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Posted on: 27 Apr 2018



Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

(Scripture of Knowledge of God)
(Uttaraardha Charchaa - Second Half Part Discussion)

11) Trisiddhaantah naraavataare eva na sarvajeeveshu. Anuhyashakteh yugapadeva sthitih jeevaanaam asuuyaahantayaa.

[The relationship between God and ordinary soul (awareness) is not the subject of three divine preachers (Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva). It is taken in this wrong sense. The relationship between God and human soul in human incarnation is the subject of these three preachers. The subject is about the electrified wire and not about ordinary wire without electricity. A non-electrified wire is in your house, which is thrown away by your feet while you are walking. The electricity is in the power house far from your house. What is the relationship that you expect between this non-electrified wire in your house and electricity present in the power house? If it is electrified wire, you can’t even touch it. You can have discussion about the relationship between electrified wire and electricity present in it since the electrified wire is giving the shock of electricity. You can discuss whether wire and electricity are different or became one. Hence, the three theories (monism, monism due to inseparable dualism and perfect dualism) of the three divine preachers apply only to human incarnation (electrified wire) only. Hence, the subject is confined to God and soul in human incarnation (electricity and electrified wire) only and this should not be extended to God and ordinary soul (electricity and non-electrified wire).

You can speak about monism (Advaita) since the wire (human being-component) is giving the shock (unimaginable nature of God) of electricity (unimaginable God) supporting that wire is only seen by you and not the electricity. You can say about monism due to inseparable dualism (Vishishta advaita) since electricity is a stream of electrons (God is unimaginable) and wire is a chain of solid crystals (soul is imaginable awareness) and hence, both are separate items. But, since both are inseparable in electrified wire (human incarnation), the wire is showing the property of electricity (unimaginable nature of God). You can say about dualism objecting to monism at any stage since electricity (unimaginable God) and wire (imaginable soul) are totally different items. You need not worry that these three theories are contradicting each other in the case of human incarnation, even though we agree that these theories are confined to human incarnation only. These three theories can be correlated even in the case of the specific human incarnation. Since God has unimaginable nature (power), He can become the imaginable soul due to His unimaginable power. We are saying that God became the soul (avataara or descended God) and not that the soul became God (ascended soul). The imaginable soul can’t become unimaginable God since it has no unimaginable power. The reverse is possible since unimaginable God has unimaginable power by which He can do anything. If A becomes B, A is not seen and B only should be seen. This is applicable to human incarnation since God is not seen and only the human being-component is seen as human incarnation. You can’t apply worldly logic to God since in any worldly example like an alloy, both components are imaginable and visible in microscope. Since God is unimaginable, He can’t be seen and He is not even imagined. If B (soul) is converted into A (God), A is to be seen and not B. Since always soul is only seen and not God, it is correct to say that God has become the soul. Like this, the perfect monism is perfectly justified. In fact, this is the perfect truth since climax devotees prayed God to be seen and God is seen due to His omnipotence. If perfect monism is absent, it means that God is incapable of becoming soul and devotees are cheated because God did not actually become the soul. This stage is purely applicable to the climax devotees only. For other souls suffering with ego and jealousy towards co-human beings, this stage is not applicable and the other two stages are only applicable. God exists in all these three stages simultaneously due to His unimaginable power. The other two stages are perfectly explicable with the worldly example of electricity and electrified wire. Perfect monism is applicable to climax devotees, who do not have ego and jealousy. Perfect dualism is applicable to the devotees having full ego and jealousy. Monism due to inseparable dualism is applicable to the devotees existing in between these two categories. The human incarnation exists in such state as applicable to the devotee approached It. If different devotees approach It simultaneously in the same time, the human incarnation can exist in all these three states simultaneously due to Its unimaginable power (obtained from unimaginable God) and each state corresponds to the related category in the same time.]

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