Protector of Devotees

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Guardian in Badari: Smt. Padmaja, Sri Venkateswara Rao and their family, are the devotees of Swami. Once they went on a pilgrimage to Badari, which is in the Himalayas. The road to Badari is a very difficult and treacherous mountainous road. Landslides and road accidents are very common in that region. However Swami assured them that He would accompany them in invisible form. When they returned from the pilgrimage, Swami asked their younger daughter, "Did you not see me at one place on your journey?" The daughter agreed and told everyone that on their way to Badari when the bus was going through a particularly dangerous stretch, she saw Swami walking by the side of the bus. The bus right behind their bus skidded and plummeted into the deep valley. The family believed that Swami alone protected them from danger on that fateful day. He fulfilled His promise and protected their bus from mishap on that mountainous road.

Giving and protecting jobs
Ramana get a job. The parents of Sri Ramana prayed to Swami that their son may get a good job. Swami said, "I will give him the job as per your wishes, but you should join My service thereafter". The parents agreed. Ramana got a very good job within a month and the parents joined the service of Swami.

Prevents devotee from losing his job. Once Sri Ajay came to Swami and told Him that Ajay's elder brother's employer was going to remove his (Ajay's) elder brother from his job. Swami closed His eyes and said, "But My elder brother, Hanuman says that your elder brother is in the wrong and not his employer. Go and verify the truth". Ajay asked his elder brother to tell him what actually happened and whether his employer was justified in firing him. His brother finally revealed that he had started the issue by asking for a raise and had threatened to resign if he did not get it. The employer was annoyed and told him that he would rather fire him in that case. This was quite unexpected for Ajay's brother who certainly did not want to lose his job. Thwarted, he went home and did not report to work the next day. His guilt prevented him from facing his employer and settling the issue.
Later, Swami told Ajay "My brother, Hanuman, went to the employer and has pacified him. Let your brother approach his employer without fear". Heartened by Swami's divine assurance, Ajay's brother approached his employer. The employer calmly told him "Please join your job" without referring to the past.

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