Who is Swami?

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

A few new visitors have posed a question to Me 'Who are You'? I must mention the answer to this question here because every new reader is obviously attacked by this question. My name is Venu Gopala Krishna Murthy with surname 'Jannabhatla'. This name belongs only to this outer most gross body, which is composed of the inert five elements. The inner body is called as the subtle body, and is made of qualities and feelings which are like waves in a pond of water. The water is the pure awareness, which is called as the causal body or soul. If all My qualities and feelings subside as in the case of a realized scholar, the soul becomes like a pond with stand still water. There cannot be waves without water and thus the subtle body cannot exist without the causal body. The subtle body always includes its causal body, which is made of life energy. This subtle body enters the gross body in the womb of mother and leaves it at the time of death. The subtle body has no name or surname. Therefore, I am only introducing My gross body through My name and surname.

Then, who am I? Am I the subtle body? If I become a realized soul and get full liberation My subtle body disappears and at last I remain as the causal body. Up to this there is no complication, because this is the inner X-ray photograph of any human being. In the ordinary photograph only the outer-most gross body appears. The X-rays of the spiritual knowledge reveal the subtle and causal bodies.

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