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God and souls in three states

[August 05, 2017] Shri Veena Datta asked: Please explain the God and souls in three states (Refer Dr. Nikhil’s question).

Swami replied: The unimaginable God is always in one state and there is no effect of any state on Him. He is always omniscient observing the entire creation. To be omniscient He need not be omnipresent. Without being omnipresent, He can be omniscient...

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[July 29, 2017] Shri P. Surya asked: “Swami! Please explain more about the word ‘Universal subjectivity’, used by Dr. Nikhil.

Swami replied: Subject means knower (kartaa or jnaataa). The process of knowing (kriyaa or Jnaanam) is the link between subject and object to be known. The object is the item known (Karma or Jneyam). Subjectivity means the experience...

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[July 23, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to submit the following questions related to ananda at Your divine feet. Your servant, Nikhil. 1) Could You please explain the terms lokānanda, rasānanda and brahmānanda in the three contexts of unimaginable God, the human incarnation and the ordinary human being?...

Swami replied: The word ‘ananda’ means the happiness that is continuous without any break (aasamantaat nandati iti). There are two aspects of happiness: 1) The quantitative value and 2) The continuity without any break. If you take the quantitative aspect...

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[June 22, 2017] Dr Annapurna, Prof. Hindi, Central University of Hyderabad asked: Lot of stress is given on cow slaughter. What about the slaughter of other living beings like goat etc.?

Swami replied: The scripture says that a Brahmana should not be killed (Brahamano na hantavyah). Does this mean that you can kill people of other castes? You must know that the characteristic of Brahmana is soft nature, who does not harm even his enemy (Ghaatam na ghaatayet viprah). This means that any human being, who is of soft nature, is Brahmana irrespective of his caste by birth. The Gita says that caste system...

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[July 01, 2017] Shri Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to bring the following questions from the perspective of atheists who feel that theism and religions are mere human inventions that are based on the misunderstanding that extraterrestrial aliens, who have been visiting Earth since ancient times, are gods. I seek Your clarifications on the same. At Your Divine Feet, Nikhil

1) Why are intelligent life forms on other planets not possible?

Swami replied: Living beings in materialized bodies do not exist in the upper worlds or planets or galaxies. Except this one earth, all other planets contain living beings in energetic bodies called as Deva, Gandharva, Siddha, Chaarana, Asura, Naaga etc., who can’t be visualized by human beings unless blessed by the grace of God. The main reason for this is that...

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[June 22, 2017] Dr Annapurna, Prof. Hindi, Central University of Hyderabad asked: Lot of stress is given on cow slaughter. What about the slaughter of other living beings like goat etc.?

Swami replied: The scripture says that a Brahmana should not be killed (Brahamano na hantavyah). Does this mean that you can kill people of other castes? You must know that the characteristic of Brahmana is soft nature, who does not harm even his enemy (Ghaatam na ghaatayet viprah). This means that any human being, who is of soft nature, is Brahmana irrespective of his caste by birth. The Gita says that caste system...

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[June 18, 2017] Shri Karthik asked:

1) Will intellect take immediate decision on an issue?

Swami replied: Decision may be immediate or may be taken after some analysis. Intelligence of a human being may not be so efficient to take a decision even after analysis. Sometimes, intelligence may take wrong decision influenced by subconscious state. Hence, a group debate is essential. Discussion with human incarnation (Satguru) is the best, if possible. Without analysis...

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[May 18, 2017] Shri Anil asked: Some times, we find even just born babies are punished by suffering of severe diseases and accidents that lead to death. There is no possibility of doing any sin in this world in such early stage. If you say that their punishments are due to previous sins done in past births, the soul is receiving the punishments without the memory of its corresponding sin. The sinner is punished in this world by court so that the sinner is aware of sin responsible for the punishment. What is the answer for this?

Swami Replied: A good question indeed. When a soul is born in this world, the attitudes (samskaras or vaasanaas) follow it, provoking the soul to do related deeds and if these are severe, fruits are given in this world itself. Since sins and fruits appear in this life itself, the soul can correlate the fruit as punishment to its related sin and may develop fear towards the sin, which is at least...

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[May 17, 2017] Shri Gangaiah Garu (Advocate & Great Scholar in Gita & Upanishads): Today we are observing several people suffering with several types of difficulties with lot of tension. If God created this world for His entertainment, is it not pleasure of a sadist? God being omniscient, He knows this situation in the beginning itself. Then, He should have stopped this creation. God being omnipotent can change all these people in a fraction of second and put them in right path. God is always in bliss and should not wish for any entertainment. I am asking this question to know the truth in the subject and I am not asking this like an atheist to criticize God.

Swami Replied: I know very well that you are a strong theist. Hence, I know that you have raised this doubt only to know the truth about the planning and administration of God. First of all, we must have firm faith in God that He is omniscient and omnipotent and also that nothing goes wrong in His plan or administration. If any doubt comes, we must know that the doubt...

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[April 01, 2017 2nd Message] Shri Kishore Ram Asked: 1) Padmanamaskaram Shri Dattaswami!!! Bond with God either is Pravrutti or Nivrutti is highly essential for any spiritual aspirant. This is what i understood as the essence of the spiritual knowledge from your preachings. However, due to a small incident in my house last week, I was deeply pained and have few queries on it.

a) If family bond becomes a hurdle in my spiritual progress directly or indirectly becoming an obstruction in the propagation of Swami's divine knowledge (Satsanga), What can I do?...

Swami Replied: In Telephone, I told some points related to yourself, which you should not have taken to your family members directly. I know your stage in the spiritual path and hence the knowledge suitable to your state was spoken by Me to you. If you take this knowledge to the people of a different lower state, there will be repulsion. A P.G. student came...

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[March 25, 2017] Shri Kishore, Hrushikesh and Karthik asked: In one place, You said that a beggar is under the punishment of God and to help the beggar becomes sin since we are interfering with the divine administration. In another place, on other hand, You said that helping the beggars must be done by constructing beggar homes. How to reconcile and correlate both these contradicting concepts?

Swami replied: In your question itself, the answer is in hidden state as found through two words: 'In one place' and 'in another place'. The same true concept is taken in one angle in one place and in another angle in another place. The very important point is that when two angles exist for a concept, you should not take any angle as the sole true angle...

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[March 18, 2017] Shri Anil asked: In the recent reply to the letter of Dr. Nikhil, 1) You said that Datta will protect His real devotee. Does this mean that Datta alone is having omnipotence?

Swami replied: Datta means the unimaginable God given to the creation through the first energetic incarnation. The meaning of the word ‘Datta’ clearly indicates that Datta does not mean the first energetic incarnation related to a specific religion called Hinduism. 'God given' means in general and is related to every religion. The same unimaginable God is indirectly referred by different names and forms of the medium taken by God for His expression. Even the basic material of the medium is inert energy only and the innermost unimaginable God is also the same, whatever may be the religion. Other religions call Datta as Father of Heaven or Allah...

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Mind Gains Strength Due to Emotion & Intelligence Becomes Weak

[February 06, 2017] Shri Balaji (on Phone): Swami! Two colleagues become emotional to scold a concept not liked by them and I too become emotional. Please advise me.

Swami replied (on Phone): While doing propagation of spiritual knowledge to humanity in this word, the first required quality of the preacher is to have lot of patience without any trace of emotion. In the commentary of the first Brahma Sutra...

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Better to Analyze Yourself & Rise to Higher Level Irrespective of Your Religion

[January 29, 2017] Shri Balaji asked: Respected Swamiji, Kindly clarify the following questions which came up during discussions with my friends Shri. Shriram, Shri. Chandan and Shri. Sohan:

1) Today, many religious conservatives agree that the different religions are messages from the same God. But they add a point saying that "Other religions were messages relevant only to a particular time, region, and section of people. At that time and place, people were at a lower level spiritually...

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Reply to Dr.Nikhil's letter

[January 15, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I had an amazing dream of You as a Professor last night. You were in an auditorium with Your students. But You were not on the stage, You were casually addressing a crowd of students, who were standing around You. You were wearing a greyish-brown suit...

Swami replied: The dream is always an index of two contexts: 1) Ideas from level of consciousness (this birth) and level of sub-consciousness (previous births) projected as dream and 2) God enters the dream to give you some message. The dream you got belongs to context...

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If Every Human Being is God, It Should Pass Through Bolted Door Even If It Does Not Know That It Is God

[December 18, 2016] Dr. Nikhil asked (on phone): You said that atheist does sins since he does not believe in the existence of God. An Advaita philosopher also feels that he is God and hence, does not agree in the existence of God other than himself and hence, can we say that he also does sins like an atheist?

Swami replied: There is difference between Advaita philosopher and atheist. Atheist believes in his existence and believes neither that God other than himself exists nor believes that he himself is God. The Advaita philosopher believes in the existence of God and also believes that he is that God. There is difference between these two...

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Treat Disease As Fruit of Past Sin if Not Cured By Medical Treatment

[October 13, 2016] Shri Anil asked (by phone): In the recent ‘Mahima Yamuna’, I read about curing various diseases. What is the place of medical treatment in this context?

Swami replied: I quoted the first line of the verse from ethical scripture in My previous reply to you on this topic (purvajanma krutam...). Your present question touches the second line of the verse (which I have not quoted in the previous message), which says that whenever a disease attacks you due to the previous sin or some other natural factor, you should go immediately for the medical treatment...

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Creator, Controller & Destroyer of Sleep-Dream is Bundle of Thoughts Stored in Your Memory

[October 12, 2016] Shri Kartik asked:

1) Some people in this world have the ability to dream in a lucid manner. That is to say, they are aware of the fact that they are dreaming and in turn, successfully control their dream environment to a certain level. Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that has also been proved scientifically in recent times.

My question to You is this - is it important for a soul to be aware of its dream state while sleeping (such a state is possible with constant practice...

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Sins Done Till Yesterday in This Birth Itself Can Be Considered As Sins Done In Previous Births

[October 11, 2016] Shri Ani asked: In the recent second part (Vishnu Lahari) of the book called ‘Mahima Yamuna’, it is mentioned that every problem of health is having the reason as the sin done in the past birth. What is the main message of all these type of miracles in the spiritual knowledge?

Swami replied: The ethical scripture (Dharma Shastra) says “the sin done in the previous birth comes as suffering of illness (Purvajanma krutam paapam vyaadhirupena baadhate). As the fulfilment of the scripture, the sin is mentioned. The only message is to convey that one has to undergo the punishment...

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Doubts & Misunderstandings Proportional To Size of Knowledge

[October 08, 2016] Dr. Prasad asked: Your spiritual knowledge is vast! People say that philosophy starts where science ends. But, you are giving lot of importance to science in your philosophy. Please explain.

Swami replied: The knowledge became vast because all the points of the spiritual knowledge are elaborated using a systematic scientific analysis maintaining the highest clarity covering the various levels of all devotes related to all the worldly religions for bringing peace and harmony in the world. I can’t help the vastness in view of the above parameters. Moreover, in the present time, there is no scarcity of paper...

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Burning Self In Fire Of Knowledge Is Penance

[September 29, 2016] Shri Anil asked (on phone): “I am requesting for Your analysis on the following points:

1) Are the miracles so important before the unimaginable knowledge given by You?

Swami replied: The level of miracles is very very low (not low, not very low, but very very low) since miracles are just meant to give a proof for the existence of unimaginable God as the source of the unimaginable events called miracles. Such proof is needed only for the atheist, who is in far lower...

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Reaction Of God Is Reflection Of Your Action

[July 30, 2016] Shri Phani asked: It is said that if we move one foot towards God, God will move hundred feet towards us. What is the meaning of this statement?

Swami replied: The subject about the relationship between God and devotee is of two types: 1)Nivrutti and 2) Pravrutti.In Nivrutti, the devotee serves God practically with full knowledge and climax of devotion without aspiring for any fruit in return. This type of devotion is almost practically impossible...

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Fear Essential In Absence Of Reformation As It Controls Soul To Some Extent

[July 05, 2016 3rd Message] Shri Anil asked: Recently you mentioned a case of devil in Parabrahma Gita. Could he not be reformed by the process of repentance?

Swami replied: I am presenting the entire case with all details neither to project Myself as doer of miracles nor to blame that devotee with vengeance. The main purpose is only that this will help the humanity...

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In Krutayuga Souls Were Bound To Word Of God

[July 05, 2016 2nd Message] Shri Phani asked: The mind is always attacked with several ideas and due to this even the health gets spoiled. What is the remedy for this?

Swami replied: If one is in the mud pond in which lotus flowers also exist, he will get both the smell of mud and smell of lotus flowers. Both the scents reach one’s mind through nose and this process is unavoidable ...

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Ego & Jealousy With Blind Attraction To Worldly Bonds Surpass Highest Value Of Greatest God

[June 22, 2016] Anil asked: Swami! You told that donation to undeserving is a sin. Then, how to rectify the past sin done due to lack of knowledge of this concept?

Swami replied: Giving milk to a serpent is certainly a sin since it bites several good people also with the strength given by your milk. Naturally, you have to share the sin as a promoter. Four partners share the sin: actual doer, doer behind curtain, promoter and supporter (Kartaa, Kaarayitaa chaiva...

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Common Spiritual Knowledge Same Except Superficial Religious Practices

[February 03, 2016] Shri Anil Asked:

3. Your knowledge says that the ‘same spiritual knowledge’ is contained in all the religions. Some people may not get fully convinced since they may see lot of apparent differences in the practices of religious activities. Kindly please elaborate on ‘Same spiritual knowledge’ part.

Shri Swami Replied: I have attempted on this point to bring out the common spiritual knowledge existing in all the religions almost in all My messages whenever even the least opportunity appeared. I never leave any opportunity to correlate the religions. In fact, the common spiritual knowledge is exactly one and the same except the superficial religious practices. I often spoke that the common spiritual knowledge is like the same syllabus of a subject taught for the same standard in every state of our country in different...

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Religious Quarrel Comes To People Who Cannot Practice Spiritual Knowledge

[January 23, 2016] Shri Durga Prasad asked:

1) Terrorism is disturbing the society and is attracting youth. What will be the fate of such youth and how to turn them to spiritual side?

Shri Swami replied: 1) The route of terrorism lies in the difference between the religions existing in this world. This is the main focus of terrorism since terrorism also appears for some political issues also which cannot be covered in this message dealing with the main focus of it. You can end terrorism by removing the differences between religions. Religion is like the external language and spiritual knowledge is like the internal subject. Physics is taught in different states...

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If Punishment By Government Unavoidable Theist & Atheist Act Similarly

[January 22, 2016 2nd Message] Shri Swami replied: At this stage, before proceeding to scientific analysis for the existence of God, the answer for

Dr. Nikhil's question: when atheistic ethical living with material prosperity is possible, what is the need for religion or spirituality?

is given here, which takes the required appropriate position in this topic. As I have already told that such living is impossible like 'night sun' for major part of life in which the ethical side is rejected due to absence of the possibility of punishment to be given by government to the sin done by anybody, achieved by tricky intelligence. When the situation comes in which the punishment by government is unavoidable, both the theist and atheist behave in similar way by not doing the sin following the ethical side...

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Composer Of Knowledge Is God

[January 20, 2016] Dr. Nikhil asked: If you give highest importance to logic than scripture, will it not lead to loss of faith in the scripture?

Shri Swami replied: What is scripture? Scripture is defined as the word of God, which is the knowledge given by God for the sake of welfare of humanity. All agree to this. But, to give word, which is preaching of knowledge, God must have mouth and throat. We have established that God is unimaginable because the substance with which God is made and the original form in which God exists are unimaginable. In such case, how can you say that God has told this or that? Even the Veda, believed as the composed scripture by God, mentions...

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Participate In Propagation Without Ego & Aspiration

[January 10, 2016 Evening Message] Shri Phani asked: Please give some advice for the devotees, who are willing to involve themselves in the propagation of this spiritual knowledge?

Shri Swami Replied: First of all, you must be careful about the entry of ego into you when you are appreciated and praised by others. Since this spiritual knowledge is really marvelous as all of us recognised (including Me), you will certainly get lot of appreciation from the public. Immediately, pass on the credit to God. In ancient days, even if you salute somebody, he/she used to say immediately that let your salutation reach the Lord (Ramaarpanam). Jealousy, can at least be tolerated because sometimes jealousy towards other developed devotees will activate you to develop you to their level. In this way, there is a positive side...

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Intelligence, The Highest Faculty, Is Driver

[January 08, 2016] Shri Kishore Ram asked: When there is no information about the unimaginable God, why is He referred or called as Prajnanam? I believe Prajnanam means information associated with the Lord.

Shri Swami Replied: You are perfectly correct in noting that when God is called as Prajnanam, it does not mean that God is Prajnanam (excellent special knowledge) itself. It only means the knowledge associated with God. The associating item (bearer of apples) can be addressed as the associated items (apples) since we address the bearer of apples as apples by calling him 'Oh! Apples! Come here'.

As I said just now, in the previous message, the knowledge is of two types: 1) Knowledge of God, which means the information about the material with which God is made of, the size and form in which God exists, etc., This is unimaginable as said in the Veda and the Gita. You can arrive at this conclusion even through scientific logic. God is the generator of the space. Space or anything cannot exist before its generation. God exists before the generation of the space. Hence, space cannot exist in God before its generation. When there is no space, there are no spatial ...

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Open Invitation For Spiritual Questions

[December 30, 2015 Evening] Shri P V N M Sarma asked: Swami! Please dictate the message and I am ready to type it.

Shri Swami replied: The message shall be given to the question asked by any devotee. It is very difficult for Me to create the question since My brain is filled with answers only, which are the concepts that convinced My inner consciousness. The question arises only from the doubt coming out from the inner consciousness when it lacks the satisfaction due to absence of clarification of knowledge. When Lord Dattatreya appeared before His famous devotee called Vishnu Datta, the Lord asked him to ask Him any boon that satisfies his any related desire. Vishnu Datta was very much perplexed with lot of worry since no desire existed in his brain. He has to seriously search...

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External Vision Has Practical Outcome

[December 15, 2015] Shri Veena Datta asked: Please give me a detailed account of visions.

Shri Swami replied: Visions are of two types:

1) Internal: These visions are projections of your mind only. So many feelings are hidden in your mind from several births onwards. These feelings are expressed as visions and appear as real external scenes. This happens to be a mental illness about which doctors say that the patient talks with another person appearing before him. This is true since it is a scientific fact.

2) External: A scene appears without any relationship with your mind. This is not the projection of your mind and is not a mental illness. The scene is arranged externally and...

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Three National Highways To Hell

Shri Kishore asked following questions:

Padmanamaskaram Swami: Humble request to answer my queries.

1) Why Japan is prone to frequent Nature Disasters/Earthquake/ Tsunami? As we know about the people of Japan who are comparatively sincere, honest and hardworking. In case of an Earthquake, they maintain honesty by not looting the destroyed infrastructure for food/money etc (we have read many recent articles about it). From your previous discourses we understood that Earthquake/Tsunami indicates God’s angerness.

Shri Swami Replied: In the divine administration of God, everything runs with utmost perfection and strict logic. Sometimes, we do not understand the logical background due to our inefficient and incomplete sight of the past deeds of certain human beings in their previous lives. Even the present cannot be understood perfectly by us since we are exposed to a part of the external life only of any human being. We are not aware of the internal sins and also all the actions done by those...

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Astrological Predictions Not Different from Miracles

[December 09, 2015] Dr Nikhil asked: Can you co-relate the concept of cycle deeds to the concept of the astrology, which includes the study of horoscope, the auspicious time and the construction of house?

Shri Swami replied: Today, there is a large lot of humanity that believes in astrology based on the long period of time during which experiences were clearly supporting the concepts of astrology, which were mainly composed by the sage Jaimini and sage Parashara. The scientific logic certainly misses in the astrology, if you consider the inert planets affecting the lives of human beings. However, this point is not properly represented since the alive energetic forms blessed with the unimaginable powers of God control the entire life cycle of the human...

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Total Transformation Identified By Non-Repetition Of Sin Again

[December 06, 2015] Shri Anil asked: Cancellation of all the past sins is a wonderful program. Please enlighten this more.

Shri Swami replied: Yes. This is really an excellent program proposed by the Lord. This program is very much logical also and it is not like the business of favor for a festival given by a company in view of more sales. This is the best and highly logic based offer given by God for the humanity. This entire program has no trace of business and is fully based on the total benefit for the humanity, which is also totally logical at the same time. Except this single path, there is no other way to get rid of your sins. Even the punishments given for...

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All Departments Of All Universities Became Only One Department Of Politics

[November 25, 2015 2nd Message] Shri Anil asked:
1) Even Arjuna was caught by ego and jealousy in the end by not getting down from the chariot. What is the case of ordinary human beings?
2) How to transform a terrorist?
3) God is pleased with a perfect person in Pravrutti and is furious to a person, who is corrupt. Is not God affected by such feelings?
4) How about forming a spiritual university?

Shri Swami replied: 1) The example shows that ego and jealousy are the most serious deceases in the spiritual path. But, it is not said that they are incurable. Knowledge gives the diagnosis to identify the specific virus so that the subsequent treatment can proceed in the corresponding specific direction. Once you have identified the virus through the spiritual knowledge, the treatment becomes clear and easy. You have succeeded 50% by the identification of the specific decease so that your concentration of the treatment will be unidirectional...

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Benefit Of Jesus & Loss of Weeping People To Be Compared As Death Being Common

[November 17, 2015 3rd Message] Shri Anil asked: What is the significance of death in the spiritual knowledge?

Shri Swami Replied: Death is spiritual and scientific requirement of the individual soul and its external body. Just like the dress on the external body, the body is also an external dress on the individual soul. Everyday, anybody leaves the dress for wash and the body is also subjected to bath. Similarly, death is the washing process of the body and after death the washing process of the individual soul takes place in the hell. The body is composed of five elements with higher entropy (randomness), which come from...

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Effort To Get Support Of Sin From Past Examples Is Futile

[October 28, 2015] Dr Nikhil asked “I am presenting the views of some important persons regarding the non-vegetarian food. They feel that there is no sin in it since several scriptures of various religions mention about the non-vegetarian food taken by very great people. I bring these views to Your notice so that You can throw light on this topic through Your systematic analysis”.

Shri Swami Replied: You are doing great service in the propagation of divine knowledge by projecting the points with careful scientific analysis as background. Today, science is very widely covering basic field of knowledge like logic in the olden days. At present, the concepts of spiritual knowledge enlightened with the scientific analysis as the background is very significant in the propagation of divine knowledge. If the educated public is convinced, general public naturally follow such knowledge. This is the reason why Shankara targeted the topmost scholars regarding the discussions and debates with logical analysis as the background because in those days logic existed in the place of science...

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Memory Of Past Is Lost By Will Of God

[October 13, 2015 2nd Message] Shri Surya referred a question asked by a person through website. The questions are: 1) what is the proof for the re-birth of the soul? 2) What is the proof for the existence of hell and if the hell exists what is the reason for not having the memory of the punishments in the hell and also the previous birth? 3) If a soul is born in a criminal family and becomes the criminal, the fault lies with the family and not with the soul. In such case, why should the soul be punished?

Shri Swami replied: The topic of deeds and the corresponding fruits is a very complicated cycle involving the three dimensional network of various aspects as said in the Gita (Gahanaa karmano Gatih). You cannot simply give a passing remark based ...

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Logical Analysis Is Vital

[October 13, 2015] Shri Surya asked some questions sent by some intellectuals, which came into the light through the website.

1) In the scripture God said that which lives and moves around you shall be your food. In such case, how can you say that the non-vegetarian food is a sin? And also the Muslims eat meat. So? Bruno Berardinone

Shri Swami Replied: There are several angles in giving answer to this question. The first angle is that the point need not be valid because it is mentioned in the scripture. There is no guarantee that the scripture is maintained pure without the insertions by some persons, who have selfish motives and like to support their sins since they cannot control themselves from doing such sins...

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Secrecy Is Maya Or Illusion

[September 21, 2015] Shri Anil asked: What is the responsibility of Sthitaprajna having an ignorant wife and what is her fate? Please explain Maya or illusion also.

Shri Swami Replied: Maya is illusion but is divine in not harming any innocent or good human being. A devotee is absorbed completely in God and such state is called Sthitaprajna, which means that his Prajna (the decision faculty of logical analysis) is Sthita (totally absorbed in God). It means that the absorption in God is the result of firmly decided knowledge and not the knowledge in discussion. Let us take the case of a devotee in such state having good wife, who is innocent and ignorant. Her ignorance does not allow ...

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Detachment From Fruit Avoids Tensions

[September 4, 2015] Mr. Veena Datta, S/o. Ajay, asked: How to avoid the tension in the interviews even though miracles of God are experienced by me?

Shri Swami replied: Tension starts only when you are attached to the fruit of your effort. You know very well that your effort cannot give the fruit unless God gives it. Even then, the tension comes because you are not sure whether God is going to give the fruit or not. “If God is pleased with me, the fruit is given to me and if God is not pleased, the fruit is not given to me” - like this, you think. You will be worried since you are unable to judge whether God is pleased or not pleased with you. You think that if the fruit is achieved, God is pleased with you and if the fruit is not achieved...

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Bond With Child Remains Very Strong In Any Age

[August 16, 2015] Shri Ajay asked: What is the significance of Brahma Vidya or Brahma Jnanam?

Shri Swami replied: Brahma Vidya or Brahma Jnanam means the knowledge of God. Generally, we say “Is it so difficult to understand like Brahma Vidya?” This means that Brahma Vidya is very complicated concept to understand clearly. God is unimaginable. This is a clear concept since it means that God is beyond mind, intelligence and logic. The result is that God is beyond even imagination. This is the fundamental concept of spiritual knowledge as projected by the three sacred books called...

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God Completely Takes Care of His Real Devoted Servants

[June 30, 2015, 2nd Message] Shri Anil asked: “Even in the case of servants of God doing the divine service with full sacrifice (saints), you say that 0.1% or 1% sin exists due to the corresponding leakage of sperm in unnoticed way or hand practice respectively.” This means that even the servants of God are punished for small sins also.

Shri Swami replied: The sin is recorded in the personal file of the individual soul as per the normal rule of divine administration. The recorded sin is not punished in this world and is postponed to list of punishments to be exhibited in hell after death. Thus, the saint escapes the punishment here...

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Sincere And Continuous Human Effort Essential

[June 30, 2015] Shri Ajay asked: How to co-ordinate the concept of God in the day to day practical life?

Swami Replied: The day to day practical life involves the fulfillment of desires through our sincere and continuous efforts, which give us the fruits of the corresponding desires. This is the essence of the life of any ordinary human being called as Pravrutti. If you take the case of an atheist, he proceeds along with the Pravrutti only without mixing it with God or Nivrutti. For him, there is no God and he does not fear for the non-existent...

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Sexual Interest Shows Lesser Concentration On God

[April 29, 2015] Shri Kishore Ram asked the following questions: 1. In divine discourse3, I found a discourse describing about the Sanyasis in the ancient times who were having desires on hunger, thurst, lust etc like a normal soul. For them to satisfy the desire of lust, there were a sect of unchaste ladies (Devadasis) who satisfied the sanyasis desire. I have couple of queries on this;

Swami replied: I told that there were sanyasins in the olden days. I did not give a certificate to them that they were true sanyasins. Since they were called as sanyasins by the society, I have to refer them by that name only. There is a tradition in grammar called as Rudhi. It means that you can use a word to some person even though its meaning is not applicable and the word is simply for the sake of identification of a person in calls. However, let Me analyse this issue from other side also. A sanyasi is devoted to propagate...

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Selfless Service Seen in Parents Only

[April 26, 2015] Dr. Nikhil asked “A friend says that ethical concept (Dharma) is not constant and changes as the time proceeds. I also feel that the entire ethics change from time to time except fundamental ethics like speaking truth etc., which are constant in all the times. Please give your opinion”.

Swami replied: Your friend and yourself are perfectly correct in the statements given above. There is nothing to contradict here. I can only elaborate this. Speaking truth also need not be constant in all the contexts at any time. In a context, speaking truth also becomes sin. A good person was running with his own money and robbers were running after him. The person somehow made himself hidden in a bush. A sage observed all this...

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Co-Operation Of Soul Needed For Its Transformation

[January 31, 2015 2nd Message] Several devotees across the world sent their questions during their discussions of the knowledge of Swamiji in different forums. The answers to the questions given by Swamiji are incorporated as given below:

Dear Swami,
1. Why the quality can't be totally finished in upper world? What does the reason, please?

Swami Replied: Can you give the answer for the same question in the case of a thief here punished in the police station or sentenced to the jail? The total change is never possible through punishments, which can only reduce the vigour of the bad quality. This does not mean that this problem has no solution...

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Praise Of God Lowers Ego

[December 18, 2014] Shri Phani asked "when we say that the 'I' should be crossed, the meaning of 'I' is only basic 'I'. In such case, 'I' means ego only". Swami replied: It is said that one should cross the 'I' and this is the meaning of cross on which Jesus was crucified. Here, the 'I' means the 'I', which is infected by ego. The suppression of ego can be done in two ways. The first way is praising the Lord. When you say that God is great, it indirectly means...

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God Advises Everybody To Do Good Work

[December 14, 2014] Shri Anil asked "Arjuna has no intension to kill Kauravas. Krishna rubbed His intension on Arjuna to kill them. Therefore, the fruit of this work should go to God only and not to the soul. Here, your concept is reversed. 'I' itself is ego. Without 'I', no work can be done. Shri Ramana Maharshi advised to concentrate on 'I'. How to answer these three points?"

Swami replied: Arjuna has no intension to kill the Kauravas and the reason for such absence of intension is not non-violence but his relationship with them. If Kauravas were not his relatives, Arjuna must have killed them for their injustice. Killing the unjust people is protection of justice...

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Do The Action Feeling 'I' Practically

[November 26, 2014] Shri Phani asked: "God is the doer of every action in this world. The devoted servant of God is not the doer at all and this point is also sincerely felt in the heart of such devotee. Therefore, the best is to surrender himself to God and recognize that the doer of every action is only God. Such total surrender is the better way than doing the service with the feeling of doer-ship in the heart".

Swami Replied: A patient suffering with fever is treated to reduce the higher temperature with the help of wet cloth on the forehead. Reduction in the temperature aims at the reduction of temperature...

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Atheist Believes In The Constitution Of The Country Only

[November 7, 2014] Shri Anil asked: "Cancelling all the balance punishments can result even in the case of transformed atheist and hence, devotion is not necessary. Please explain".

Swami Replied: It is perfectly agreed that devotion is not necessary to cancel the balance punishments. This advantage should be applied to every soul, which is perfectly and permanently transformed. However, this is not applicable to the case of an atheist...

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Divine Rules In The Cycle of Deeds

[November 4, 2014] Shri Phani asked: "How do you support the verse in Gita stating that the devotee constantly worshipping God is not a sinner (Apichet Sa Duraachaaro... Gita)".

Swami Replied: There are two divine rules in the cycle of deeds. The first rule is that the fruit of a deed can be postponed with increasing interest like a loan or can be implemented even before the due date like a premature deposit. The second rule is that there is no need of implementing ...

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Problems Help In Spiritual Journey

[October 31, 2014] Dr. Nikhil: "How to overcome the practical problems faced in this spiritual journey to reach God, the ultimate goal? These problems are very hard without any scope of solutions".

Swami Replied: When you are travelling towards God, the problems come to test your determination. Certainly you will fail. As a result, you will have tension and lot of disturbance. Do not take this as a negative sign since you can easily find it as positive sign only on doing analysis. The lack of possibility to overcome the hurdle...

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Grasping Of Spiritual Knowledge Depends On Intensities Of Qualities

[October 23, 2014 Deepavali Day] Swami replied to the questions of some students of Dr. Nikhil Kothurkar, working in Amrita University, Coimbatore as Associate Professor.

1. How can imparting spiritual knowledge to society from childhood control sin in society?

Swami Replied:The possibility of grasping the spiritual knowledge exists in certain souls only based on the intensities of the qualities developed during millions of births. Certain souls become completely adamant without any possibility...

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Both God & Space Without Beginning & End

[August 14, 2014] Q1) Shri Prakash Bajpai asked "God is unimaginable because He is not an imagination. God is everywhere in every item of the creation. Showing non-God items is not correct".

Ans) Swami replied: God is unimaginable. This does not mean that God is not imagination. Imagination means the process of thinking by saying that God is not imagination; we cannot achieve the result that God is unimaginable. Unimaginable means that which is beyond imagination. That means that you can never imagine...

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Realization Makes You Enjoy Misery

[August 13, 2014 2nd Message] Shri Durga Prasad asked "You told that the realisation of unreal world with respect to the real God gives detachment, which forms the basis for the enjoyment of misery. But, You said that the intensive enjoyment of misery comes only from ignorance as in the case of Human incarnation. How to reconcile these two in the case of the human being wishing to enjoy the misery?"

Swami replied: If you take the case of Human incarnation, It is a two component system in which the unimaginable God and imaginable human being co-exist. The nature of the human being is always ignorance and the intensive experience of the misery can be attained by God when God identifies with such ignorant human being just like an iron rod...

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Replies Of Swamiji For The Questions Sent Through Website

[August 12, 2014 3rd Message] Some devotees communicated their questions or comments through our website (www.universal-spirituality.org). Swami gives replies to these communications. All the replies of Swami are compiled in this message.

Q1) I have been chanting Datta mantra and Datta bhajans in the recent past very vigorously and need some advice for the direction in life. - By Siva namburi

Ans) There is nothing like a specific mantra of God. Any line as prose or poem or song that attracts your mind is called as mantra. You need not chant a specific line as mantra even if it is not attracting your mind. Such forcible chanting is useless...

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Detachment Of World Necessary To Enjoy Misery

[August 12, 2014 2nd Message] Shri Durga Prasad asked "Enjoyment of misery is not possible for any human being without the grace of God. Atheists can never dream this since they cannot get the grace of God".

Swami replied: Enjoyment of misery is possible to any human being including the atheist. The atheist is also one of the children of God. In fact, the father pays more attention to the wrong child and helps it also. Every human being, being the child of God...

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Knowledge Brings Automatic Real Transformation

[August 11, 2014] Shri Anil asked "the Gita says that the knowledge burns all the past sins and hence, no need of any punishment. Can you achieve this by simply hearing and understanding the knowledge? Is it not sufficient if one hears this statement and follows it?"

Swami replied: If the knowledge is perfect and complete and if the receiver of the knowledge is also devoid of any defect, this concept is true because in such case since such knowledge brings real transformation in the soul. Once the real and permanent transformation...

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Conflict Is Between Spiritual Knowledge & Its Disbelief

[August 9, 2014] Shri Durga Prasad asked "One retired judge said that the Bhagavad Gita should be introduced into the syllabus of every student. Another retired judge contradicted this. What do You say about this?"

Swami replied: It is better to say that spiritual knowledge should be introduced into the syllabus. If you take the name of the Bhagavad Gita, other religions will misunderstand. Spiritual knowledge is like a person and religions are like...

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Dream Can Be Due To Revision Of Memory Or Will Of God Being Exhibited

[April 24, 2014 Night] Dear Shri Datta Swami, Pranams,
Swami, before I ask questions regarding Human Incarnation, Sat Guru, spiritual path and sadhana, devotion, and sacrifice upon which you have so clearly elucidated, may I first tell you an experience that happened to me? Several months ago I was sitting quietly after early morning meditation. My eyes were open...

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Intermediate Steps Of Worship Need Not Be Mocked

[April 19, 2014 2nd Message] Shri Anil asked 'Other religions are mocking Hindus for worshiping the animals, birds, rats etc.'?

Swami replied: Adishesha is in the form of a serpent. That does not mean that every serpent is Adishesha. Hanuman is in the form of a monkey. That does not mean that every monkey is Hanuman. The deity of justice is in the form of a cow. It does not mean that every cow is deity of justice. The vehicle of Lord Shiva ...

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Realize Significance Through Analysis

[March 25, 2014 Shri Guna Darsana from Bali, Indonesia requested Swamiji to give a message for the enlightenment of Hindus in Indonesia, who celebrate NYEPI Day (One Day Silence) this month end.]

It is a matter of happiness to note that people are celebrating a specific day as the day of silence. Silence is called as Samadhi and the person adopting silence (Mounam) is called as the sage (Muni). Silence does not mean the deep sleep, which is total unawareness. The deep sleep involves the unawareness of the awareness of this world and also the unawareness of this world...

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Better To Conclude That God Is Always Correct

[January 5, 2014] Dr. Nikhil asked: You said that God postpones the results in the case of devotees while granting boons. How to correlate this with the system of Karma Chakra You have explained?

Swami Replied: In the previous message, I have explained the general system of Karma Chakra in the case of all ordinary human beings. The topic of God need not be brought here for correlation since He is the omniscient and omnipotent Master, Who is all in all. The correlation in such case is not a requirement of the system. If it is the case of a human being in the place of God, the correlation...

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Quality Changes By Knowledge Alone

[January 4, 2014] Shri Anil asked: Please explain the Sanchita, Praarabdha and Aagaami in the case of an example so that these can be clearly understood.

Swami Replied: The Samskaras are the qualities only and are responsible for all the activities. Fruit is always associated with the action that is represented by the quality. The fruit may be awarded for certain actions like burning the finger introduced into the fire with or without the intention or quality. But, such fruits do not come under the divine cycle of deeds, which runs with the intention based actions. If an action is done without intention, the fruit is not awarded...

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Punishment At Birth For Welfare Of World

[January 3, 2014 2nd Message] Shri Anil asked: You told that the enjoyment of the results of the deeds is finished in the upper worlds and the soul is born in this world along with some remains of the psychological background of the deeds called as 'Samskara'. Hence, the fruits enjoyed in this world are only the results of the deeds done in this world based on the remains of qualities called Samskara. In such case, a person born blind has not done any sin in this world as soon as the birth is over and hence, this case cannot be justified.

Swami Replied: The deeds are divided into three categories as explained by Me already. The first category is 'Sanchita', which is the bundle of deeds accompanying the soul on this earth after leaving the upper worlds. This Sanchita is the bundle of qualities related to the remains...

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Intermediate State Of Contact With Both God And World Inevitable

[January 3, 2014] Smt. Devi asked: We are naturally attracted towards the world from birth and not so towards God. My state is with fear for the worldly whirlpool and like that of a person with two legs in two boats. Please guide us on this.

Swami Replied: The reason for the natural induction of the world is the associated world around us from the birth and due to this, our mind is naturally and constantly receiving the information of the world, which is its knowledge. After this state of knowledge, we develop attraction to certain items or rejection to certain other items or neutrality to some...

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Incarnations Are of Two Types

[December 29, 2013] Shri Phani asked: "Some incarnations are said to be lower, which are like incarnations of Kala (a ray of the power), Amsha (partial) compared to higher Poorna (complete) and Paripoorna (perfectly complete) incarnations. Kapila, Vyasa, Rama and Krishna are the respective examples. Does this mean that God is partially present in one incarnation and is completely present in another incarnation?"

Swami Replied: In any incarnation, the power of God may enter partly or completely. The power can be understood with quantitative difference. The source of this power is the unimaginable God in whom you cannot apply this concept of quantitative difference. Incarnations are of two types in basic sense. In the first type, God enters totally...

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No Trace Of Torture Should Exist In Leaving Body In Maha Samaadhi

[December 28, 2013] Shri Surya asked: "I was told that a great Shankaracharya asked the Government to give permission to enter into Maha Samaadhi. The Government refused and the Acharya dropped from it. Please enlighten us on this".

Swami replied: Maha Samadhi means suicide in which one sits alive and a closed room is built around him. Suicide is equivalent to murdering somebody. The soul of yourself is as good as any other soul existing in a living body. When some living being is killed, the soul in it experiences torture. This torture is...

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Yoga Means Continuous Association With God

[December 16, 2013 Datta Jayanthi] Today is the festival of Lord Dattatreya in the name 'Datta Jayanthi'. Every festival is mainly characterized by preparing extra food items, by following processions in the streets, by arranging heavy music, etc. The actual idea of any festival is to increase your realization of spiritual knowledge. The right knowledge is with high power. You should assimilate...

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Serve Knowledge to Minority With Appetite and Create Appetite in Majority by Giving Medicine

[December 15, 2013 2nd Message Shri Phani asked: Many people do not have appetite for knowledge. Only one in millions has the real appetite for spiritual knowledge. In such case, the job of the Preacher becomes very easy to preach those only having appetite".]

Swami Replied: The job of the Preacher is not only to give spiritual knowledge to those having appetite but also to give medicines to create the appetite. The effort should be not only to give food to those having appetite...

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Opposing Pairs are Inherent of Creation

[October 15, 2013 Mr. Guna Darshana from Indonesia asked 'When God will stop the entertainment of the people through gambling, fight between chicken etc, so that the injustice is destroyed?']

Swami replied: The creation created by God always consists of pairs of opposite items like day and night, summer and winter, justice and injustice etc. If one of the pair is absent, the other loses its significance and does not exist. The very existence...

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Submission to The Will of God

[October 12, 2013 Shri Anil asked "God is the father of all the human beings. The father is always selfish and partial towards his children due to excess love. Similarly, God must be also selfish and partial since He has infinite love towards His children, who are the human beings. Then, how to say that God is impartial and non-selfish?"]

Swami replied: The main point is about the real love. The father in this world does not have real love towards his children. The real love is always recognised in the purification of the soul. If the defects...

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No Selfishness Exists when Service Done to Different Phase

[August 25, 2013] Dr. Nikhil asked: In the Gita, the Lord told that He does the work to keep the people involved in work (Lokasangrahamevapi...) since people take a great man as an example (Yadyadacharati...). The same message should be taken by all so that work can be done without any selfish motive. Such work can be treated as the work done without its related desire.

Swami replied: The work will never exist without its related desire. Desire is the cause and work is its effect. There can be desire without work as in the case of impossibility ...

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The Meaning of 'Samnyasa'

[July 22, 2013 Guru Purnima Day Message] Mind always vibrates (Chanchalamhi manah- Gita) and the vibration indicates the continuous activity. If the mind becomes static or inactive, it is no more a mind, which becomes inactive and inert stone. The activity of mind is the nature of attraction by aspiring and attaching itself to something. Such aspiration for something...

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Actions Done During Lifetime Alone Responsible For That Soul

[June 19, 2013] Everybody is very anxious to know the post proceedings after death. Death is clearly understood by Science. According to Science, the human being is a composite machine comprising of several correlated instrumental mechanisms called systems like heart, lungs, kidneys etc. In a factory, you can see several machines working together...

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Philosophy Should be Based on Good Logic

[June 01, 2013 An atheist asked 'Can God create a stone, which He cannot lift?']

Swami replied: Your question indicates that God is defined as omnipotent. In fact, we define God so. For example - Assume that we have given a statement that a particular king can punish any citizen in his kingdom. You may put the same question, 'Can that king punish a citizen, whom he cannot punish?' Anybody can understand...

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Religions are Rivers but Spirituality is the Ocean

All the religions in the world are the feathers of the same bird i.e., God with different colours. There is only one God and there is only one universe. Similarly the man is also only one. Man should aim that one God and he should belong to all the religions in the universe. He should pick up the diamonds from all the religions and use in his spiritual path. One can have love towards the nationality. Every nation has some physical boundaries. The people who are living in that nation have that nationality. Thus there is a meaning in the nationality because it has physical sense. But in the case of religion and spiritualism there is no physical sense. Every religion belongs to every man. Therefore in religious and spiritual matters all the religions can be used. The human incarnation in every religion announces that He is the universal preacher. The message of Lord Krishna i.e., Bhagavat Gita is for the entire world. The message of Jesus i.e., Bible is for the entire world. The message of Mohammed is for the entire world. So there is no need of conversion of religions...

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Mother Religion

A Hindu Devotee asked:The conversion of one religion to another religion is frequently happening Between Hinduism and Christianity, what are the reasons for this?

Swamiji replied:
Hinduism is a mother religion and Buddhism is its off spring.
Similarly, Islam is a mother religion and Christianity is its off spring.
Buddhism went out of India crossing the borders and thus
Hinduism is the mother without its child, Islam does not allow
Christianity to come near and thus it is a child devoid of its mother's love.
Therefore, both Hinduism and Christianity are intensively and quickly
Attracted to each other, Swami Vivekananda was appreciated by Christians
In the Chicago city and you can find lot of Hindus in India are converted
Into Christianity, this shows that there is a special attraction between these two.

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Mutual Benefits From All Religions

Suppose a teacher has two students. The first one is good in theory and the second one is good in laboratory practicals. The teacher wishes both the students to exchange their efficiencies so that both become efficient in both the fields. The teacher is equally skilled in both the fields and is teaching the theory and demonstrating the practicals in a uniform way to both the students. The variation in the skills of the students came due to different psychologies of the two students.

God is like that one teacher. The divine knowledge in the religious scriptures of all countries is uniform. Indians and people of other countries including the West, are all students of the same God. Indians are good in deep theoretical knowledge. People in western countries (westerners) such as those in Europe and America, are good in their firm faith and sincere practical implementation. This difference is reflected not only in the spiritual field but also in the present education and development in science and technology...

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Factors Affecting World Peace

Religious Differences and Communal Wars: Every religion says that God created this entire world. Since there is only one world, there should be one God, who must be impartial to all the children in the universe. That one God must have preached the same spiritual knowledge in different languages and different countries which were disconnected and had no communication in olden times. At that time, had he preached the true spiritual knowledge to one country only, God would become partial because some generations in other countries would have passed away without receiving that spiritual knowledge. Had those generations got that spiritual knowledge, at least some of them might have reached God. Of course today, all the countries are connected due to modern communication. Therefore even if God preaches the true and special knowledge in one country it is immediately communicated to people from other countries. Since it is communicated to all people in the world evenly, disbelievers in any country must go to hell...

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Universal God

Swami in different avatars The same Lord (Swami) appeared in the decorations of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Scientist, Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc., to show that the same God exists in different incarnations. Unfortunately in the pictures of God such a concept is not obvious. When we see different pictures or images of God, they appear quite different from each other and give the psychological impression that the 'Gods' are different. Even in Hinduism, in which the same God is supposed to have taken different forms, this concept is not clearly reflected. The face being the important identity of any person, uniformity in the faces of different incarnations of God is essential. This alone will bring out the true concept. It has not been done with the idea of self-projection or self-advertisement. This is done with the background of the most important concept that all the forms of God, not only in Hinduism but also in different religions, are merely different roles taken up by the same Actor, who is the Universal God...

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