Q&A: Human Incarnation of the Lord

1. How can one distinguish between a guru (teacher) and the Sadguru (Divine Teacher of the Truth)?

2. What is the difference between guru and Sadguru?

3. What is the difference between Guru and Swami (Master, Lord)?

4. Why is there such a difference in the preaching of various Gurus?

5. why do you say that the Lord comes in human form only and not forms of animals as our mythology says?

6. When someone preaches a concept should we not verify whether that person practices it or not?

7. What is the importance of human incarnation as compared to an idol in our worship?

8. You say that the idol in the temple indicates the human form do you mean that the idol should be replaced by a human beings for worship?

9. Does the Lord require the help of human beings in His work?

10. What is the difference between the Lord in human form and a demon in human form?

11.Why is the human form of the Lord (Datta) not easily accepted by people. What are the factors that cause a person to fail in the tests of Datta?

12. Why do people insult and neglect the human incarnation of God?

13. What is the difference between two incarnations of the Lord?

14. How can one recognize the human incarnation of the Lord?

15. Is there no distinction between the human incarnation of the Lord and the Lord Himself?

16. Who is the human incarnation if the Lord in the present generation?

17. It is said that a realized soul just wanders about like an Avadhuta. If you are a realized soul, why don't you wander in this world like an Avadhuta?

18. The wonderful knowledge preached by you, makes me feel that you are the fullest incarnation (Paripurna Avadhuta) of the Lord. Is that true?

19. What is the significance of this day, which is Your birthday?

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