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1. HOW CAN WE REACT IF LORD krishna born again?

2. Guidance needed on unimaginable God

3. Some people say that allowing ladies in to the temple of Swamy Ayyappa in Kerala is responsible for the recent water calamity. What do you say?

4. Question on doctrine of actions and fruits

5. Question on rituals in Bali

6. Can we say that the first created human being is 'Datta' or 'Father of Heaven'?

7. Can we treat Mulaprakruti as 'Adi parashakti' ?

8. What is the meaning of 'nothing of energy' in 'SHRI DATTAGURU BHAGAVAT GITA'?

9. Enlighten on Karma and Karma Yoga

10. Question on Enlightenment on Karma and Karma Yoga

11. Question on rigidity

12. Who is the real Lord?

13. Why is it God did not change the Bible for the better?

14. Are atheistic countries more disciplined and flourished than that of theistic countries?

15. How to get direction in my life?

16. Is God continuously creating new parts of universe?

17. Why Christianity and Islam never agree on Vedas whereas Sanatana Dharma agrees with all scriptures from every religion?

18. Question on rebirth

19. Reply to a devotee's question

20. How does God react to souls?


Filters for Q & A

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