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1. How does God react to souls?

2. Swami, please answer on videos in which strong slogans like "God of our religion is only the God" are heard.

3. Is God re-entered Jesus after His death on the cross? Did Jesus really die on cross?

4. Question on Entry of energetic from of Datta dissolving in You at Sri Sailam.

5. Question on Possesion by vedic ghost.

6. The memory of the previous birth appears in some soul only...

7. Question on greediness in materialistic life.

8. Question on test conduted by Lord Datta.

9. What is meant by Sthitaprajna as said in Gita?

10. What is the importance of sacrifice of work and sacrifice of fruit of work?

11. What are the merits Universal religion established by You?

12. Will intellect take immediate decision on an issue?

13. Surgery without anesthesia...

14. Questions on Bible

15. What purpose of creation is served by the trans genders...?

16. One man killed himself in a ritual to appease a goddess...Kindly give Your opinion on such extreme steps.

17. What are the differences between mind,intelligence and ego?

18. Does god have a plan?

19. If God exists, why isn't he guiding me on a daily basis?

20. What is the secret behind Nadi Astrology?


Filters for Q & A

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