Devotees Test Swami

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Saint tests Swami: Swami was in a temple in a holy place called Srisailam along with Sri C. Bala Krishna Murthy, his wife and other devotees. A saint called as Narandra Swamiji was standing some distance away from Swami and had a doubt about Swami. He was not sure whether He was really an advanced soul with super natural powers. He decided to put his doubt to test.
He thought that if Swami indeed had some powers, then He would be able to read his mind. So, Narendra Swamiji thought in his mind that Swami should walk back to an old broken bell that hung from the ceiling, jump up and ring it. That particular bell was not used by any devotees who visited the temple, since it was broken. As the saint thought this, Swami immediately walked back, jumped and rang the old unused bell. Then He looked at the doubting saint in the eye and smiled.
The saint approached Swami and revealed to Swami's devotees how he had tested Swami. In those days Swami never claimed that He was Lord Datta. All He used to say that He was a devotee of Lord Datta. Therefore none of Swami's devotees knew any different. Sri C. Bala Krishna Murthy told the saint that Swami was a great devotee of Lord Datta and that He had a vision of Lord Datta too. The saint was jealous and mocked at Swami shouting "You say you have seen Lord Datta? Lord Datta is never seen in this age of materialism (kali yuga). You have only seen some ghost and mistook it for Lord Datta".
Swami immediately recognized that the saint was full of jealousy and said to him, "I know you were kicked out of the monastery, by your Guru for your jealousy and egoism. Go back and surrender to Him". The saint posed as if no such thing had happened. He dismissed Swami's advice and walked away. Swami returned back to where they were staying, along with other devotees. The devotees were very much disturbed due to this incident. In the meanwhile, the saint, who was well versed in black magic, performed some ritual to invoke some evil power to harm Swami. Divine Mother Candi, the Goddess of Destruction, who was the deity, he worshipped, appeared to him and knocked him on his head with the golden rings on her fingers. It was such a hard knock that the saint later said that he saw several stars in broad daylight. She ordered him to go to Swami and apologize. The saint ran to Swami at once and fell at His feet and apologized profusely. He also admitted that whatever Swami had told him earlier was correct. His Guru had indeed kicked him out of his monastery for his ego and jealousy. From that day onwards, He became disciple of Swami.

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