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Scriptures say "Sacrifice of Money is Highest"

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

All the scriptures say that family bonds should be cut or at least reduced and that a person's strongest bond should be with God. The family bonds in the case of foreigners (westerners) are very weak by themselves. They ask their children to earn and live on their own after a certain age. But Indians store their money for generations together. Why is there this difference between Indians and foreigners? The reason is that the Christian religion was thoroughly cleansed by Lord Jesus. As a result, all their impurities of the religion were washed away. People have developed divine love due to the precious preaching of the Holy Bible. They sacrifice a lot of their earnings not only for the spiritual missions in their countries but also to the spiritual missions of other countries, which proves their infinite love for God.

In the case of Hinduism such cleaning did not take place. The Hindu scriptures are in Sanskrit and the interpretations of these scriptures are limited to the a few scholars. Several misinterpretations and twists were given to the words of the scriptures. So the Hindu public is always misled. Due to this, the worship of God has become just a business to gain selfish ends. Such a situation was prevailing even in foreign countries (the lands where Christianity was born), before the Lord came in human form as Jesus. As a result of this corruption, Hindus did not develop real divine love and so they do not sacrifice to God. They concentrate on prayers by words and on meditation by mind. So God gave strong thinking power of the mind and good pronunciation of words (language) to Indians. But India was not blessed with wealth. In the case of foreign countries, there was not much meditation and not as many prayers, but they had divine love for God to sacrifice most of their earnings to God's work. So God blessed those foreign countries with immense wealth. God will continue to bless them even in the future.

There are three strong bonds for a human being:

1. Bond with husband or wife

2. Bond with children

3. Bond with money.

The bond with money is the strongest of all the three bonds since all your relatives depend on you only due to financial reasons. Vashishtha said to Rama "Dhana Mula Midam Jagat" which means that money is the root of this entire world. When money and God compete with each other, money alone succeeds since people worship God only for money. They want money from God and they want to give that money to their children. Out of that money, they do not give even a little to God. Even if they give some money to God, they want several times more from God in return. If you give some money to God's work, without aspiring for anything in return, you are viewed very highly in the eyes of God. Donation of money proves your real love. You are giving all your money to your children. So your real love is only for your children. You have served them in their childhood. When they become adults, even if they do not serve you in return or even if they insult you, you are giving all your property to them alone. But in the case of God, you are not giving even one rupee to God, doubting whether He will help you after taking this one rupee in advance. You are treating God just as an outsider. He is nowhere near your children.

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