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Posted on: 07/06/2019

Shri Phani asked: I feel that I am incompetent to do God’s work. Please advise.

Swami replied: The doctor gives an antibiotic tablet to cure the patient’s fever. But the medicine has side-effects such as constipation, hyperacidity and weakness since the medicine not only kills bacteria but it also damages some healthy tissues. Hence, along with the antibiotic, some antacid to control hyperacidity and some vitamin B-complex for overcoming weakness are also given to the patient. The antibiotic will not work to cure the hyperacidity and the antacid will not work to cure the fever. Similarly, feeling incompetent works to eradicate the ego. But this feeling has a side-effect and it is to reduce the person’s enthusiasm to work for God. To overcome this side-effect, another medicine must also be given...

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Posted on: 28/05/2019

God-Preacher Shri Datta spoke: 65)  Justice and good qualities related to worldly life or pravrutti have been encouraged granting rewards like miraculous powers (vibhūti). These rewards help in maintaining good qualities among people in the world. Samadhi is the final step of the spiritual journey in which the devotee attains a state of firm decision in his devotion. A dualistic devotee is always aware of the form of God in which God exists separate from him. When he attains firm devotion to that form of God, he is said to have attained Samprajnaata Samadhi. The devotee into whom God has merged is in a state of monism with God. As a result, he does not perceive God as separate from himself. He attains Asamprajnaata Samadhi. Both the dualistic devotee and the monistic devotee are indeed Human Incarnations of God. Balarama was a dualistic devotee of God Vishnu, who was actually separate from God. Yet, he is counted as one of the ten important Incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Krishna was an example of monism with God since Lord Vishnu...

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Posted on: 27/05/2019

God-Preacher Shri Datta spoke: 49)  Chaarvaaka said that the living body with awareness itself is the soul. There is no problem with this point because, after all, the soul is only a special work-form of inert energy associated with the material body. Since matter is also another form of energy, all the three phases, matter, energy and awareness, can be considered to be just one item, called creation. None of them is the Creator. Only the schools which treat the soul to be God have a problem with this claim of Chaarvaaka since they treat the soul, which is a created item, as God. The reality is that the unimaginable God alone is the Creator while the imaginable soul is a tiny part of creation. Actually, the soul is a form of energy and is slightly different from the body, which is made of matter. However, this slight difference is not a big problem because matter and energy are only slightly different...

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Posted on: 26/05/2019

Shri Kishore Ram asked: You have said that when ‘I’ is crossed the selfishness being related to the self (‘I’) also vanishes. You have further said that ‘I’ vanishes whenever one is attracted to God. This brings a temporary relief from the selfishness. How to get rid off selfishness forever?

Swami replied: As long as ‘I’ exists, selfishness also exists just like the property of heat exists as long as the fire exists. The root source of selfishness is the I-thought or one’s self-identity. It means that one must try to keep oneself in the state of being attracted to God at all times. It is the only way to be relieved of selfishness forever. A doubt arises at this point that if a devotee is always immersed in God, how can the devotee perform his or her necessary worldly duties? The answer to this question is found in the Gita. God says that in the case of such a devotee, who is always immersed in God, God Himself takes up the worldly responsibilities as well as the spiritual responsibilities of that devotee...

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Posted on: 25/05/2019

Shri Hrushikesh asked: When a devoted soul is dedicated to God and is involved in practical service and sacrifice to God, the family members of the devotee suffer. Is it justified on the part of the devotee to let his family suffer as a result of his devotion?

Swami replied: Certainly, I tell you, it is not merely justified but it is more than justified! Shankara, even though He was the only son of His mother, left her in her old age in order to serve God. His old mother lived alone in a hut far from the village and she did not even have the cooperation of her relatives. If you see these circumstances, you will say that Shankara’s action was not mere injustice, but it was more than injustice! The old mother, who had no attendant, suffered a lot at the fag end of her life. But just before her death...

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Posted on: 23/05/2019

Shri Hrushikesh Pudipeddi brought the following question to the attention of Swami. The question was posed by a devotee on an online forum after the devotee read one of Swami’s discourses related to Advaita. The devotee asked “How can one know that the soul wants something? How can one identify if it is the craving of the soul?”

Swami replied: The correct term to be used when referring to the awareness present in a particular human being is the ‘individual soul’. The term ‘soul’ refers to the inert energy that is required to generate the awareness (individual soul) in the person’s functioning nervous system. The inert energy...

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Posted on: 23/05/2019

Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami! In the recent terrorist attacks, many people who had gathered for worship were killed. Some people are questioning why God allows such killings to take place in a place of worship. They are asking if God was sleeping while these people were being killed. Even if the killing were inevitable, God could have easily made it happen in some other place so that this blame would not come on God. At Your Divine Feet, Anil.

Swami replied: The time and place of punishment is decided by God Himself. God Himself is punishing the sinners by killing them. Krishna Himself killed several sinners and He also got several sinners killed. Prophet Mohammad also killed several sinners, who were creating violence by propagating the multiplicity of God. Of course, sometimes, even God gets killed by sinners! Jesus, Shankara, Daynanda Sarasvati etc., were Human Incarnations of God, who were killed in this manner. All these incidents have their own hidden backgrounds...

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Posted on: 07/05/2019

Dr. Nikhil asked: Many people say that they do not believe in the existence of God because they find accepting God’s existence inconvenient. I am trying to change the mode of logic in such a way that the existence of God does not become inconvenient to them. Is it alright?

Swami replied: Shankara did the same thing to convert atheists into theists. To accomplish this, it was necessary for Him to use some twisted logic. He used a three-step logic: (i) You are God, (ii) You exist (iii) and hence, God exists. In His time, people in India were mostly atheists. They either followed the ritualistic Purva miimamsa philosophy or Buddhism. Converting these atheists into theists...

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Posted on: 07/05/2019

Kum. A. V. N. Kishori asked: It is said that we are reborn on this earth to enjoy the fruits of our deeds (karma). But it is also said that we undergo the punishments (fruits) of our bad deeds in hell. Do these two statements not contradict each other? Also, what is the importance of the number 19 in numerology?

Swami replied: Your second question on numerology has no connection with your main spiritual question. This second question is like a black spot on the white moon! Yet, I am answering your second question first since it is the first time that you are posing questions to Me. Our ancient astrological scriptures do not have the numerology that is being followed nowadays. The numerology that is based on the ancient astrology is different from the present system of numerology...

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Posted on: 06/05/2019

Shri Durga Prasad (Mumbai) asked: Will a soul who has been transformed by spiritual knowledge (Jnanagnih sarva karmani—Gita) be able to enjoy both misery and happiness equally (Samatvam yoga uchyate —Gita)? Can these two statements from the Gita really be reconciled?

Swami replied: Anything is possible by the grace of God, even when it is not possible by the mere effort of the soul. God becomes the soul in the Human Incarnation and enjoys both happy and tragic incidents equally just as one enjoys both sweet and hot dishes in a meal. This is yoga (Samatvam yoga uchyate—Gita). While eating the hot and spicy dish, your tongue vibrates...

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Posted on: 05/05/2019

Shri Balaji asked: One of my friends told me that he does not have mental peace due to quarrels between his parents and in-laws. Can You kindly give some advice regarding maintaining peace in family affairs and broadly in the society?

Swami replied: If you follow the following simple rules, your family life and your life in society can be very smooth. It will help you focus your attention on the spiritual path, which provides eternal fruit.

Be silent and avoid a quarrel: Whenever there is an issue in the family, do not scold anybody. Even if someone scolds you, do not scold them back. Speaking harshly with others will only worsen the quarrel. Shri Shirdi Sai Baba said “The one who gets scolded must thank the person scolding him because the scolder is clearing the sins of the scolded.” Pointing to a pig, Baba said, “The scolder is comparable to this pig, which cleans the surroundings by eating excrement.” Shri Satya Sai Baba has said “If you keep silent in response to the scoldings of the scolder, the scoldings return to the scolder..

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Posted on: 28/04/2019

Shri Balaji asked “How to get rid of selfishness?”

Swami replied: If the self is forgotten, selfishness also disappears from your mind. The self is indicated by ‘I’. Christianity says that the cross indicates the crossing out of the ‘I’; which means negating the ‘I’. When the ‘I’ is crossed, selfishness also gets crossed. When can we forget this ‘I’? When you are watching a movie, you forget yourself. You do not even notice the mosquitoes biting you and the bedbugs on your seat sucking your blood! It means that you forget the ‘I’, when you are strongly attracted to something. The strongest and permanent attraction is the attraction to the personality of God. There can be no attraction equal to it...

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Posted on: 14/04/2019

Shri Veena Datta: What is the difference between astrology and devotion to God?

Swami: Astrology gives a list of bad effects during a period governed by a bad planet (Dashaa). From this list, which specific effect will be faced by a specific person, can only be told by God’s grace, which is obtained through devotion. For example, astrology gives a list of bad effects that a person might face during the period of Saturn, which include, theft, paralysis, accidents and so on. Suppose two persons approach you and both are passing through the period of Saturn. As an astrologer, you may predict that one person may become the victim of theft but the person may instead suffer from an attack of paralysis...

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Posted on: 14/04/2019

Shri Phani: How do you correlate the vivarta vaada of Shankara with the parinaama vaada of Ramanuja?

Swami: Vivarta means an apparent modification whereas parinaama means an actual modification. Water appearing as a wave is an example of vivarta. Milk getting modified to curd is example of parinaama. In fact, scholars call only parinaama as a modification. In the case of vivarta, the word ‘modification’ cannot actually be used. Standstill water itself appears as a wave when some kinetic energy is imparted to it. There is no actual modification in the water at all! But we can still use the word modification in sense of the different appearance which is the result of the association of the water with kinetic energy. We can define modification in terms of a change of qualities. In the case of water and the wave, the water remains the same, chemically. There is no change in its qualities as in the case of milk turning to curd. But even in the case of milk turning to curd, the change in qualities can be attributed to the association of the unseen bacteria...

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Posted on: 13/04/2019

[Message on Shri Rāma Navami Day] Rama and Krishna were both complete Incarnations of God on earth. But the difference is that Rama said that He was only a human being and not God (Aatmaanam maanusham manye...) whereas Krishna said that He was God on several occasions in the Gita. These days, the situation of humanity is worse than during the times Rama and Krishna. Hence, Shirdi Sai Baba, the recent Incarnation, followed the path of Rama by always saying that He was a servant of God (Allah Malik). Even Krishna said that He was God only in the Gita when He was speaking to Arjuna alone. It means that the general policy of Human Incarnations of God is only to follow the way of Rama almost everywhere. They hide their true identity and only claim to be ordinary human beings and servants of God...

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Posted on: 11/04/2019

Following is a conversation between Swamiji and some devotees where Swamiji clarifies the questions posed by the devotees related to choosing one’s career and worldly life.

Shri Bharath: Padanamaskaram Swamiji! I am Bharath from Amrita School of Engineering. My question is related to Pravrutti. Swamiji, I am going to finish MTech in two months and I have to find a Job. It has always been my desire to work in Aerospace Industry. By your grace I have confidence in myself that I will be able to become good engineer. But the problem is I don't want to work for that industry...

Is it ok to work for such companies who are responsible for causing unsustainability in the world?...

Swami: If you do not work, somebody else will work in your place considering the present rate of unemployment. So, even if you do not work, it will not serve any purpose. If you want to achieve your aim of a sustainable world, propagate the spiritual knowledge related to this point and impress it on the minds of the people. The problem is that nobody is worried about the welfare of society...

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Posted on: 12/03/2019

1) How can the truth set a person free when no one knows the truth?

 [This is a question based on the statement of Lord Jesus in the Bible, “The truth will set you free”, and was posed by a person in an online discussion to Shri Anil.]

Swami replied: Truth means the fact in any subject. It also means an item which really exists. One must have the knowledge of both to uplift one’s soul. The true item is God. God is unimaginable, but He enters a medium to become an Incarnation for the sake of souls. Recognizing this mediated God or Incarnation itself is the recognition of the true goal. For this, one must have the capacity for logical analysis so that one can find the truth. After finding the true goal, one must get the knowledge of the soul or oneself...

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Posted on: 11/03/2019

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! You have said in the discourse on January 25, 2019, that the predominant qualities of angels, humans and demons are sattvam or knowledge, rajas or activity, and tamas or inertia respectively. The underlying presumption appears to be that the body has an effect on the mental qualities. Angels have a body of energy along with awareness, but no matter. So, it might be alright to say that their mental quality is predominantly sattvam since the absence of matter (tamas) in their bodies allows the full expression of sattvam. But to say that humans are predominantly rajasic in their mental quality and that demons are predominantly tamasic, seems odd...

Swami replied: The three fundamental qualities are inherent in all aspects of creation. In the context of the components of creation, sattvam is awareness, rajas is inert energy and tamas is matter. In the context of mental qualities, sattvam means knowledge, rajas means activity and tamas means ignorance. The Gita says “Uurdhvam gacchayanti sattvasthaah…”, which means that in the upper world, sattvam is predominant. In the middle world, rajas is predominant, and in the lower world...

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Posted on: 10/03/2019

Shri Bharath Krishna asked: Namah Shivaya Shri Datta Swami! I am Bharath from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. I tried to know about mahatmas and in every story, I heard, I found that even if they are affected by deadly diseases, their smiles never fade. It is said that all of them were able to do it because they have realized that they are not the body but the Atman. But You have said that Atman (Jeevatma) is also inert because it is controlled by Parabrahman. You also said that Atman is just the flow of energy in the neurons all over our body. At least, I understood it like this. Now I have a doubt in this regard. If a person meets with an accident and loses one of his limbs then all the neurons in that part are lost. By this, I have to conclude that some part of the Atman is also lost...

Swami replied: Atman means the soul, which is the awareness in a human being. The awareness is the result of inert energy working in the nervous system. When a limb is cut from the body in an accident, the nervous energy in that cut limb disappears at once...

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Posted on: 09/03/2019

Ms. Arsha (D/o Dr. Nikhil & Smt. Devi) asked: My examinations begin tomorrow. How can I overcome my nervousness?

Swami replied: You must think that God Datta is always with you like your bodyguard to fight with the nervousness that attacks you and to protect you from it. Nervousness will surely be defeated by God Datta and it will run away. This is your close relationship with God. If you find the nervousness still attacking you, you should come closer to God by thinking that God is in you. This will almost certainly push away your nervousness because no thief dares...

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