Path of Worldly Justice(Pravrutti) &

Path of Liberation (Nivrutti)

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[April 15, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked (on Phone), 1) One of my relative says “You need not leave the family bonds for the sake of God. We believe in the existence of creator. Doing Social service is good and that is also not compulsory. Spiritual progress is selfish only.” Please comment on these remarks.

Swami Replied: Nobody told that you should leave family bonds for the sake of God. For your information, by leaving family bonds, you cannot get the grace of God. What I told was simply that the family bonds get spontaneously dropped due to your over attachment to God. If I say that if one drinks divine nectar, he will leave coffee, this doesn't mean that you should leave coffee for getting divine nectar...

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[March 11, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji,

[With great hesitation I would like to seek Your advice on this personal matter. It has been going on in my mind for years and I have not been able to resolve it. You are my only Parent, Friend, Guide and Goal. So, I am taking the liberty to ask this to You. After millions of births, in this lifetime, You have given me this opportunity...

Swami Replied: My Dear Dr. Nikhil, The Veda says that God and world are opposite to each other like North and South poles (duramete...). Both God and world are the two election candidates competing with each other standing for your vote. World promises you to give happiness if you vote for it like the present politician promising several schemes of welfare provided you vote for him/her. God is totally opposite to this candidate...

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[March 04, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to submit this question at Your divine feet. Your servant, Nikhil.

Dr. Nikhil

: 1) When education is such a low priority in India, how can a change in society happen through spiritual education?

Swami Replied: Dr. Nikhil represents a typical human mind facing all practical problems in the divine service and wishes that I should give a message for the sake of such devotees through him. Since he has true faith in Me that I am the human incarnation of Lord Datta, I responded in the line of his faith. My response is confined to My true devotees only...

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[February 25, 2017 Maha Shivraatri] The three instruments (Trikarana) are 1) Mind, 2) Word and 3) Action. Mind generates word and action. Action gives full effect to others. If you injure somebody, the other person suffers a lot and thus action is the full potential field of fruit. Though, Mind is generator of action, by itself, it is ineffective to exhibit any practical fruit...

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Passing of Nivrutti Test Should Not Be Based on Fear & Attraction

[February 10, 2017] Shri Anil asked (on phone): In the recent answers, you told that Peter failed in the Nivrutti test of God. But, Peter offered his life to save the life of Jesus. Does it not prove that he is a high devotee of the level of Nivrutti?

Swami replied (On phone): In the question paper given by God, which is referred by you, Peter failed. Peter might have passed in chemistry paper, but, failed in the physics paper conducted in March examination. The result given...

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Violation of Justice in Certain Contexts Not Accepted in General

[January 08, 2017] Smt. Padma Ram asked: Please explain Dharma sukshma, which is useful in the daily activities of a human being.

Swami replied: Dharma means justice. It is clearly known. To speak truth is justice. To speak a lie is injustice. “Speak truth” is called as vidhi dharma or justice insisted. “Don't tell a lie.” is nishedha dharma or negation of injustice. Apaddharma means the justice modified in certain cases. Dharma sukshma means the deep analysis of a case in which the apparent justice...

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Job of Spiritual Knowledge Propagator Starts With Introduction of Existence of God to Punish Sin

[October 15, 2016] Shri P V N M Sharma asked: Do You preach Nivrutti only to the devotees of Nivrutti level and not to devotees of Pravrutti level? You say that welfare of the world is the goal of Pravrutti and pleasure of God is goal of Nivrutti and You also said that God is pleased with Pravrutti. How to reconcile both?

Swami replied: I told only that you should maintain large extent of the subject of Pravrutti and a little Nivrutti shall be introduced as medicine in the food of Pravrutti. Certainly, in the overall picture of the spiritual knowledge, Nivrutti is the highest level...

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Family Bonds against Bond with God

[September 17, 2016] Shri Kishore Ram asked: The point of family bonds against God may be kindly elaborated more since it is a delicate topic.

Swami replied: Bond means love. Love means the feeling or mind. Mind means the nervous energy or awareness. This nervous energy or love has a finite value in every human being. Hence, when this finite quantity of nervous energy...

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Earning Of Money Increases Interest For It

[January 08, 2016 2nd Message] Shri Surya asked: You have given an excellent message on the consequences of financial corruption and rectification of it. Today, the corruption in the sexual life is also on the top. I would like to know what will be the fate of the souls involved in the corruption in sexual life”.

Shri Swami Replied: The sex and corruption in sex take place in the time of night in which moon exists and not Surya (Sun). Hence, the Sun is asking about the subject of moon as the principle opposition party questions about the activities of ruling party. Of course, the activity of...

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Lives Of Rama & Krishna Alike Excepting Incidents In Brindavanam

[July 09, 2016] Shri Ajay asked: Swami! Please explain the essence of Bhagavatam with elaborate analysis, which is very complicated to understand.

Swami replied: If the goal is highest, there will be highest complication in the path.If the goal is at certain achievable height, the path to it will not have so much...

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Path Of Justice Means Not Doing Injustice In Practice

[July 05, 2016] Shri P V N M Sharma asked: If we worship God, past sins are destroyed directly. When the direct way is available, why should we reform our minds and follow non-repetition of sin to destroy past sins?

Swami replied: Worship of God is expected to purify and reform the soul. Reformation means non-repetition of sin in practical sense. If you say that...

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Drinking Wine One Of Five Horrible Sins

[June 23, 2016] Questions from Kishore Ram: 1) The modern science reveals the positive benefits of Alcohol consumption in a limited quantity. But, scriptures are against this. Can you please throw light on this?

Swami replied: Limited quantity of alcohol is already supplied to the body through food items. Fermentation generates alcohol and in several food items fermentation is inevitable. This means that consumption of alcohol in limited quantities is good for health and therefore God arranged for such supply of alcohol...

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External Atmosphere More Important Than Samskara

[February 13, 2016] Dr. Nikhil: When parents who are devoted to You, discuss spiritual knowledge with their children, and advise them, the children get bored and sometimes irritated. Could You please advise both the parents and children. Parents who are devoted to You, feel that Your divine knowledge is absolutely essential for all human beings, and especially their own children. As a result, they try to emphasize the same to their children by discussing and interpreting various practical life situations in the light of spiritual knowledge. But children do not realize the importance or urgency...

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Nivrutti Based Pravrutti Establishes Peace & Balance In Society

[February 06, 2016] Ms. Shyama Kamala Lochana (daughter of Shri. Ajay), a computer engineer asked: I am very happy to see your recent message given to my father regarding the propagation of spiritual knowledge. Please give any more information, if you feel to give.

Shri Swami Replied: You have studied computer engineering that is applied in science and technology for the materialistic welfare (Pravrutti) of the humanity. This is a wonderful field added to science. Actually, this is a boon from the Lord. The scripture says that the Veda, the Shastra (secondary scripture like logic) and Vijnana (Science) are from God...

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God Opts Destroying Universe If Situation Proceeds Towards Negative Day By Day

[February 05, 2016] Shri P V N M Sharma asked: The implementation of ethical values in practical life is not seen starting from a peon in the office up to highest ruler of the country. The moral values are failing in every walk of life of all categories of humanity. How to control this and bring a perfect set up?

Shri Swami Replied: At the outset, I am answering your question in a straight way before its further elaboration. The single sentence of answer here is that unless an inbuilt resistance to sin in each individual is developed based on fear for sin due to the unavoidable punishment from God, no practical solution is possible and you have to brood over like this forever! Of course, if the situation is not improving and instead, is proceeding...

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Love Of God On His Children Highest Compared To Your Brotherly Love

1. Some people practice remedies suggested by some astrologers, which are highly illogical like, pouring milk in flowing river, throwing silver coins in running water etc. Whether such remedies are scripture based? Kindly enlighten us.

Shri Swami Replied: All these practices are based on the foolish and ridiculous psychologies of some cracks only and are not at all based on the divine scripture, which is the word of God. For such reason only, we have to adopt the scientific analysis based on deep logic everywhere to reject the dirt from the mixed golden powder. God has created food and wealth to support the lives of human beings. This is the facility created by the divine Father...

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Pravrutti Changes From Time To Time Unlike God

[January 24, 2016] Dr. Nikhil’s Questions on Procreation:

1. How many children should a couple ideally produce? There is a quantitative aspect (how many children to produce) and a qualitative aspect (what type of children to produce).

Shri Swami Replied: I know Dr. Nikhil very well from the past millions of births. He is selected by God for the propagation of this exceptional programme along with other friendly devotees as a group. He is highly elevated soul and one should not misunderstand him for some of these peculiar questions. He represents various sets of humanity presenting their specific-personal problems for their welfare. The universality of knowledge is then only obtained, when it covers all the sets...

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Four Types Of Devotion Combinedly Form Nivrutti

[January 10, 2016] Reply From Shri. Datta Swami to Questions from Mr. Anil

1) For those who are in the state of continuous suffering (chronic diseases, financial crisis etc), any practical spiritual solution for immediate relief?

2) Mainly troubles in the form of incurable diseases etc. comes in the old age and it will be too late for such people to start spiritual practices. What will be the fate of such people?

The disease comes due to sins only (Papam Vyadhi Rupena). The remedies said are medicines, donations to deserving and worship of God (Aushadhaih Daanaih Japa Homa Suraarchanaih). This shows the ascending order of the remedial response step by step. The main essence of this subject is only control of repetition of sin by repentance, rectification if possible and non-repetition. These three steps are sufficient to cancel the entire accumulated past sin. Prevention and rectification of the disease is one item. Achieving good health is another item. The first item is prevention of loss and the second item is gain of profit. The first item can be achieved through stopping the revolving cycle of deeds through...

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Birth of Pig for Corrupt People

[December 28, 2015] Shri Ajay asked: Today the corruption for money exists in every walk of life as seen in politicians, officials, business men, doctors, teachers and even judges! What will be the fate of such souls?

Shri Swami replied: The money of the public is the wealth of the public, which should be spent for public only giving priority to the poor people. This public money is very sacred and should not be enjoyed personally by any well-to-do person, unless he/she is extremely poor dying for food. One has to save the life even by doing the sin. In such a case, the sin is not a sin at all. Apart from this extreme condition, any attempt to steal the public money for the enjoyment of self and own family is the greatest...

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Fortunate Union With God Is Nivrutti

[December 18, 2015] Shri P V N M Sarma asked: what is meant by Dhayana or meditation?

Shri Swami Replied: Meditation is the seventh step in the Yoga, which was divided in to eight steps. First of all, you must know the meaning of Yoga. Otherwise, the basic foundation is lost. Yoga means the fortunate union. Dhana yoga means to have fortunate union with wealth. Putra Yoga means the fortunate union with issues. Kalatra Yoga means the fortunate union to get wife through marriage. All these are related to Pravrutti. The fortunate union with God is related to Nivrutti. This Yoga in Nivrutti is the highest since it is ultimate and eternal. All the yogas in Pravrutti are confined to this life only. Now, we have to think about the union with God. God is unimaginable and it is impossible to have union with God when even the imagination of God becomes impossible. Therefore, either some model representing the God or some medium in to which God entered and identified with it, is necessary for the union. The first type, which is the representative model (pratika) is inevitable ...

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Punishment Sequence Not Related To Order Of Actions Performed By Soul

[December 16, 2015]Shri Nikhil asked:

You have often reminded us of the statement in the Gita (Gahanaa karmano gatih), which means that the cycle of action-result is extremely complex and difficult to understand. However, in present times there is so much confusion regarding the correlation of one's actions and the suffering or enjoyment of a person in this life and hereafter, that some clarity is badly needed.

Shri Swami replied: The cycle of actions and fruits is very deep subject (Gahanaa). The reason is that the basic concept of this subject itself is misunderstood. The misunderstood basic concept is that the list of the punishments of a soul is in the hands of God and the punishments are given to the soul according to the order of time-sequence in which the actions were performed by the soul. This means that if you have stolen...

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Ancient Rulers Kept Religion & Philosophy On Top Most Level Of Education & Administration

[December 02, 2015] Shri Ajay asked: What is the way out to resist this corruption for money, which is spread almost every area of this world?

Shri Swami replied: The reason for the disease must be known so that the treatment is at the level of the reason but not at the level of the effect. The present doctors treat the disease based on the symptoms and therefore, such treatment is only temporary. In Ayurveda, the treatment is at the level of the cause of the disease, which is called as ‘Nidaanam’. The root cause of all these diseases is sub-divided into three categories: i) Cold nature (Shleshma) ii) Disorders of the lever (Pitta) and iii) Gas generated in the digestive system (Vaata). Such treatment may be slow...

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Every Divine Message Useful For Either Curing Or Prevention

[December 01, 2015] Shri Kishore Ram asked: You have given two powerful messages regarding Pravrutti. Is there any mistake on my side regarding pravrutti?

Shri Swami replied: I have given the messages to you because there is no mistake on your side in Pravrutti. The style of Lord Datta is to indirectly preach the people, who really need rectification in a specific line, by preaching directly the person, who does not need rectification in that specific line. If you preach a sinner regarding his sin, he will be hurt due to the basic inherent ego that is touched by your message. If you give the same message to a non-sinner in the presence of the specific sinner...

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Spiritual Knowledge & Spiritual Efforts Waste If Devotee Is Corrupt

[November 25, 2015 Evening Message] Shri Kishore Ram asked: Please explain the significance of the special rules followed by the devotees of Ayappa before reaching His shrine.

Shri Swami replied: The discipline to be attained by following the rules is very important in the spiritual path. The external body and the food habits should be disciplined by certain hard rules. The health of the body affects the nature of mind. The internal mind is the most important instrument to please God. The external bath of the body by cold water in the morning gives resistance to cold resulting in perfect immunity...

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Nivrutti Always Discouraged By God

[November 17, 2015 4th Message] Padanamaskaram Swami, Kindly enlighten us with Your answer for the following query from Shri Kishore ram:

Dear DattaSwami: I came to know about you in early 2008 and I dont know if its my inner consciousness or great fortune to started believing you as the True Incarnation of the unimaginable God. But I somehow deviating from this path though I trust you and more of your divine knowledge. Not only that, I am not able to be good enough in Worldly life as well (Pravrutti).
Can you advise me whats my problem thats hindering or stopping me from leading a righteous life in this world(Pravrutti)? Unless I concentrate and do the things in right way in Pravrutti, I know I cant be eligible for Nivrutti. I am failing in the base step itself(Pravrutti).
At Your feet

Shri Swami Replied: Pravrutti (your behaviour towards other human beings in this world) is the most important topic of concentration for God. Infact, He says that He comes down in the human form for the sake of establishing justice in pravrutti only (Dharma Samsthapanarthaaya- Gita). In the boyhood, the Lord finished the issue of Nivrutti in the case of Gopikas, who were sages for millions of births trying for the success in Nivrutti. Later on, the whole life of the Lord was dedicated for Pravrutti only though a little time in the war was dedicated for Nivrutti...

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Ruler Should Care For Public Criticism

[September 29, 2015] Dr. Nikhil asked: My mother asked that how Rama being God treated Sita in such a way? My student asked that the non-vegetarian food is natural system and how can it be a sin?

Shri Swami Replied: 1) God came to earth in human form called as Rama to establish the ideals of a human being in various roles like king, husband, brother, son, father etc. He left Sita since a washer-man commented on her character. Here, He established Himself as an ideal ruler caring for the criticism of public always as the guideline. The rulers of the public should care for every criticism from public and act immediately according to the criticism so that the ruler should never be criticised by the ruled public in any corner. Of course, your point is that - “the king should also analyze the subject impartially treating Sita also as a citizen...

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Sincerety In Effort And Devotion

[September 2, 2015] Replies of Shri Swamiji to Devotees’ Questions

1. I have couple of queries on Pravrutti,

i) To excel in Pravrutti, from the discourses by our Swami I understand it is very essential to win or overcome the 3 eshanas. In that case, is god's support required to excel in Pravrutti? Even an athiest can achieve the state of winning over the 3 eshanas if his samskaras are strong and pure.

ii) On the recent news of Dr. Abdul Kalam, how can we take inspiration from him in spiritual field? Is he an example of the reaching goal in Pravrutti?

At the holy feet of Shri Dattaswami

Shri Swami Replied: In any field, God’s grace is very important because God alone gives the fruits at the end of your efforts. You should always keep in mind that the effort does not have the capacity to give the fruit. This is the reason why the efforts often fail to give the fruits. But, you should perform your duty in effort with top most sincerity, which pleases God...

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Unlawful Earnings Do Not Give Victory Or Happiness

[August 17, 2015] Shri Surya asked: It is very difficult to sacrifice the blended bond of issues with wealth for the sake of God. But, the bond with money may not be wrong since money is essential for the service of God also.

Shri Swami replied: The bond with issues and wealth is most strong. Very few Gopikas or Sages only could conquer this bond by secretly giving butter to the Lord or by opening the doors of the house so that the Lord will steal the butter.These few Gopikas were given Goloka, which is above the head of the Lord. These few Gopikas were successful householders. They are like the students facing the examination...

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Bond With Money Should Weaken For Future Total Sacrifice To God

[August 06, 2015] Shri Sharma asked “What is the way to reduce the intensities of these bonds and to destroy totally these bonds?”

Shri Swami replied: In Pravrutti, the reduction of intensities lies totally on your effort only. When you enter the Nivrutti with the minimum bonds with already reduced intensities, God’s grace will fall on you to help you in the final examination of Nivrutti. For such grace, you must have the aim fixed in the beginning itself to reach God. Success in Pravrutti has also alternative award of heaven. Therefore, you must have the initial aim...

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Pravrutti & Nivrutti Are Two Parts Of One Path

[August 05, 2015] Shri Phani asked Shri Swami to explain more about the necessity of Pravrutti or path of justice as pre-requisite for entering Nivrutti or spiritual life.

Shri Swami replied: It is incomplete understanding about Pravrutti to think that Pravrutti is one field of subject and Nivrutti is another field of subject. People think that Pravrutti is related to the balance of the society, which pleases God because God is the administrator of the society created by Him. According to them, Nivrutti is totally different, which is confined ...

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Pravrutti Is Minimization Of Intensities Of Worldly Bonds

[July 31, 2015 Guru Pournima Day 2nd Message] Guru Pournima indicates the full moon destroying the darkness-ignorance through full moonlight-knowledge. The knowledge involves two parts: 1) Pravrutti or teaching the discipline and 2) Nivrutti or teaching the main subject. The headmaster (or principal) of school (or college) concentrates more on the discipline than the subject. Of course, he clarifies the doubts of even the teachers in the subject also due to his vast experience in teaching field and gives a few lectures to students also now and then to refine the subject. God is like the headmaster or principal and spiritual preachers are like the teachers...

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Reformation Relieves From Further Punishments

[July 30, 2015 Guru Pournima Day] 1) Shri Anil asked “You said in the previous message that God has given the best fruit. In such case, there is no need of any change of it in the life time. Please clarify this point”.

Shri Swami replied: The best fruit means the best way of treatment of the soul. The variation of the intensities of the fruit as per the change in the requirement is the very salient feature of the treatment. Best fruit doesn’t mean a lot of gold, which need not be varied...

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Background Of Prayers & Worship Should Be Understood

[July 27, 2015] Shri Ramanaiah, a devotee, asked “Swami! Shall I go for an operation to my eye?”

Shri Swami told him to wait for some time. Devotees present around asked Shri Swami for the reason of this advice. Shri Swami explained the background enlightening very important concept. The explanation given by Shri Swami is like this:

Some time back, this devotee underwent severe financial problem. I told him to pray Lord Hanuman. He did so. Recently, the financial problem is solved. But, the problem in the eye started. If he undergoes the operation to the eye, the financial problem will revert back. Between these two problems, suffering due to lack of clear eye sight is more convenient than the financial worry. If you analyze the basic background, you must know...

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Police &Amp; Court Also Under Invisible Control Of Almighty

[March 07, 2015]Shri Subhash Pawale asked: 1) Before reading discourses I used to chant and meditate but after reading discourses I have stopped it. Now I am not able to sleep more than 5 hours in the night and I remember the dreams once I wake up. so that means my sleep is not entering into Shushupti phase which comes after dream phase. So is this normal?

Swami Replied: Your first problem is not related to spiritual side. It is related only to medical science. Please take some medicine...

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Attachment To World Changes To Attachment Of God In Final Stage

[October 26, 2014 Evening] Dr. Nikhil asked about the pressures in the worldly life and their consequent effects on the spiritual life.

Swami replied: There are three stages. In the first stage, the human being is very much involved in the family life and is strongly bound by the family bonds. This deep attachment is the reason for disturbance and tension. You are watching a cinema. You are not attached to any role in the picture. You are totally detached from every role. You know that the whole story is an imagination...

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Duty Performed Without Love Brings Discipline In Child

[April 26, 2014] Smt. Uma Ramanathan asked "What is the duty of the Parents towards their children and vice-versa?"

Swami replied: The duty of the parents towards children is protection from all sides and the duty of children towards parents in their old age is service, which also means protection from all sides. The unfortunate fact is that neither parents nor children can protect any other person since they cannot even protect...

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Fight Injustice In Every Case Observed By You

[April 26, 2014] Shri Ramanathan asked "Why the injustice in the society is not suppressed completely in spite of our hectic efforts?"

Swami replied: The administration of this world is the subject of God. God is well versed in His subject. The subject of the human being is to attain the grace of God. Of course, it is the duty of every human being to oppose the injustice and support justice...

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Born Devotee Or Servant Is Scholar Of Knowledge In Previous Birth

[April 19, 2014] Dr. Nikhil asked 'Somebody is telling that the paths of knowledge, devotion and action are not linked because the scholars follow the path of knowledge and illiterate follow the path of devotion and service (action)'.

Swami replied: As already told by Me, you should not allow the loose statement of anybody without subjecting it to sharp analysis. It is already clearly established that the knowledge, devotion and action are linked even in the worldly issues (Pravrutti) and in spiritual knowledge (Nivrutti). As an example in Pravrutti...

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Salvation Is Spontaneous If Justice Controls Money & Sex

[March 26, 2014] Pravrutti is the subject related to your behavior, duties and actions towards the creation of God. Nivrutti is the subject related to your personal relationship with the Creator of this creation. Both subjects are equally important and are deeply inter-related.

To understand the above concept, let us take an example in which you are supposed to be an employee in a factory. Pravrutti is the code of conduct involving discipline of your job explaining the rules and regulations of your day to day...

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Analysis of Almighty Is Far Superior

[February 19, 2014] Shri Ajay asked: "It is very painful to observe the extent of injustice and corruption taking place even in the case of rulers and due to this, the country is going to dogs. A new leader must come to repair this situation. God must do something". Shri Ajay posed this question in the context of the depression of Shri Phani for the political failure of the issue of the state. In fact, Shri Swami replied that this issue would be settled in this way only as it happened now.

Swami Replied: It is good that you have responded against the injustice and for the justice. If possible, you should also think the best that can be done by you either by taking up some practical step or by taking up some theoretical step through suggestions and propaganda of right...

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Work and Worship

[October 14, 2013 Shri Surya referred to a person, who always works in his office following the principle "work is worship". Swami gave the following comments:]

The meanings of the words work and worship differ from one context to the other. Some people follow work as worship and such people may belong to very low level or very high level. In very low level, people do not spend any time for the sake of God. Such people are always involved in the materialistic work...

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Spiritual Knowledge Rectifies Mind

[October 13, 2013 Evening Message A devotee in a discussion forum i.e., 'Speaking Tree' quoted a part of Swami's message as follows: "The knowledge of God avoids crime and corruption in devotee. If individuals are transformed, the society is perfectly peaceful. You cannot control crime and corruption by employing controllers. Controllers become criminal and corrupt. No end to your effort. Ancient kings supported the propagation of spiritual knowledge...

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Existing Capital To Be Joint Capital

[October 13, 2013 An Advice from Shri Datta Swami (Retired Professor), a Saint to Group of Ministers (GOM) for the formation of Telangana State, New Delhi]

Our Country is in financial crisis due to lot of loans and hence, every rupee must be carefully spent to achieve maximum utility avoiding even a trace of wastage....

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Swamiji's Suggestions To Solve Telangana Issue in Andhra Pradesh

[10-08-2013: This is a letter by Prof. Datta Swamiji to Smt. Sonia Gandhiji, UPA chairperson, giving Suggestions to solve Telangana issue in Andhra Pradesh, India:]

Smt. Sonia Gandhiji, Please consider the following suggestions regarding the issue of Andhra Pradesh. 1. The peace of a state or nation or world is very important subject, which is concerned to God. We must rise to the level of Divinity in which we should fear about the basic injustice...

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Fruit Of Every Specified Action Connected To Doer Alone

[June 20, 2013 Shri Surya asked since the father, the departed soul, gave his property to his son, the charity done by the son also must affect the father, the departed soul. Hence, the ritual performed for the departed soul must also protect the departed soul.]

Swami replied: It is true that in the ritual, the aim (Sankalpa) is revealed as that this ritual is done for the departed soul to attain the abode of God ...

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Limits of Path of Justice - Pravrutti

[June 15, 2013] The attraction for money is the strongest illusion of all the worldly illusory bonds. Generally, illusion disappears after realization. You approach the mirage due to your attraction for water. As soon as you approach it, it disappears and the immediate realization removes your illusion. But, in the case of money, you are realizing that it brings misery and problems based on the experience ...

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