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O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Is Spirituality Rational or Irrational?

[A person claiming to be a true Christian said that he does not believe human rationality and introduction of God through the human body. Swami gave the following discourse on this topic].

Let us begin by asking what is meant by denying human rationality? Does it mean:

(a) Whatever the human being says, rational (reasonable) or irrational (reasonless), should not be accepted?

(b) Or whatever is reasonably said by the human being should not be accepted? (Implying that only that which is irrational and said by a human being should be accepted).

If you take the first case, since you are a human being, whatever you say should not be accepted, whether what you say is reasonable or reasonless. If it is the second case, you would be accepted only if whatever, you said were reasonless. In that case you should be a mad person because only mad people speak reasonless statements. If you say that you are not a mad person, then you should have spoken reasonably, in which case you should not be accepted, since, a reasonable saying of the human being should not be accepted according to the above version (b). You say that God should not be introduced into a human being (God entering a human body; incarnation). Then you are not a true Christian because Christians believe that God is introduced into the human being just like the blood of father is introduced into the son. A Christian believes that Jesus is the Son of the Godfather.

If you say that Jesus is only a messenger of God and not the Son of God, then you are not a Christian and you belong to Islam. Islam says that a messenger is not Son of God but he is only a servant of God. At this point only Christianity separated from Islam. Originally both Islam and Christianity were one religion only. Islam treated Jesus as the messenger like Mohammed. Christianity is separated from Islam because they treated Jesus, closely related to God like a son to his Father. In fact Christians of higher order believe Jesus directly as God because Jesus told the same "Me and my Father are one and the same ". This saying proves clearly that God and the human incarnation are one and the same. Therefore, being a true Christian, you should accept that God enters the human being or even temporarily becomes the human being. In both the cases, God either enters or pervades all over the human being. In the case of human incarnation, if you deny both these possibilities, then your Christianity becomes Islam and you are not at all the Christian because you are denying the very fundamental of the Christianity.

Three Views of Human Incarnation

In Hinduism all the following three concepts are present:

1. Advaita (Monism) of Sankara says that the Lord and the human being become one and the same in the case of human incarnation. Example is Rama. In this case God pervades all over the human body.

2. Visishta Advaita (Qualified Monism) of Ramanuja says that the Lord is present in the heart of human being as in the case of human incarnation, for example Hanuman, who tore His heart and showed Rama in it.

3. Dwaita (Dualism) of Madhvacharya says that the Lord is separate in the heaven and sends His servant to this earth as a messenger. For example, Balarama is the Adi Sesha who is the servant of Lord Vishnu in heaven and is the human incarnation.

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