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[March 25, 2017 2nd Message] Dr. K.V. Prasad asked: What is the difference between Eshwara of Shankara and Hiranyagarbha of Datta Swami in the state of deep sleep?

Swami replied: In the deep sleep, imaginable relative awareness (generated by inert energy functioning in a specific nervous system) cannot exist. Of course, a part of the brain is always functioning sending signals for the sake of the functioning of various biological systems of the body and such inert activity can’t be called as awareness, which is just similar to functioning of signal lights for traffic in centers of cross-roads...

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DATTA VEDA - 4th Chapter

Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva are not only scholars but are also preachers (Gurus). A scholar always concentrates on telling the truth and condemning the false concept irrespective of the benefit or loss to the receivers. A preacher always concentrates on the immediate practical uplift of the receiver to the next step irrespective of the truth of the concept. The preacher also knows the true knowledge like...

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[January 01, 2017] Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami
1) Swami! In Your recent message You mentioned that this universe is infinite and its boundary is invisible but imaginable as the core is. Due to presence of unimaginable God around the boundary one will never reach the boundary of universe to see its edge. If core and edge of universe...

Swami Replied: You cannot bring finite and infinite to the unimaginable domain (God). The reason is that you cannot make distinction between two unimaginable items since any number of unimaginable items become only one unimaginable item. Since you can distinguish infinite (universe) from finite (a tree), both these infinite and finite items remain only in the imaginable domain...

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Miracle is Unimaginable Event & Characteristic of Unimaginable God

[December 24, 2016] Dr Nikhil asked: In the poem composed by Shankara there is a line “Shivah kevaloham”. The translation of this line can be done in two ways: 1) The word ‘kevala’ (only) stands as an adjective to God Shiva or 2) The word ‘kevala’ (only) stands as an adjective of Myself (Aham). The first way is preferred by Advaitins and thus every soul becomes God Shiva. How can you explain this verse in the second way only?

Swami replied: In the first way, the translation will be “the only President of India is Myself”. In the second way “only I am the President of India”. In both these ways “Myself is the President of India” is the result. Of course, in the first way the stress is given on the President...

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Awareness Separated From Existence Otherwise Every Item of Creation Has Awareness

[November 06, 2016] Objections raised by a forum user to Swami’s teachings (as propagated by a devotee)

1) Quote: The Higher Self to you is God to me; we just use different terms. We can use any number of words to point out the ultimate reality. However, the ultimate reality is beyond the most subtle of thoughts or imagination. It is completely unimaginable.

Objection - Based on that, the remainder of your comments would then seem to demonstrate a considerable imagination. In any case, all well and good. But even if not imaginable by the mind...

1)Swami replied: Self means awareness. Self-awareness means awareness of thoughtless awareness, which is experienced in meditation where you dissolve all thoughts and be aware of your pure awareness. Awareness is specific work form...

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Materialization Of Thoughts Of God

[August 22, 2016] Shri P V N M Sharma & Shri Phani asked same question separately “so far, I am under the impression that whatever is thought by God, it will materialize simultaneously. But, in the latest message you said that God also gets some ideas without simultaneous materialization and has a phase of thinking alone like us. Please clarify this”.

Swami Replied: So far I was always discussing about the context of God creating the world only and hence I stressed on the simultaneous materialization of the thought of God because in that context every thought got by God was only creation of simultaneous materialization...

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World Simultaneous Creation Of Ideas For God & Materialized Creation For Soul

[August 20, 2016] Shri Anil Asked: Padmanamaskaram Swami!! Kindly give your response to the following queries

1) In Para Brahma Gita, You mentioned that when one ask God for a boon, God will analyze and gives it to you, if it is good, but when boon is not obtained people catch and worship Shakti, divine mother of all souls...

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Permanent Relief From Maya By Strong Establishment Of Concept In Mind

[August 19, 2016] Padmanamaskaram Swami!!

1) God is said to be in state of Continuous Bliss(Ananda) before creation as well(Correct me if I am wrong). Is that the reason which led to misery and boredom state for God and such state led him to create this Creation (other than himself) for entertainment? If so, then God's State (Ananda) and normal Soul happiness becomes same?
Padmanamaskaram Swami!! kishore ram
Swami replied: God is beyond this creation and this doesn’t mean that His happiness is also beyond creation. Happiness is a quality of awareness. When we say that God is with full bliss even before creation, it shows that awareness was already created by God, which got associated ...

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Creation Made To Enjoy Purest & Highest Love Of Devotee

[June 27, 2016] Shri PVNM Sharma asked: 1) You said that God created this universe for His entertainment, which is common to all ordinary people. God is extraordinary and does He need entertainment?

Swami replied: An ordinary man is entertained by several useless and cheap items. The entertainment of God is not for such cheap items just to kill the time. God is beyond time and need not kill...

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Single Characteristic Of God Is That He Is Unimaginable & Exists

[January 26, 2016 Answer to Shri Anil’s Question No.6 (in Message on January 10, 2016) Continues Part-4]

Scientist: 1) The cosmos has certain parameters of its definition like boundaries, composite of finite particles etc. What are the characteristics that you can attribute to your unimaginable domain? Even for an infinite item, we can say that it should be homogeneous without internal gaps having no boundaries around which space can exist. If you apply this definition to God, you can say that your God is infinite. In such definition, you have to imagine the absence of space within God (gaps) and around God. In such case, God must become imaginable to prove that God is infinite.

2) How do you differentiate unimaginable from nothing-space? Both must be one and the same.

Shri Swami: 1) Our single characteristic of God is only that God is unimaginable and exists. We are not bothered about finite or infinite concepts, which require spatial dimensions. We are involved in this discussion to prove...

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Scientist Stops With Energy & Philosopher With Unimagiinable God

[January 26, 2016 Answer to Shri Anil’s Question No.6 (in Message on January 10, 2016) Continues Part-3]

Shri Swami replied: When we do the scientific analysis of infinite space, Myself and the scientist should have open mind. Open mind means that both of us should not have prefixed conclusions of the concept. The analysis means the research done by both of us together with mutual co-operation like friends to find out the truth without any prejudice and bias and with firm belief that the final truth investigated by both of us will benefit both at the end. I am sure that the scientist, unlike atheist, always has open mind to accept the resultant conclusion at the end, whatever it may be through his calm mind. Here, the atheist is problematic since he is filled with full emotion about a prefixed concept...

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Ultimate Cause Cannot Be Inert

[January 22, 2016] Shri Anil asked: In the context of your answer to my previous question No. 6, why should not we treat the energy itself as the infinite?

Shri Swami Replied: In such case, there is no God and this energy itself stands as infinite without its cause. This energy itself stands as the ultimate cause. The energy creates other forms like matter and awareness, in association of which, this whole cosmos is created with different items. Energy maintains and dissolves the cosmos finally and this is acceptable. The energy becomes the ultimate absolute God. This view was proposed by the atheistic Sankhaya philosophy. Such philosophy was condemned by sage Vyasa by giving the reason that...

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Confirmation of Entry of God After Seeing Quality of Emitted Knowledge

[January 10, 2016] Reply From Shri. Datta Swami to Questions from Mr. Anil

7) Swami, You have described about God’s entry into You in Your knowledge. For the benefit of devotees, kindly please tell us the various trails You underwent in Your spiritual life when You acted in a devotee’s role.

The reply will result in a book because of various experiences in My life blended with God everywhere and the need of elaborate explanation of each incident to clarify the truth without creating misunderstanding. However, I bring to your notice the most important basic concept, which is that I feel Lord Dattatreya entered Me even in the womb of My mother and is existing in Me till this minute. I cannot tell what will happen in...

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Cosmos Boundary Got Imaginable on One Side & Unimaginable on Other side

[January 10, 2016] Reply From Shri. Datta Swami to Questions from Mr. Anil

6) God exists at the boundary of the universe. However one can never reach the boundary. That means that God is not achieved. Then atheist may argue that since he is not reaching the boundary practically then God will not even exist there at all.

The boundary means one item on one side and the other different item on the other side. Boundary of the ocean means water on one side and the different soil on the other side. If on both sides water alone is present, it is no more the boundary of the ocean. If soil alone is present on both sides, it is no more the boundary of the soil of earth...

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Angels Surround Energetic Incarnation In Upper World

[January 07, 2016 Continuation of Shri Swami's Reply for Dr. Nikhil's Latest Question on Correlation of Old and New Approaches]

Shri Swami replied: Reserve bank (God) prints genuine currency notes (Genuine Scripture). Reserve bank itself gives warnings and instructions (logical analysis) to be followed to test the genuine note (Genuine Scripture) so that it is not the mixed with fake note (insertion in the scripture by human being) since fake notes are found to be inserted often in the bundle of genuine notes. Why My good friend, a fan of Reserve bank (conservative devotee), should be worried about the process of testing every note (analysing every statement of scripture) that is done in every bank (Myself), taking it as insult done to the Reserve bank, when the Reserve bank itself recommends such a test? The test suggested by Reserve bank does not mean that the Reserve bank (God) itself is printing the fake notes...

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Respect Divine Scripture

[January 05, 2016] Dr. Nikhil asked: There are two approaches: 1) Studying all the existing scriptures with conservatism, 2) Evolving own theory by self-observation and analysis without touching the existing scriptures. How to correlate both?

Shri Swami Replied: These two approaches are termed as Vyutpatti and Pratibha respectively in the scripture itself. In the first approach, there is no self analysis and self-verification. The analysis and verification done already by the scriptures are taken for granted and no further self analysis is done. It is like simply recitation following the blind process of a grinding machine. Such a person is the mobile form...

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No Equality Exists Between Effects Of Items

[December 27, 2015] Dr. Nikhil asked:

1) Gita says that Yoga is to have equality (Samatvam). Other widely quoted verses about equality from Gita are: i) Samaloshtashma kanchanah ii) Panditaah samadarshinah. Please explain these quotations also.

Shri Swami replied: Samatvam means equality between two items. Yoga means equality as said by the Gita. But, equality everywhere is not yoga. For example, one dollar is equal to Rs.60/-. Here also equality between two items exists. But, this is not the context of Yoga. Equality is a general word that can be used in any context, where equality exists between two items. The meaning of a word should be always confined to the limits of ...

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God Cannot Be Shown Through Perception & He Can Be Shown Through Inference Only

An atheist commented on Swami's knowledge as below. Bold sentences are Quotation from Swami's message, below which his questions are given. Kindly enlighten with us with Your response.

Questions from: Soluresk Dianar Turissmont (TuryCury)

Quote from Swami's message: 'Science means the perfect unbiased analysis of all the items and concepts of the imaginable creation.'

Q) Objective perfection is unachievable because objective perfection is an unrealistic concept. Also, How do you know that everything was Created and wasn't just brought into existence by quantum fluxuations and energy?

Shri Swami: Whether the object is perfect or imperfect is determined by the perfect scientific analysis. Even if the object is imperfect, it is decided as imperfect by the scientific analysis. The imperfection may lie with the object but not with the analysis. We do not say that world is unreal and hence imperfect since we are part and parcel of the world. If we say that the world is unreal, we will also become unreal. If we are unreal, whatever we say becomes totally unreal. The unreal nature of world is with respect to the real and unimaginable God. Hence, the world cannot be unreal in total purview and hence it is called as relatively real...

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Be Scientist For This World Or Philosopher For Upper World

[October 31, 2015] Shri Surya asked: Some person asked about the first source of human race on this world as whether monkey or God directly. Please clarify this.

Shri Swami replied: Whenever you do research on a topic, it should have some pragmatic value. It should be useful to either Pravrutti or Nivrutti. Pravrutti is the code of conduct in this world by which the society is balanced. Nivrutti is the spiritual path by travelling in which you can obtain God’s grace. Even the subject, History, has some practical value in Pravrutti and hence is maintained as a department. By knowing the practical lives of past people through History, we can understand what is to be done and what is not to be done. Their actions and subsequent results were given ...

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Imaginable Quality Can Never Enter Unimaginable God

[October 07, 2015 Replies to Dr. Nikhil's Enquiries] Shankara stated that God has no attributes (Nirguna). Ramanuja said that God has all the good attributes (Saguna and Kalyanagunavishishta). Both these statements look contradicting each other. But, if you analyse carefully, both the statements are one and the same. The relationship or association of even a rigid quality with God is always external like the yellow thread of a married lady. The yellow thread is only externally associated and can be separable very easily. But, the yellow thread is never separated from the married lady. The association of two items is either external or internal, which may be separable or inseparable. The yellow thread and married lady stand for the external and inseparable association. The association is inseparable since the yellow thread is never separated from the married...

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Absolute Truth Exists All Three Times

[October 05, 2015] Shri Anil asked: How can you say that God is non-existent (Asat)?

Shri Swami Replied: In the Gita, God Himself said (Sadasat chaahamarjuna) that He is not only existent (Sat) but also non-existent (Asat). I will just give a tautology of Sat and Asat to be applied not only to God but also to the world. The Gita says that God is both existent and non-existent. In the Gita, elsewhere also, same point is stated that God cannot be told as either existent or non-existent (Nasat tat naasaduchyate) Simultaneously, the Veda says that this world is existent (Sadeva...) and non-existent (Asadvaa...). Existence and non-existence are self-contradicting concepts. Therefore, you have to follow the following analysis...

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God Not To Be Criticised If Creation Is Good

[September 30, 2015] Dr. Nikhil asked: God is completely fulfilled and contented completely as said by the Veda (Purnamadah...). How can there be boredom in His case? It is a superimposition of the concept of this imaginary domain on Him, which cannot fit in the unimaginable domain.

Shri Swami replied: God is fully contented as said by the Veda elsewhere also (Aptakamasya kaa spruhaa?). The Gita also says the same (Na me parthaasti..., Naanavaaptam...) that there is nothing to be obtained or not obtained. Yet, God keeps Himself engaged in work (Varta evacha karmani—  Gita). Now, the point is that if somebody is bored due to lack of association with anybody and any work and keeps himself engaged in some good and meaningful work, is it good or bad? If it is bad, the good will be that...

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God Enters Human Body

[September 28, 2015] Mr. Martin Evind asked: What is the process of death and the fate of the soul in it?

Shri Swami Replied: The human being is made of four components: 1) the ultimate causal body (Maha Kaarana Shariram). This is a drop of ultimate infinite ocean of cosmic energy. Qualitatively, this and the infinite cosmic energy are one and the same even though there is quantitative difference. This ultimate cosmic energy is the second item that appeared on the first wish of God for entertainment (Sa Dviteeyam Eaichchat). This cosmic energy has taken different forms and became this world, which is both inert (inert energy) and alive...

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Nervous System Absent In God

[September 22, 2015 (Back Ground: Dr. Nikhil’s Questions)] Shri Anil asked: You said that there are three types of wishes: 1) Zero wish in which the mechanism and material are unimaginable, 2) First wish in which mechanism is unimaginable but the material is imaginable and 3) Subsequent wish in which the material and content are imaginable. Is third type of wish, the wish of God?

Shri Swami Replied: You have asked very sharp question. Your intellectual potential is very high because you hail from the native place of Adi Shankara in Kerala state! I have classified these wishes based on the structure of wish (mechanism and content material) only and not based on the source of wish. The source of zero wish and first wish is certainly God because the unimaginable domain is totally or partially involved in these two wishes...

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Imaginable & Unimaginable Co-Exist In Miracle

[September 14, 2015 - Replies to Questions of Dr. Nikhil] ‘Tat Sat’ is the Vedic statement, which means that ‘that exists’. The word ‘that’ is a pronoun about which no detail is known except its existence (Astityeva...Veda). The pronoun does not give any knowledge of that. For the details to be known, a noun follows it. When we say ‘that horse’, the pronoun ‘that’ indicates only an item existing there and the noun ‘horse’ gives all the details of that. Mere pronoun does not give the knowledge of the item. Therefore, the word ‘that’ only gives the information about the existence of something, which is unknown. In the darkness, you suspect...

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God Sanctioned Process Of Creating Imaginary World

[September 4, 2015-2nd Message-Replies to Dr. Nikhil’s Questions]

1. What is the problem for You if I say that the first wish of God to create the world is a ‘zero’ wish (the background and content material are unimaginable)? Then, subsequently, the first creation appeared, which is the inert energy. By this, the first creation need not be first wish.

Shri Swami replied:There is no problem at all in your proposal provided this creation is not the wish of God. If you take the real world, every item in the real world and its production is not the wish of anybody. But, if you take your own imaginary world, every item of the imaginary world is a wish. When this real world happens to be the imaginary world of God, every item of this real world (imaginary world of God) must be a wish of God in the perspective of God. This is not true in the perspective of human being because every item of the real world is not...

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Spontaneous Tendency Of Universe Is Towards Irregularity

[September 3, 2015-2nd Message-Replies to Dr. Nikhil’s Questions] We are standing in the imaginable domain and we are part and parcel of the imaginable domain only. We can never enter the unimaginable domain. What all we speak is spoken by us standing in the imaginable domain only. We can speak about the unimaginable domain based on the scripture, which is also an authority (Shabda Pramana) of knowledge. Of course, this authority is based on the inference authority (Anumana Pramana), which is again based on the perception authority (Pratyaksha Pramana). This point can be illustrated like this: we have approached the doctor regarding the treatment of some illness. We believe him and follow the treatment. We believe the doctor because the doctor is well versed in the treatment since he studied the medical education for several years. We do not ask him to explain all the points regarding the diagnosis...

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God Created Energy & Awareness, Which Are Absent In Him

[September 3, 2015 Replies to Dr. Nikhil’s Questions] You need not separate the unimaginable domain and imaginable domain in the aspect of differentiating the farmer as the property of God and latter as the property of the individual soul. Both domains are the properties of God only. The individual souls being part and parcel of imaginable domain also become the property of God. The unimaginable domain is different from the imaginable domain in its nature i.e., the farmer is unimaginable and latter is imaginable for the individual soul. From the perspective of God, both the domains are imaginable only including God Himself. Hence, God is said to be the omniscient...

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Logical Analysis Runs Side By Side During Explanation Of Scripture

Dr.Nikhil asked: I have a question to submit at Your Lotus Feet. My intention is not criticism at all but it is to contribute in my limited way to the propagation of Your Divine Knowledge. I know that divine knowledge spreads due to divine will and not by efforts of humans like me. But I also believe that everything in my life--all the events, experiences and even thoughts--is inspired by God. Since this question and the entire discussion following the question came to my mind, I thought that I should not neglect it and that it is best to bring it to You. You may choose to do whatever You wish with it. I deeply apologize if I have crossed any lines in this and some of my previous questions.

Isn't a closer correlation of Your Brahma Jnana with science far more important than the correlation with the Advaita theory?

Shri Swami Replied:

1) I appreciate you very much since you are responsible for the elaborate analysis of the concepts-precious stones (Ratnams or diamonds), which are hidden in Me in My brain, which is an ocean of spiritual knowledge. This ocean is the component of God by name Dattatreya. I am only a human-being component like you...

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First Wish And Creation Not Different

[August 06, 2015 2nd Message; Part-1] (Answers to the questions of Dr. Nikhil sent through E-mail under head line “Background of first wish is unimaginable God” etc.)

(To be studied very slowly with high alertness and lot of patience.)

Introduction Before Clarifications: 1) First, we have to accept that any item of creation at any stage is only the divine will (wish) of the unimaginable God only. The quotation from the scripture for this is that all this creation is only the will of the God (Ichcha Maatram Prabhoh Srustih). Hence, the creation is only His will at any instance of time. Hence, the first creation must be the first wish. You should not take the reverse of this and say that every will of God is creation. Before this creation, God had the will or wish, which is a thought process. The proof for the existence of the wish before the creation is that God was bored before the creation as stated in the Veda (Na ramate). Boring also is a thought process. This means that God...

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Creation Is Imaginable Phase

[July 17, 2015 Fourth Part of Dr. Nikhil’s questions] More clarification about 1) the classification of inertia and awareness and 2) the concept of freedom given by God to human beings is projected here in detail.

Classification of Inert Items and Items Having Awareness

Both inertia and awareness are the two sides of the same coin of energy, which is created by God in the beginning. Inertia is inherent nature of the energy and hence the energy is called as inert energy. Awareness is a specific work function of this inert energy and is given separate place due to its special specific status. The computer system working in a robot can be called as almost awareness. The movement of the limbs of robot with the help of inert electrical energy is an example of inert items. The computer chip giving signals...

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Background Of First Wish Is Unimaginable God

[June 30, 2015, 3rd Message] Dr. Nikhil asked: “If space itself is God's awareness, how can God's wish charge it? How was the wish generated? God's awareness must precede space. God's awareness should come first. His wish should come second. Space should come third. Then His wish can enter space but His wish being not different from Him means that God Himself enters space. It becomes a case of homogeneous entry. Without homogeneous entry, evolution of creation can't happen”.

Shri Swami replied: First I shall give the background of the topic in detail so that your questions can be answered clearly at the end.

First Part: God wished to create this world. This means that God created the wish in the beginning. Awareness and wish are not at all different. Even if one feels that they are different...

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No Concept Of Creation Stands As Complete Simile For God

[June 18, 2015] Prof. Annapurna asked “Swami! Please explain Maya and Mula Maya more clearly in a simple way”.

Shri Swami Replied: Generally the word Maya is used in world to mean something, which is false but made appear as true creating wonder. The meaning of the root word of Maya means that which is wonderful. Another meaning for the word maya means that which actually does not exist. For example, the magic performed by a magician stands for the maya. He takes a piece of cloth and puts in a small vacant box in hand and closes it. On reopening it, the cloth becomes a bird which comes out of it. We say that the magician exhibited maya. Let us analyse this example clearly. The conversion of the piece of cloth in to bird is not true if the trick ...

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Any Depth of Spiritual Knowledge Is not Harmful

[January 31, 2015 4th Message]Shri Maganpal Singh said: I urge the community of spiritual and religious leaders to introspect and identify what has gone wrong historically in view of the development of science and identify a solid way forward. An honest reply to the following questions will be a great help from His Holiness.

[The roles of science and spirituality are different in societal uplifting. Science evolved over merely few hundred years, soul is eternal as per sacred scriptures...

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The Basic 'I' Supplies Subject To Concept

[December 24, 2014] Shri Phani asked,"Generally the word Ahankara is used in the sense of pride. You are using the same word in the sense of basic 'I'. Please comment on this in view of the awaken, dream and deep sleep states".Shri Swami Replied: The usage of Ahankara in the sense of pride is certainly observed in the world. The influence of this usage is so much that some ancient Sanskrit scholars also have taken the ahankara in the sense of pride as one of the four internal instruments (Antahkarana). The characteristic works of the these four instruments were said by them as 1) Samshaya (doubting) for mind 2) Nishchaya (deciding) of intelligence 3) Smarana (remembering) of memory or chitta and 4) Garva (pride) of ego...

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Frames Of Reference In Discussion

[December 23, 2014] Shri Phani asked "Please elaborate about 'I' and 'you' with respect to single reference". Shri Swami replied: You have to take the meanings of 'I' and 'you' with respect to the speech of either Krishna or Arjuna only till the end. You should not mix both the speeches and enlighten the meanings of 'I' and 'you', in which case misinterpretation results. First, you must know that the item is more important...

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'I' Used By Incarnation Only Refers To God

[December 21, 2014] Shri Phani asked "Self-praise is said to be a sin since it gives ego immediately. Of course, 'I' indicates the pure awareness or God and concentration of 'I' means meditation on God. Please clarify my point". Swami replied: "There is no doubt that self-praise brings ego and is a sin. The same self-praise can be used as medicine in the context of lowered self-confidence. The poison of snake is harmful ...

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Adi Shakti Or Inert Primordial Energy Is The First Item Of Creation

[October 03, 2014 Vijayadashami Day] Shri Ajay asked: "Lord Shiva is said to be the husband of Goddess Durga, Who is the primordial power (Adi Shakti) and from Whom Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati emerged out. Again, Lord Shiva is said to be the husband of Goddess Parvati only. How to reconcile this concept?"

Swami replied: This is a good question, which is relevant to Vijayadashami the festival of today related to Goddess Durga. We can understand anything perfectly provided you know the essential meanings for which these personified names stand. Adi Shakti means the first item of the creation of the unimaginable...

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Vision Of Absolute God Impossible In Anyway

[April 24, 2014] Shri Anil asked for clarification about the vision of the soul as mentioned in the Veda and the Gita.

Swami replied: In Sanskrit, the verb 'seeing' can be taken in the meaning of 'knowing'. Therefore, the soul is imaginable or knowable item and forms a part of the imaginable or knowable creation. Only the creator is unimaginable or unknowable. The process of seeing is generally sensed with reference to the naked eye. Apart from the naked eye...

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No Experience Exists In Deep Sleep

[April 11th, 2014] Dr. Nikhil asked: "In the state of deep sleep, Advaita Philosophers feel that awareness is aware of itself only and is unaware of anything else. This state makes the soul to be called 'Praajna' meaning the highest intellectual state. In such case, how the total non-awareness is presented in this state?"

Swami replied: In this state, total ignorance is experienced and nobody has even a trace of awareness. This is the experience of all the human beings and not a few, which may be discarded on the basis of defects in the brains. Such vast experience cannot...

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Inert Energy Basis for Physical World

[October 30, 2013 Shri Surya asked: You told previously that Apara Prakriti is a category containing five elements and three internal instruments (Antahkaranams) i.e., mind, intelligence and ego. The left over fourth internal instrument is memory (Chitta), which can be taken as general awareness (Chit) since this word or its root of verb allows both works (to recollect and to be aware) as per the grammar (Chiti Samjnane Smaranecha). By this, the nine categories (five elements + four internal instruments) are covered. Now, you say the Para Prakriti not as Chittam as said above, but as the basic inert cosmic energy. How do You correlate this contradiction?]

Swami Replied: Whatever already said by Me was the version of misconstrued Advaita Philosophy, which says that Para Prakriti is general awareness (Chit) and this general awareness maintains this entire physical world. Such maintenance is practically absurd and hence, I gave the meaning of the world...

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Existence of God is Transferred Property Associated with Every Item of Creation

[October 26, 2013 Ajay asked: God is said to be the truth. This does not give any specific information about God. In such case, the statement is useless since the word Truth also does not give any specific information.]

Swami Replied: 'Truth' or 'existence' is a verbal noun that can be projected as subject as per requirement of the statement. If you say 'he walks', the word 'he' is the subject and the word 'walks' is the verb. The verb always needs...

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Cosmic Energy is Atman in Broadest Sense

[October 21, 2013 Shri Phani asked: "the Gita says that the soul is not different from the living thoughts of awareness and also is beyond the thoughts meaning that the soul is the basic inert energy (Nanyam Gunebhyah Kartaaram...). In such case, the soul is said to be non-inert and inert, which is a self-contradiction. What is Your explanation here?"]

Swami Replied: The word Atman used for the soul means that which pervades all the items (Atati iti Atmaa). If all the items indicate this entire world, the infinite cosmic inert energy is referred by the word Atman. In such case, the inert cosmic ...

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True Perspective of Shankara's Philosophy

[June 18, 2013] Imaginary World, Sole Cause of Worldly Problems: Shankara told that the soul is the absolute God and the world is imaginary and unreal. But, neither the soul is God nor the world is imaginary and unreal. God is omnipotent and is the Creator of this real world. God is the unique controller of this real world. Finally, this real world dissolves in God and disappears. None of these points...

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First Requirement to Become God

[June 2, 2013] The absolute God is unimaginable since He is beyond the space. Such absolute God is omnipotent and hence, can do anything beyond logic. He is beyond space and logic. The space and logic sustain this entire creation. Hence, the creation is not beyond space and logic. Any item of the creation like a human being having spatial dimensions needs the association of awareness, which is a special form of energy...

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Secret of life (God vs. Scientist)

When the energy, which is another form of matter, only does a special function, that special function or special mechanism or special technology is called as life. Thus, life is the special work of energy. The scientist is unable to make the energy to do this special work. The scientist is unable to know this special mechanism. Thus life is a special know-how or the knowledge of special technology. Since knowledge is power, the life can be called as special power. Let me give you an example. A cook prepared a curry. With the same materials another cook prepared the same curry but with additional taste. This special taste is the life. The taste is not the extra material, which is hidden in the hand of second cook. The taste is only a special knowledge or talent of the second cook. The first cook is scientist and the second cook is God. God does not reveal this one special technology to human beings...

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