Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 27 Oct 2021


Divine Satsanga on 24-10-2021

On October 24th, 2021 Swami gave replies in Satsanga with Shri Kishore Ram, Shri Hrishikesh, Shri Kartik, Shri Nitin etc. Some flashes from replies of Swami are presented here below:

1) Devotion means Nivrutti and it is regarding knowing all the details of the divine personality of God by which climax attraction to God is developed, which leads to a personal bond with God in which God takes the entire responsibility of the devotee like mother cat carrying on its child from one place to other place (Mārjālakiśoranyāya). In Nivrutti field, God is not interested and develops hurdles because the ultimate aim of God is only Pravrutti in which injustice or sin is restricted and only justice is followed. Of course, these hurdles are made by God like culverts to increase the speed of devotion towards Himself. In this angle God opposes Nivrutti, but, in the final stage, God appreciates the single pointed devotion of the devotees and gives the final divine fruit of Nivrutti in which there is no account between God and devotee. In this way, in the initial stage of Nivrutti, God opposes Nivrutti for the sake of Pravrutti or worldly life. But, there is another special angle by which God is encouraged to support Nivrutti even in Pravrutti. That special angle is: If personal devotion to God is developed, the devotee tries to please the God by following justice and opposing injustice since God likes justice and dislikes injustice. The devotee is encouraged to have likes of God as his/her likes and to have dislikes of God as his/her dislikes. By this, even the devotee of Nivrutti existing in Pravrutti will follow Pravrutti based on his/her devotion to God. Even in Pravrutti, Nivrutti exists from the beginning because the soul follows Nivrutti so that God can help the soul in the issues of Pravrutti. Nivrutti exists from the beginning of Pravrutti up to the climax point of Nivrutti. In this way, God supports Nivrutti for the sake of Pravrutti through this special angle.

2) Dharmaraaja found everybody as a good person in the world whereas Duryodhana found every person in the world as a bad person because Dharmaraaja was good and Duryodhana was bad. In this way, their teacher Drona tested both asking them to tour in the entire world to find out any bad person or good person respectively. Even though Dharmaraaja is found to be good and Duryodhana is found to be bad, both are not really wise. The wisdom is to find out whether a person is good or bad. Wisdom is required in finding out both good people and bad people separately because all are neither good nor all are bad. Krishna discriminates good and bad people in the world and reacts in the corresponding way so that He wants to protect good people and punish bad people (Paritrāṇāya…- Gītā).

3) Gopikas are illiterate in their latest birth and this is like their saving bank account that can be seen by all. If you see their background of previous births, which is like their secret fixed deposit, they were the authors of the entire ethics of Pravrutti and Spiritual knowledge of Nivrutti. We shall not judge anybody by the visual status of the present birth since we do not know their invisible account of previous births. Uddhava has 100 rupees in the visible saving bank account of this birth and 1000 rupees as unseen fixed deposit. Gopikas have 10 rupees in the visible saving bank account and crores of rupees as unseen fixed deposit. Due to the lack of the knowledge of previous births, Uddhava thought that he is a Spiritual scholar and that Gopikas are Spiritually ignorant. Hence, Uddhava tried to preach Spiritual knowledge based on the philosophy of Monism. But, on seeing their unimaginable devotion towards God Krishna, Uddhava became mad and was turned into their devotee. Gopikas told Uddhava that they were filled by God Krishna from their top to bottom and there is no trace of vacant space in them to allow any statement of Uddhava! Knowledge only generates the true devotion. Gopikas are illiterates with climax devotion, which may mislead us to think that a soul can be devotee even without knowledge. If God blessed divine insight exists, one can see that a specific devotee, who is born uneducated in this birth was already an excellent Spiritual scholar and learnt all the Spiritual knowledge in the previous birth and hence, that devotee is born in this birth as an excellent devotee. By this, knowledge generating devotion is always proved to be correct. Shri Raamakrishna Paramahamsa was uneducated, but, excellent devotee in the present birth. Hence, we shall not estimate anybody based on the visible account of this birth since we do not know the balance of the previous birth.

4) Priests are simply reciting the scripture without knowing the meaning of the recited scripture. Not only this, they are demanding money for doing a ritual. The priest shall not demand anything from anybody and shall do the ritual without expecting anything from the doer of the ritual. The priest must think that the fact is that he is grateful to the performer of the ritual for giving an opportunity to participate in the ritual, which is the worship of God. If the performer of the ritual asks regarding the quantity of his offering, the priest must say that the doer of the ritual can offer anything as per his capacity (Yathāśakti) and as per his devotion (Yathābhakti). If the doer does not offer anything, the priest must return blessing the doer. I assuredly tell all the priests that if you do as I said, God will give you million times more wealth than what you demanded! Due to these defects, the priests are always very poor. The performer of the ritual can give the demanded fees of the priest in view of the extreme poverty of the priest thinking that he is doing charity to the extremely poor fellow. There is nothing wrong in reciting the prayers by himself or herself to do any ritual instead of the prayers of the priest about which even the priest himself does not know the meaning. If the meaning is not known, there is no knowledge and without knowledge devotion can’t be generated.

5) How to find out that unimaginable God is the ultimate cause of this creation?

  1. Unimaginable God is the source of unimaginable miracles found in this world.
  2. Unimaginable item means that it should not have space, which means that it should not have spatial dimensions.
  3. Every imaginable item has spatial dimensions.
  4. As per scientific analysis, we can say that space is the root cause of this world because if space is absent, world is absent.
  5. Space is subtle energy and world is modification of subtle energy because matter and awareness are only different forms of the same inert subtle energy. The same subtle energy in different frequency is visible gross energy.
  6. Due to (d) and (e) points, it can be concluded that space is the root cause of this world for which the basic constituents are inert energy, inert matter and non-inert awareness.
  7. Unimaginable God is not having space in Him and has no spatial dimensions and based on this point, unimaginable God is the cause of space because space cannot exist in its cause (unimaginable God) before its own generation from unimaginable God.
  8. Therefore, the existence of unimaginable God is not only established, but also is found that He is the ultimate cause of this universe.
  9. The unimaginable God being creator of this world has unimaginable powers by which He can punish the sinner in unimaginable ways even if the sinner escapes courts through his talents and capacity.
  10. Therefore, everybody shall fear for unimaginable God and shall not disturb the peace of this world by doing sins, which are inevitably punished by the unimaginable God.
  11. The unimaginable God is the creator of this world and wants that His creation shall run peacefully without any injustice or sin and anybody helping the world peace by following this logical analysis will be blessed by the unimaginable God here in this world as well as in the upper world after death.

The above analysis shall be spread by all of you and this is the propagation of Spiritual knowledge of God Datta or Iishvara or Father of heaven, who is the first mediated energetic incarnation of unimaginable God called ParaBrahman.