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1. Are women suffering unfairly for Indra’s sin by way of menstruation?

2. Is the Sabarimala dispute, the mission of God? Why was the Supreme Court’s verdict different from Your verdict?

3. Why can the devotees of Lord Ayyapa not practice self-control in the presence of women?

4. Will Muslims end up in the lake of fire for rejecting the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus?

5. Can a soul born as an animal or bird be reborn as a human?

6. How should devotees bear the reports of sex scandals in spiritual institutions?

7. Is it true that Prema Sai is already born and that the subtle form of Shri Sathya Sai will merge into Him in year 2022?

8. Since sperm and ova contain no soul, does it not prove that God introduces the soul after fertilization?

9. Do the external differences between Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and Shri Sathya Sai Baba prove that the latter is not genuine?

10. Why is it claimed that Vedic civilization was advanced, even though it had many defects?

11. Can religion be questioned? When religion contradicts science, which side should we take?

12. HOW CAN WE REACT IF LORD krishna born again?

13. Guidance needed on unimaginable God

14. Some people say that allowing ladies in to the temple of Swamy Ayyappa in Kerala is responsible for the recent water calamity. What do you say?

15. Question on doctrine of actions and fruits

16. Question on rituals in Bali

17. Can we say that the first created human being is 'Datta' or 'Father of Heaven'?

18. Can we treat Mulaprakruti as 'Adi parashakti' ?

19. What is the meaning of 'nothing of energy' in 'SHRI DATTAGURU BHAGAVAT GITA'?

20. Enlighten on Karma and Karma Yoga


Filters for Q & A

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