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Datta Yoga Sutram: Chapter-9
Posted on: 14/10/2017
1) Datta yoga sutram vyaakhyaasyaamah.
We shall explain association (yoga) of God as explained by God Datta.

[The knowledge, devotion and practical sacrifice associated with God are specifically mentioned as jnaana yoga, bhakti yoga and karma yoga respectively. The common word is yoga, which means association with God only. This avoids the confusion to misunderstand the knowledge, devotion and practical sacrifice associated with worldly items. The word ‘yoga’ clearly gives...

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All The Pain Was Taken By God When Crucifixion Started
Posted on: 12/10/2017

Shri Anil asked: 1) You mentioned that God underwent the suffering in the crucifixion of Jesus. Before crucifixion, Jesus made a prayer. Can You correlate both these?

Swami Replied: There are two components in the human incarnation existing in a single phase, which is the human being-component only in its phase since the God-component being unimaginable is always invisible even to the imagination. In a normal worldly example like eutectic alloy of two metals, we can find the specific atoms of each metal through a powerful microscope...

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Jihad to Stop Killing Each Other But Not to Use to Kill Each Other
Posted on: 07/10/2017

Shri Durga Prasad asked: Padanamaskaram Swamiji: 1) About the religious fighting at His time, what did the incarnation Prophet Mohammed said and how to interpret it regarding present Jihad?

Swami Replied: I have already explained this point. The human incarnation was totally negated because before Prophet Mohammed, Jesus claimed Himself as human incarnation and was bitterly crucified in spite of His best preached knowledge and exhibition of genuine miracles. He did not oppose the crucifixion by doing a miracle since such crucifixion...

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Posted on: 07/10/2017
Ashtama Adhyaayah (Eighth Chapter)
1) Krame charamam karma phaladam nityam shrutam.
In the sequence, final is practice, which alone gives fruit and is permanent as per Veda.

[The practice (Karma Yoga) is the most important final stage of spiritual effort, which alone yields the fruit. Whatever is learnt is implemented in practice to get the fruit. Knowledge, devotion and service are the three steps in sequence proposed by Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva, who appeared in sequence one after the other. Knowledge gives the right direction...

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Datta Nivrutti Sutram: Chapter-7
Posted on: 01/10/2017
1) Datta bhaktim Vyaakhyaasyaamah.

We shall explain the devotion as spoken by Datta.

[In second part called as Nivrutti or divine life, after explaining the knowledge in the previous chapter, the subsequent devotion is explained in this chapter...

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One Can't Do Away Subject of God And Take Universe & Science As Ultimate Goal
Posted on: 30/09/2017

Shri K.Gopikrishna asked: 1) In the ancient era common man is to fallow Guru. In today's scenario due to change in life style most of the people are not fallowing Sadguru. What will be frequencies, challenges a common man will face? By, K.Gopikrishna

Swami replied: Everybody is seeing the death of every human being on this earth and a very short period of life before death. Nobody is taking away anything earned by him/her and no family member is accompanying the soul just like giving company on this earth when one moves from one place to another place. The life after death and the future fate of the soul are unknown. But, the miracles...

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Datta Nivrutti Sutram: Chapter-6
Posted on: 30/09/2017
1) Datta jnaanam vyakhyaasyaamah.
We shall explain the knowledge spoken by God Datta.

[We shall explain the knowledge spoken by God Datta as sixth chapter related to the second part, field of Nivrutti or Divine life...

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Rama Ideal for Human Behaviour & Krishna for Omnipotence of God
Posted on: 29/09/2017

Dr. Annapurna (Prof. in Central University, Hyderabad) asked: 1) In TV9 channel, I heard one producer of films called as Shri Rama Gopal Varma asking the following questions: i) It is told that God Shiva cuts the head of Vinayaka and latter on joins the head of elephant with the body. God Shiva could have joined the original head itself being omnipotent! ii) Rama cuts the nose of...

Swami replied: i) The story of Vinayaka is a drama played by God to give an important concept to humanity, which is that you should not worship a cinema actor as God seeing the beauty of his/her face. You must worship anybody for the qualities, deeds and knowledge, not based on face value...

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Datta Dharma Sutram: Chapter-5
Posted on: 23/09/2017
Panchama Adhyaayah (Fifth Chapter): Ethical Scripture of God
1) Datto na nindyo lakshyamaatraduhkhanivrutteh.
God Datta shall not be blamed for destruction of bonds, which is goal only and reduction alone can eliminate misery.

[God Datta shall not be blamed for destruction of family bonds. If destruction is kept as goal, at least, the excess fascination to family bonds is eliminated, which is weakening the family bonds. By this, sins can be controlled, which are responsible for the miseries in the worldly life. By this, worldly miseries are eliminated. Not only this, the excess fascination to worldly bonds...

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A permanent thing is always absolutely real in all the times
Posted on: 23/09/2017

Shri B. Raghavender asked: How to come out from a thing in which my mind is deeply involved?

Swami replied: God is greater than any created item of world (Na tat samah - Veda). Hence, the attraction to God is higher than any worldly attraction. Therefore, divert your mind to the subject of God, which will swallow all the other attractions. You need not think of coming out of the attraction to God! The reason is that attraction to God will always give you the best fruits here in this life as well as there after the life. All these worldly attractions will end in misery since these are real illusions...

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Datta Dharma Sutram: Chapter-4
Posted on: 17/09/2017
Chaturdhaa Adhayah (Fourth Chapter): Ethical Scripture of God
1) Trivarge dharma kamau vimrushyau
In the three categories of the worldly life, the two words ‘Dharma’ and ‘Kama’ shall be carefully applied as per the context.

[Dharma (justice), Artha (wealth) and Kama (sexual life) are the three categories (trivarga), called as Purushartha dealing with Pravrutti or worldly life. In Artha and Kama also Dharma should be followed. Other than Artha and Kama, the practical aspects in which Dharma...

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Datta Dharma Sutram: Chapter-3
Posted on: 11/09/2017
Trutiyadhyaayah (Third Chapter) : Ethical Scripture of God
1) Shabdamaatraah samskaaraa artha bhaavarasarupaa bhaktih.
Today, the rituals are by mere sounds only. Meaning of word to knowledge to attraction to devotion is the order.

[The rituals are the occasions of propagating spiritual knowledge and devotion to God in the minds of people for which reason only many people assemble on such occasions. Today, the priests are not doing this actual work and they are only reciting blindly the Vedic hymns in Sanskrit. Neither readers nor audience know the meaning...

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God Happy to Grant Anything Except Love to Him
Posted on: 09/09/2017

Dr. Nikhil asked: I understand that the essence of Spiritual knowledge is practical philosophy or Karma Yoga. Please bless me to become efficient in this practical line in the service of God.

Swami replied: Theory of spiritual knowledge is the most important fundamental step since it is the mother of practice. Fundamental care should be always on theory. If this spiritual knowledge is perfectly true without caring for pleasing the audience with the aim of getting petty materialistic benefits based on selfishness, the truth of the knowledge generates emotion or power in the mind that helps the soul to implement the knowledge...

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Datta Dharma Sutram: Chapter-2
Posted on: 09/09/2017
Ethical Scripture of God
1) Three authorities and the importance of logic

त्रिधा प्रमाकरणं तर्क्यते हि।१।

tridhā pramākaraṇaṁ tarkyate hi|1|

The authority is in three ways, logical analysis is sufficient.

[The authority of these spiritual points is given by scripture, logical analysis and experience as found in the narrated ancient stories like the Ramayanam, the Bharatam, etc...

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Corruption Greatest Sin Since Money is Root of This World
Posted on: 06/09/2017

Shri Karthik asked: We hear the penance done for years together by an individual sitting in one place and closing the eyes. How do You correlate this with Your idea that penance means logical analysis of spiritual concepts?

Swami replied: The Veda says ‘analyze the concepts...that is penance’ (tat vijijnaasasva...taddhi tapah). The Gita also gives stress on any ritual to be done as propagation of knowledge that generates devotion and the last word of the Gita is also logical analysis (vimrushyaitat...). Unless you yourself analyze the concepts with sharp analysis, if necessary, taking the help of debates with other scholars, you will not have total satisfaction...

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Datta Dharma Sutram: Chapter-1
Posted on: 02/09/2017
Ethical Scripture of God
1) Exposition of the principles of ethics

दत्त धर्म सूत्रं व्याख्यास्यामः।१।

datta dharma sūtraṁ vyākhyāsyāmaḥ|1|

We shall explain the points of ethics as formulated by God Datta...

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Truth is Always Universal And Protected By God
Posted on: 20/08/2017

Dr. K. Sudershan Rao (Doctor in Global Hospitals, Hyderabad) asked: Your answer contains perfect logic. But, the problem is that we have heard this way of doing rituals since from our childhood from our elder forefathers. How to discard this suddenly?

Swami replied: My main point is that you shall examine with your own maximum capable analysis both logics of My answer and the sayings of our forefathers. After deciding, which is correct logic that alone can establish the truth, one may immediately realize and practice it. Others may realize and practice after sometime only. Once you hear something, you should analyze and then come to the decision...

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Sacrifice of Wealth Earned By Hard Work Higher Than Sacrifice of Wealth of Forefathers
Posted on: 13/08/2017

Dr. Annapurna asked: Is logical analysis alone sufficient in finding out the truth?

Swami replied: To find out truth in theoretical phase, logical analysis in the positive right direction alone is the torch light provided it is not twisted towards the negative side to result in dry bad logic leading to wrong and dangerous conclusions. It helps to confirm the truth in theory. Theory is very important because it is the source of practice. If the theory is wrong, practice will be wrong and the fruit received by practice...

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Deservingness of Receiver is Life of Sacrifice in Practice
Posted on: 06/08/2017

Dr. Sudershan Rao (Doctor in Global Hospitals, Hyderabad) asked: 1) What about the human beings present in Western countries to develop spiritually in the absence of this Vedic culture in those countries?

Swami replied: You sympathized foreigners missing Vedic culture due to your kind and good heart aspiring universal benefit. But, if you follow My analysis, you will know the truth, which is otherwise. What is the meaning of the word ‘culture’? Is it external language like Sanskrit in which the Veda is composed and external religious practices? If this is the meaning of the word ‘culture’, such culture can’t take any human being to the God. If the meaning of the word ‘culture’ is the internal spiritual knowledge...

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Posted on: 23/07/2017

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to submit the following questions related to ananda at Your divine feet. Your servant, Nikhil. 1) Could You please explain the terms lokānanda, rasānanda and brahmānanda in the three contexts of unimaginable God, the human incarnation and the ordinary human being?...

Swami replied: The word ‘ananda’ means the happiness that is continuous without any break (aasamantaat nandati iti). There are two aspects of happiness: 1) The quantitative value and 2) The continuity without any break...

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