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Universal God

Swami in different avatars The same Lord (Swami) appeared in the decorations of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Scientist, Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc., to show that the same God exists in different incarnations. Unfortunately in the pictures of God such a concept is not obvious. When we see different pictures or images of God, they appear quite different from each other and give the psychological impression that the 'Gods' are different. Even in Hinduism, in which the same God is supposed to have taken different forms, this concept is not clearly reflected. The face being the important identity of any person, uniformity in the faces of different incarnations of God is essential. This alone will bring out the true concept. It has not been done with the idea of self-projection or self-advertisement. This is done with the background of the most important concept that all the forms of God, not only in Hinduism but also in different religions, are merely different roles taken up by the same Actor, who is the Universal God...

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Religions are Rivers but Spirituality is the Ocean

All the religions in the world are the feathers of the same bird i.e., God with different colours. There is only one God and there is only one universe. Similarly the man is also only one. Man should aim that one God and he should belong to all the religions in the universe. He should pick up the diamonds from all the religions and use in his spiritual path. One can have love towards the nationality. Every nation has some physical boundaries. The people who are living in that nation have that nationality. Thus there is a meaning in the nationality because it has physical sense. But in the case of religion and spiritualism there is no physical sense. Every religion belongs to every man. Therefore in religious and spiritual matters all the religions can be used. The human incarnation in every religion announces that He is the universal preacher. The message of Lord Krishna i.e., Bhagavat Gita is for the entire world. The message of Jesus i.e., Bible is for the entire world. The message of Mohammed is for the entire world. So there is no need of conversion of religions...

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Mother Religion

A Hindu Devotee asked:The conversion of one religion to another religion is frequently happening Between Hinduism and Christianity, what are the reasons for this?

Swamiji replied:
Hinduism is a mother religion and Buddhism is its off spring.
Similarly, Islam is a mother religion and Christianity is its off spring.
Buddhism went out of India crossing the borders and thus
Hinduism is the mother without its child, Islam does not allow
Christianity to come near and thus it is a child devoid of its mother's love.
Therefore, both Hinduism and Christianity are intensively and quickly
Attracted to each other, Swami Vivekananda was appreciated by Christians
In the Chicago city and you can find lot of Hindus in India are converted
Into Christianity, this shows that there is a special attraction between these two.

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Mutual Benefits From All Religions

Suppose a teacher has two students. The first one is good in theory and the second one is good in laboratory practicals. The teacher wishes both the students to exchange their efficiencies so that both become efficient in both the fields. The teacher is equally skilled in both the fields and is teaching the theory and demonstrating the practicals in a uniform way to both the students. The variation in the skills of the students came due to different psychologies of the two students.

God is like that one teacher. The divine knowledge in the religious scriptures of all countries is uniform. Indians and people of other countries including the West, are all students of the same God. Indians are good in deep theoretical knowledge. People in western countries (westerners) such as those in Europe and America, are good in their firm faith and sincere practical implementation. This difference is reflected not only in the spiritual field but also in the present education and development in science and technology...

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Factors Affecting World Peace

Religious Differences and Communal Wars: Every religion says that God created this entire world. Since there is only one world, there should be one God, who must be impartial to all the children in the universe. That one God must have preached the same spiritual knowledge in different languages and different countries which were disconnected and had no communication in olden times. At that time, had he preached the true spiritual knowledge to one country only, God would become partial because some generations in other countries would have passed away without receiving that spiritual knowledge. Had those generations got that spiritual knowledge, at least some of them might have reached God. Of course today, all the countries are connected due to modern communication. Therefore even if God preaches the true and special knowledge in one country it is immediately communicated to people from other countries. Since it is communicated to all people in the world evenly, disbelievers in any country must go to hell...

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