Q&A: Rituals

1. What is the necessity of worshiping idols in temples?

2. Do you appreciate or condemn the life initiation in idols? (prana pratistha).

3. Why are idols made of five metals (panca loha)?

4. Is it necessary to go to temples, worship idols and do sacrifices (yajnas)?

5. Archanam is one of the nine stages of devotion. How can you object to the arcanam of an idol?

6. What is the specialty of the gayatri mantra?

7. You say that the present gayatri mantra is not gayatri at all. Yet in your childhood did you not perform the gayatri, idol worship and sacrifices? Why you have changed so drastically, later in your life?

8. You say that even a cinema song, slightly modified and diverted to the Lord, can be the gayatri mantra. How can it be a gayatri mantra?

9. Is there anything that we can learn from the traditional way of life that we follow?

10. In Hinduism, why are so many rituals performed after the death of an individual?

11. What is the importance of agni (Holy Fire) in the sacrifice (yajna)?

12. How has the tradition inherited rituals, which are not mentioned in the Vedas?

13. Nowadays some people perform rituals listening to vedic hymns on a tape recorder. Is it right?

14. Temple priests say that the sacred water (tirtham) removes all sins and diseases. Yet all people are not relieved of their diseases. Why?

15. The Hindu tradition, or the traditions of established religions are very old and have a large following. How can you contradict it by your knowledge in such a short time?

16. Can one eat food that has been tasted by another?

17. What is the philosophical significance of an eclipse and taking the ritual bath after it?

18. Can you explain the significance of Shri chakra clearly?

19. Can you explain the 'pancha yajnas' in view of sadhana?

20. You wear a sacred thread across your shoulder, which is characteristic of a householder and you also wear saffron clothes which are characteristic of a monk (samnyasi). So are you a householder or a monk?

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