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Posted on: 13/04/2019

[Message on Shri Rāma Navami Day] Rama and Krishna were both complete Incarnations of God on earth. But the difference is that Rama said that He was only a human being and not God (Aatmaanam maanusham manye...) whereas Krishna said that He was God on several occasions in the Gita. These days, the situation of humanity is worse than during the times Rama and Krishna. Hence, Shirdi Sai Baba, the recent Incarnation, followed the path of Rama by always saying that He was a servant of God (Allah Malik). Even Krishna said that He was God only in the Gita when He was speaking to Arjuna alone. It means that the general policy of Human Incarnations of God is only to follow the way of Rama almost everywhere. They hide their true identity and only claim to be ordinary human beings and servants of God...

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Posted on: 11/04/2019

Following is a conversation between Swamiji and some devotees where Swamiji clarifies the questions posed by the devotees related to choosing one’s career and worldly life.

Shri Bharath: Padanamaskaram Swamiji! I am Bharath from Amrita School of Engineering. My question is related to Pravrutti. Swamiji, I am going to finish MTech in two months and I have to find a Job. It has always been my desire to work in Aerospace Industry. By your grace I have confidence in myself that I will be able to become good engineer. But the problem is I don't want to work for that industry...

Is it ok to work for such companies who are responsible for causing unsustainability in the world?...

Swami: If you do not work, somebody else will work in your place considering the present rate of unemployment. So, even if you do not work, it will not serve any purpose. If you want to achieve your aim of a sustainable world, propagate the spiritual knowledge related to this point and impress it on the minds of the people. The problem is that nobody is worried about the welfare of society...

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Posted on: 12/03/2019

1) How can the truth set a person free when no one knows the truth?

 [This is a question based on the statement of Lord Jesus in the Bible, “The truth will set you free”, and was posed by a person in an online discussion to Shri Anil.]

Swami replied: Truth means the fact in any subject. It also means an item which really exists. One must have the knowledge of both to uplift one’s soul. The true item is God. God is unimaginable, but He enters a medium to become an Incarnation for the sake of souls. Recognizing this mediated God or Incarnation itself is the recognition of the true goal. For this, one must have the capacity for logical analysis so that one can find the truth. After finding the true goal, one must get the knowledge of the soul or oneself...

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Posted on: 11/03/2019

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! You have said in the discourse on January 25, 2019, that the predominant qualities of angels, humans and demons are sattvam or knowledge, rajas or activity, and tamas or inertia respectively. The underlying presumption appears to be that the body has an effect on the mental qualities. Angels have a body of energy along with awareness, but no matter. So, it might be alright to say that their mental quality is predominantly sattvam since the absence of matter (tamas) in their bodies allows the full expression of sattvam. But to say that humans are predominantly rajasic in their mental quality and that demons are predominantly tamasic, seems odd...

Swami replied: The three fundamental qualities are inherent in all aspects of creation. In the context of the components of creation, sattvam is awareness, rajas is inert energy and tamas is matter. In the context of mental qualities, sattvam means knowledge, rajas means activity and tamas means ignorance. The Gita says “Uurdhvam gacchayanti sattvasthaah…”, which means that in the upper world, sattvam is predominant. In the middle world, rajas is predominant, and in the lower world...

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Posted on: 10/03/2019

Shri Bharath Krishna asked: Namah Shivaya Shri Datta Swami! I am Bharath from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. I tried to know about mahatmas and in every story, I heard, I found that even if they are affected by deadly diseases, their smiles never fade. It is said that all of them were able to do it because they have realized that they are not the body but the Atman. But You have said that Atman (Jeevatma) is also inert because it is controlled by Parabrahman. You also said that Atman is just the flow of energy in the neurons all over our body. At least, I understood it like this. Now I have a doubt in this regard. If a person meets with an accident and loses one of his limbs then all the neurons in that part are lost. By this, I have to conclude that some part of the Atman is also lost...

Swami replied: Atman means the soul, which is the awareness in a human being. The awareness is the result of inert energy working in the nervous system. When a limb is cut from the body in an accident, the nervous energy in that cut limb disappears at once...

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Posted on: 09/03/2019

Ms. Arsha (D/o Dr. Nikhil & Smt. Devi) asked: My examinations begin tomorrow. How can I overcome my nervousness?

Swami replied: You must think that God Datta is always with you like your bodyguard to fight with the nervousness that attacks you and to protect you from it. Nervousness will surely be defeated by God Datta and it will run away. This is your close relationship with God. If you find the nervousness still attacking you, you should come closer to God by thinking that God is in you. This will almost certainly push away your nervousness because no thief dares...

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Posted on: 24/02/2019

Nivrutti means total detachment from all worldly bonds; be they legitimate or illegitimate. If one achieves detachment only from illegitimate worldly bonds, such as the bond with a prostitute, it is partial nivrutti. In this partial nivrutti, a partial attachment remains since the person’s legitimate worldly bonds, such as the bond with one’s wife, still persist. With respect to all the worldly bonds of a person, such detachment is only partial. The attachment to illegitimate worldly bonds is called dushpravrutti and such souls reach hell...

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Posted on: 23/02/2019

Shri Anil asked: 1) Why did Jesus on the cross pray to God to excuse His offenders since they were ignorant?

Swami replied: The prayer of Jesus on the cross tells us that we should have tolerance even towards our bitter enemies. This is a very important and basic concept in the context of Universal Spirituality. Often, some followers of another religion criticize our religion so bitterly that we are unable to control ourselves. So, we retort to them even more bitterly. This further enrages them and the quarrel becomes more and more bitter. Sometimes, it even ends up in physical violence. To avoid this, we should do the opposite. As our enemy becomes more and more bitter...

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Posted on: 17/02/2019

How can people suffering from incurable diseases or mental defects be cured?

Shri Anil asked: How can I console a cancer-patient, who is known to me? Also, when mentally retarded people are unable to even pray to God, how can they be cured?

Swami replied: Any illness can be cured by the omnipotent God. But God is also omniscient. The sin is excused only if there is a real reformation in the soul. Real reformation is practically proved through the non-repetition of the sin. The omniscient God must be thoroughly convinced that the soul is truly reformed...

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Posted on: 26/01/2019

Smt. Bh. Kumari asked: Swami! Can you please explain the significance of the three holy epics of Hinduism, namely, Raamaayanam, Mahaabhaaratam, and Bhaagavatam?

Swami replied: There are three stages in the spiritual development of any human being in this world. They are dushpravrutti, pravrutti, and nivrutti. They are related to a person’s fascination (overattachment or Moha) to worldly bonds. The three main worldly bonds of a soul are the bond with money, the bond with one’s life-partner and the bond with one’s child. A limited attachment to these worldly bonds is acceptable as long as it does not cross the boundaries of justice. Excessive attachment to these bonds causes the soul to commit...

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Posted on: 25/01/2019

1) Why is alcohol prohibited for human beings but not for angels?

Shri Kishore Ram asked: Padanamaskaram Swamiji! One of my friends requested You to kindly answer the question given below: When angels like Indra consumed alcohol (Surapanam), why is it prohibited for human beings? What is amrutapanam?

Swami replied: Angels have energetic bodies without any trace of matter. Sattvam, rajas, and tamas are the three fundamental qualities or principles that are inherent in every aspect of creation. At the cosmic level, they are expressed as the three constituents of creation namely awareness, energy and matter respectively. In our minds, sattvam appears as knowledge and goodness, rajas appears as dynamism and desire, and tamas represents ignorance and rigidity. The bodies of angels are made of rajas. Rajas actually means dust or particles. It means inert energy since energy is made of quanta or subtle particles. Angels also possess awareness...

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Posted on: 25/01/2019

1) Why is Islam associated with violence, meat-eating and other defects?

Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami! Suraj Advaita asked the following doubts in a forum and is seeking their clarification from You. Kindly give Your reply. At Your divine feet, Anil. Why is Islam causing problems everywhere? Why is the Quran so negatively written? Why does Islam allow meat-eating, when Sanatana Dharma does not allow it? If meat eating is sin, why are Muslims allowed to eat meat? Is Islam the Devil’s religion? Also, please let me know what things on your channel I should propagate? I have read most of your articles and I have liked them. Where can I find all your articles?

Swami replied: Sin is sin irrespective of the religion a person follows. No divine scripture allows any human being to follow sin. But when a certain sin is inevitable and when no single person can change it among the people belonging to a certain religion or region, the divine scripture neglects for the time being. The scripture, in its preaching, concentrates on the control of other sins at least. Even in Hinduism, non-vegetarian food...

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Posted on: 24/01/2019

Dr. Nikhil asked: People generally treat astrology to be the subject related to reading horoscopes prepared based on the date and time of a person’s birth. Vāstu Śāstra is treated to be the subject dealing with architecture. Is there a relationship between astrology and Vāstu Śāstra?

Swami replied: Astrology (Jyautisha Shaastra) is the subject dealing with bright planets and stars since jyotiḥ means a bright light. Astrology is said to be a subject consisting of five parts (panchaanga). As per one classification, the five parts of astrology are tithi, vaara, nakṣatra, yoga, karana. Tithi is the date as per the lunar calendar. Vaara is the day of the week. Nakshatra is the constellation (star). Yoga is a calculation related to the positions of the sun and the moon and karana is the duration of half a lunar day. These five aspects can be seen in the astrological calendar called pancchanga...

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Posted on: 20/01/2019

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! I had a dream about You which was highly symbolic but am unable to understand its meaning. I feel that You were giving me some deep message through it. In the dream, You visited our home in Coimbatore. It was a joyous occasion and surprisingly, You were in Your early fifties! Devi and Arsha took You to the balcony...

Swami replied: There are two types of dreams. The first is when strong feelings of this birth or previous births arising from the subconscious state appear in the form of dreams. Such dreams are worldly matters. The second type is when God sometimes, gives a message useful for a person’s spiritual life in the form of a dream. Such dreams are observed...

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Posted on: 10/01/2019

Shri Shashi Kopparthi asked: How to connect with and experience you Swami? In this age of Kali, choosing a guru is very difficult. As you said, many gurus like Satya Sai first did miracles to attract people and then imparted spiritual knowledge. I was looking for a living guru who can guide me. Can I get some miraculous experiences from a guru like you so that I can accept you as my guru? Shashi Kopparthi

Swami replied: I am just a human being like you without the slightest capability of doing any miracle. I happen to be the human being-component of the Human Incarnation of God Datta and that is only because He selected me for the purpose. His mission is the welfare...

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Posted on: 09/01/2019

Shri Kishore Ram asked: Is there authority from the scripture regarding the cancellation of pending punishments by reformation, especially in this Kali Age? Some of my friends are asking for scriptural authority on this point.

Swami replied: This concept is based on logic and hence, it is valid in any age because the logic of the concept is beyond time. The logic is as follows. The meaning of reformation is that the soul passes through realization, repentance and finally non-repetition of the sin in practice. What is the aim of the punishment for sin? It is not revenge or tit for tat! It is only to create fear in the mind of the soul so that the soul does not repeat the sin...

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Posted on: 06/01/2019

Shri Hrushikesh asked Swami through Shri PVNM Sharma: One of my friends said “We have to do worldly work to support our families, so we cannot dedicate ourselves totally to the work of God”. I request You to please respond to his comment.

Swami Replied: If this point of your friend were valid, the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna in the Gita would have been as follows:

Krishna: O Arjuna! Give up this worldly work of fighting to win back your lost property and kingdom. Become a saint and propagate My spiritual knowledge in this world.

Arjuna: How can I withdraw from this war? I need to get back the property earned by my father in order to support my family. If I completely dedicate myself to Your work, would I not be doing an injustice towards my family?

In fact, the real version of the Gita is the reverse. Arjuna wanted to withdraw from the war. He was fighting the war to regain his lost kingdom, so, fighting the war was his worldly duty. Krishna forced Arjuna to do...

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Posted on: 01/01/2019

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! I have two questions related to Your discourse given on December 23, 2018. I request Your kind clarifications on the same. Your servant. Nikhil

Question-1: I feel that that only God is completely free; not souls. The freedom of the soul is always restricted by several internal and external factors on earth. So, it cannot be called as total freedom or the freedom to act in all directions. The restrictions by the internal and external factors put tremendous force on the person’s mind and influence the person’s decision. The choices made by a person...

Swami replied: The word freedom used by Me in the earlier discourse does not mean the absolute freedom possessed by God-in-human-form as described in the Veda (Aapnoti svaaraajyam). Such absolute freedom exists only in the case of God and no soul can even imagine it. The freedom enjoyed by a soul presently is limited by several factors as mentioned by you. But the freedom granted by God to the soul in the present age is greater than the freedom...

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Posted on: 01/01/2019

Shri Kishore Ram remarked to Shri PVNM Sharma: It is very difficult to stay free of the aspiration for any fruit in return from God while doing service to Him.

Swami replied: The point here is not to achieve this state of being free of the aspiration for any fruit in return with effort, but to attain this state in a natural and effortless manner. Take the case of our love for our children. Our love for them is real. We practically serve them and we sacrifice our money for them without expecting anything in return from them. Our practical service and the sacrifice of our money to them proves...

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Posted on: 31/12/2018

God-preacher Shri Datta spoke:- 22)  When I merge with a devoted human being selected by Me to become an Incarnation it is called Saayujyam. The selected devotee never wishes for it and such merging happens only by My force. That human being then becomes Myself or equal to Me. This is monistic salvation or advaita mukti. No devotee aspiring for monism with Me attains it because such an aspiration is a disqualification. The disciples of the Incarnation selected by Me for the propagation of the knowledge generated by the Incarnation, attain a very close association with Me. This closeness with Me is called Saamiipya. I remain very close to such devotees like their bodyguard...

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