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Mutual Benefits From All Religions

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Suppose a teacher has two students. The first one is good in theory and the second one is good in laboratory practicals. The teacher wishes both the students to exchange their efficiencies so that both become efficient in both the fields. The teacher is equally skilled in both the fields and is teaching the theory and demonstrating the practicals in a uniform way to both the students. The variation in the skills of the students came due to different psychologies of the two students.

God is like that one teacher. The divine knowledge in the religious scriptures of all countries is uniform. Indians and people of other countries including the West, are all students of the same God. Indians are good in deep theoretical knowledge. People in western countries (westerners) such as those in Europe and America, are good in their firm faith and sincere practical implementation. This difference is reflected not only in the spiritual field but also in the present education and development in science and technology.

Practical Sacrifice of Westerners

Any depth of theoretical knowledge is useless without practice. An Indian should learn this aspect from westerners to achieve the real grace of God. A westerner on the other hand has to learn from the Indian about logical analysis in spirituality, which gives precise direction to the spiritual effort. The practical side of spirituality is dedication or sacrifice of at least a part of the work (efforts of the individual) and a part of the fruit of the work (money) towards the mission of the Lord. Both together can be termed as service and this service alone brings down the true grace of God. The westerner is excellent in this practical side and this is the reason why western countries have been blessed with a lot of materialistic wealth by God. Indians are very poor in this practical aspect. Indians are very strong in this practical aspect when it comes to working and getting money for themselves and their families. They fully concentrate in the work and sacrifice the fruits of all their works for the welfare of their families only. In short, their service is directed only towards themselves and their families but not to God. Indians are experts in dedicating their words freely in the form of prayers to God. They also dedicate their minds freely to God in the form of meditation. They dedicate their intelligence freely to God in the form of logical spiritual discussions. However they dedicate their words, mind and intelligence to God only in their leisure time; when they are not involved in any work for themselves or their families.

The Lord always gives back to His devotees in the same way as the devotees serve Him. The Lord gave good language, good mental devotion and good intellectual logic to Indians, who worship Him by donating their words, mind and intellect. Lord Krishna says in the Gita that the Lord approaches devotees in the same path as devotees approach Him. Jesus told the same thing in different words when He said in the Bible that one reaps what one sows. The westerner is good at practical service (sacrifice of work and the fruit of work) to the Lord. Therefore God has blessed the West with a lot of wealth and comforts. However the westerner is weak in metaphysics and the analysis of the divine knowledge. It will be better for him to also attain a deep understanding of divine knowledge, which convinces the intelligence. Such intellectual realization maintains the constancy of the practical service, at which he is already good. Thus the practice needs the support of knowledge.

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