily is very important for the peace of the world. So the human incarnation pays more attention to him, in order to protect the world. A poor man cannot disturb the peace of the world, because he has no power of money. He is always involved in earning his livelihood. So he is not as dangerous. Without knowing this inner truth, people criticize the incarnation.

Knowledge of the Goal and Path

Knowledge of the right goal and the knowledge of the right path are both very essential. Suppose your aim is to go the biggest city and enjoy, then you must have the right knowledge of that city. There are several big cities. Which is the biggest? First you must know it. Similarly, there are several forms of God. Which is the real form of God? You must know that. After knowing the name of the biggest city, you must know the right path to reach that big city.

Similarly, you must know the right path to reach the real God. So what is the essence of all this? Knowledge is very important. If you have no knowledge of biggest city, you may reach a small city. Even if you have the knowledge of that city but if you don't have the knowledge of the right path to reach that city, you may travel on the wrong path and reach a forest. In order to get knowledge of God, one must go to the Guru or spiritual teacher.

Duty of the Teacher

The essential duty of a Guru is to preach the right knowledge to the people who approach him. These people serve the Guru in several ways like pressing his feet, giving Bhiksha (donation of food), giving Dakshina (donation of money) etc. If the Guru keeps silent, it is not justified. You pay the fees to the teacher and what if the teacher keeps silent? Is it justified on his part to take the fees? Some Gurus are giving wrong knowledge and they will be punished in hell, because they have misled the people, after taking fees from them.

Suppose a doctor takes fees from the patient and keeps silent. Another doctor takes fees from the patient but gives the wrong medicines due to his inefficiency and kills the patient. Both these doctors are criminals. God punishes the Gurus who do not preach and also those gurus who preach the wrong knowledge, because they have accepted the service from the people, who surrendered to them.

Knowledge from the Sadguru

The Sadguru (teacher of true knowledge of God, who is also a human incarnation of God) gives the right knowledge, even without your service. Only when you are convinced, you can serve Him. Your service to Him will help Him help others. In fact a Sadguru does not need your service because He is the God. He can help others by His own powers. But you will not get the right benefit from Him, because you did not show gratefulness to Him. Suppose a doctor gives you medicines for some illness without taking any fees and you get cured. If you do not pay his fees due to your greediness, even though you are capable of paying, you will die with a new disease. So, only for your own safety, the Sadguru advises you to participate in service.

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