Great Souls Recognize Swami

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Great sage reveals Swami's identity: Sri Shivananda Maharaj is known to be a great sage. He has several divine powers and can create objects at will. Some devotees, who doubted Swami took Him to meet Sivananda Maharaj. When the Maharaj looked at Swami, he said, "He is the Lord Datta, whom people search everywhere". Looking at the devotees, Maharaj said, "Lord Datta is in Him constantly. He is not an occasional visitor to Swami's body, who comes and goes, but is ever-present".

One of the devotees present there, was under the impression that Lord Datta comes in to Swami to accomplish some work and leaves Swami whenever the work is done. His belief was based on the statement given by Swami "Datta enters Me whenever a work is to be done and leaves Me whenever the work is over like an electric current entering a wire". In fact, Swami had deliberately said so since it is not easily acceptable to most devotees that He is Lord Datta Himself. Devotees afflicted by the diseases of egoism and jealousy, are unable to accept the human incarnation of the Lord. Therefore Swami sometimes refers to Himself as a devotee of the Lord. At other times He may refer to Himself as one in whom God visits occasionally, or one in whom God dwells permanently. The different versions are for different devotees having progressively lower egoism and jealousy. Only to the highest devotee, who is completely free of egoism and jealousy, does He clearly declare that He is the Lord Himself.

The particular devotee had taken one of the various versions Swami's identity and had literally thought that Lord Datta visited His body only on occasion. Maharaj looked at this devotee and told him, "If you think that Lord Datta enters Swami only on occasion, you have totally missed the truth. You have fallen in a bog. Understand this very well; Lord Datta stays in Swami all the time."

Thereafter, Maharaj garlanded Swami and praised Swami as Lord Datta by shouting "Jai Jai Datta-Victory to Lord Datta". Maharaj further added "Lord Datta came down in this human form and is writing books about Himself".

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