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Unimaginable God

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

[January 07, 2013 This message is the reply of Shri Datta Swami to the query of 'Human Excellency' in Speaking Tree forum (http://www.speakingtree.in/public/wall-updates/9131992). The above devotee asked about the need of existence of God and about the cheating behaviour of the devotees of God. He also questioned about the miraculous power of God, which is not used to change the minds of present politicians.]

Swami replied: Since the behaviour of devotees is bad, you need not negate the existence of God. If the son is wrong, you may say that the father is also wrong but you should not say that father does not exist. The existence of God need not be known from the scriptures. If the scripture alone is the authority for the existence of God, nobody will believe it since any imaginary story can be created by any book. The practical observations of nature revealed the existence of God and scripture is only a record of the conclusions of debates of scientists, who observed the nature and events of life. When the nature was observed, the biggest surprise was about the infiniteness of space without the boundary wall of the universe. This is a practical enquiry raising anxiety in the minds of the observers of the nature, who are called as scientists. After several debates, the conclusion was that the boundary of the universe is unimaginable since the space is infinite.

An international conference on the diameter of the universe was held in which several theories were proposed and the essence of all the theories was only that the universe is infinite on all sides. Some proposed constant expansion of the universe, which also does not give the correct idea of the unimaginable boundary of the space. One scientist asked that even if the boundary wall of the universe is found by travelling 200 billion light years, which is the supposed diameter of the universe, what should be present after the boundary wall? About 200 research papers were presented and the final conclusion was only that the universe is infinite and its boundary wall is unimaginable. This unimaginable boundary of the universe is called as God. The unimaginable boundary of the universe must not contain any space and should not have spatial dimensions. Then only it becomes unimaginable.

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