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Prophets are Incarnations only

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

How can you argue that the Lord cannot come down in human form? If He is incapable of doing so, He cannot be omnipotent. You also need not argue that even though the Lord is capable, that there is no necessity of such a human form. You may not have that necessity. But are you the only human being on this whole earth? Have you taken the opinion of all the human beings, to say this? There are several devotees, who belong to the path of Nivritti and desire the Lord in human form to see (Darshanam), to touch (Sparshanam), to hear the knowledge and clarify their doubts (Sambhashanam) and to live along with the Lord (Sahavasa) for long periods of time.

The main purpose [of the incarnation of God] is the preaching of divine knowledge and clarifying doubts. The statues, photographs, energetic forms or formless space can not preach the knowledge and thus there cannot be any universal observation [perception] of divine knowledge. Preaching of the knowledge by human forms of the Lord like Krishna, Jesus etc is observed universally and is available to perception. Such universal observation is according to the rules of the nature. When something is possible through a simple way, by following the rules of nature, is it not foolish to do the same simple thing in a complicated way violating the rules of the nature? When water is available in plenty from the tap, what is the necessity of producing water by forcing hydrogen and oxygen to react with the help of an electric arc? To show the production of water by this reaction, this experiment can be performed once but not every time whenever water is required. To show the super power of the Lord, a statue, photograph, an energetic form or even formless space may talk once. But to preach the spiritual knowledge continuously, the Lord need not talk continuously through statues, photographs, energetic forms or space.

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