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Deservingness of Receiver is Life of Sacrifice in Practice

[August 06, 2017] Dr. Sudershan Rao (Doctor in Global Hospitals, Hyderabad) asked:

1) What about the human beings present in Western countries to develop spiritually in the absence of this Vedic culture in those countries?

Swami replied: You sympathized foreigners missing Vedic culture due to your kind and good heart aspiring universal benefit. But, if you follow My analysis, you will know the truth, which is otherwise. What is the meaning of the word ‘culture’? Is it external language like Sanskrit in which the Veda is composed...

Subject area: Hinduism

Human Incarnation Shows Externally Monism But Internally Dualism

[August 06, 2017] Ms. Shyama Kamala Lochana asked:

1) While answering the question of Vena Datta, You told that the human incarnation is like sugar dissolved in water and the sweetness of water is due to sugar only. This means that God-component and human being-component are always separate in the finest level, which means that dualism is ultimately correct and not the monism. Can You explain this point?

Swami replied: I have taken the solution of sugar dissolved in water as a simile to express the dualism in monism in view of certain devotees, who do not like perfect monism in the ultimate level due to some extent of jealousy in them towards co-human beings. This is dualism in monism...

God and souls in three states

[August 05, 2017] Shri Veena Datta asked: Please explain the God and souls in three states (Refer Dr. Nikhil’s question).

Swami replied: The unimaginable God is always in one state and there is no effect of any state on Him. He is always omniscient observing the entire creation. To be omniscient He need not be omnipresent. Without being omnipresent, He can be omniscient...

Subject area: Universality


[July 29, 2017] Shri P. Surya asked: “Swami! Please explain more about the word ‘Universal subjectivity’, used by Dr. Nikhil.

Swami replied: Subject means knower (kartaa or jnaataa). The process of knowing (kriyaa or Jnaanam) is the link between subject and object to be known. The object is the item known (Karma or Jneyam). Subjectivity means the experience...

Subject area: Universality


[July 23, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to submit the following questions related to ananda at Your divine feet. Your servant, Nikhil. 1) Could You please explain the terms lokānanda, rasānanda and brahmānanda in the three contexts of unimaginable God, the human incarnation and the ordinary human being?...

Swami replied: The word ‘ananda’ means the happiness that is continuous without any break (aasamantaat nandati iti). There are two aspects of happiness: 1) The quantitative value and 2) The continuity without any break. If you take the quantitative aspect...

Subject area: Universality


[July 22, 2017] Shri G. Lakshman: Padamanamaskarams to Swami!! I put forth my humble question to you.

1) Does all the souls in the upper world able to identify the human incarnation on the planet Earth or is it only the Bramharakshasas able to identify (referring to the Bramharakshas who directed Vishnudatta to the Lord)...

Swami Replied: Living being in the upper world is made of sattvam (awareness) and rajas (inert energy) along with a trace of inertia (tamas) associated with energy. Any living being has all the three qualities associated with each other. Sattvam (awareness) always...

Subject area: Hinduism


[July 08, 2017] Dr. Nikhil Asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to bring the following questions related to the Ṛg Veda and Indian culture. I seek Your clarifications on the same. At Your Divine Feet, Nikhil

1) Are the deities mentioned in the Ṛg Veda, the human incarnations of God or different devoted angels from the upper worlds, who have periodically incarnated on Earth to guide humanity?

Swami replied: The power is of two types: i) Power of unimaginable domain, which can’t be touched by any human being through any instrument at any time and in any place and ii) Power of imaginable domain, which is sub divided into a) Power so far achieved by human beings and b) Power to be achieved in future through research...

Subject area: Hinduism


[July 01, 2017] Shri Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to bring the following questions from the perspective of atheists who feel that theism and religions are mere human inventions that are based on the misunderstanding that extraterrestrial aliens, who have been visiting Earth since ancient times, are gods. I seek Your clarifications on the same. At Your Divine Feet, Nikhil

1) Why are intelligent life forms on other planets not possible?

Swami replied: Living beings in materialized bodies do not exist in the upper worlds or planets or galaxies. Except this one earth, all other planets contain living beings in energetic bodies called as Deva, Gandharva, Siddha, Chaarana, Asura, Naaga etc., who can’t be visualized by human beings unless blessed by the grace of God. The main reason for this is that...

Subject area: Univerality

DATTA VEDA - CHAPTER 10 (Contd...) presented by: P. V. N. M. Sharma

[June 24, 2017] 10th Chapter Continued …

20–09–1999, 4.00 a.m.

Pravrutti and Nivrutti are the two portfolios of the same God. In Pravrutti if you go against justice, God becomes displeased. In the Nivrutti, if you exhibit false devotion (becoming zero in practical devotion), God becomes equally furious. Since this point is not realized by devotees, today, we find several devotees, who are excellent in the Nivrutti do simultaneously unjust sins in Pravrutti. The devotee sacrifices a lot for God in the Nivrutti. But, the same devotee is doing several sins...

Subject area: Hinduism


[June 24, 2017 2nd Message] Shri Balaji asked: Namaste Swamiji. Kindly clarify the Gita verse

(ye 'py anya-devata-bhakta yajante sraddhayanvitah

te 'pi mam eva kaunteya yajanty avidhi-purvakam)

By anyadevataa, does Lord Krishna mean even energetic incarnations of God like Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva? Or is He referring only to angels like Indra etc. It is confusing in this verse whether by 'maam', He means Lord Krishna (human body) or Lord Vishnu (energetic body). In a few verses back in the same chapter, He says 'Avajaanantimaam…manusheem…' where He clearly means human body...

Swami replied: The word ‘devataa’ means energetic form or body since the root word “div” stands for light or energy whether the energetic body is of Indra or Lord Vishnu (or Lord Shiva), it means the same because in both cases the body is made of inert energy and awareness (awareness is also a specific work form of inert energy only). As far as the medium...

Subject area: Hinduism


[June 24, 2017] Shri Lakshman asked: Padamanamaskarams to Swami!! I put forth my humble question to you. This is in light of the statement made by Jesus, when the unimaginable God was leaving him, he exclaimed, “Why are you leaving me God”. In a Human Incarnation, is the soul aware of the unimaginable God at all times? Then in deep sleep is there an existence of a witness or (soul) and the witnessed (unimaginable God)? At the lotus feet of Sri Dattaswami. Regards, Lakshman

Swami replied: Awareness of unimaginable God does not mean knowledge of the nature of unimaginable God. Here, awareness means awareness of the existence of unimaginable God. The Veda says that only awareness of existence of unimaginable God is possible (asteetyeva…). Such knowledge is possible by inference. Such knowledge is not a mere theoretical knowledge...

Subject area: Christianity


[June 22, 2017] Dr Annapurna, Prof. Hindi, Central University of Hyderabad asked: Lot of stress is given on cow slaughter. What about the slaughter of other living beings like goat etc.?

Swami replied: The scripture says that a Brahmana should not be killed (Brahamano na hantavyah). Does this mean that you can kill people of other castes? You must know that the characteristic of Brahmana is soft nature, who does not harm even his enemy (Ghaatam na ghaatayet viprah). This means that any human being, who is of soft nature, is Brahmana irrespective of his caste by birth. The Gita says that caste system...

Subject area: Universality


[June 18, 2017] Shri Karthik asked:

1) Will intellect take immediate decision on an issue?

Swami replied: Decision may be immediate or may be taken after some analysis. Intelligence of a human being may not be so efficient to take a decision even after analysis. Sometimes, intelligence may take wrong decision influenced by subconscious state. Hence, a group debate is essential. Discussion with human incarnation (Satguru) is the best, if possible. Without analysis...

Subject area: Universality


[June 10, 2017] Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami, A question from a Muslim devotee is enclosed

1) A muslim devotee, Imran Ahmed, on Qoura commented on the divine knowledge of Shri Datta Swami on re-birth as given below.[Kindly give Your answer to this. Imran Ahmed. Jai Shri Datta

Your articles are very insightful and whenever I read them, I feel that it contains only truth. Thanks for your beautiful messages. In this article you have mentioned that : “Some people think that cancellation of the rebirth in this world is salvation! This is climax of ignorance.” During my spiritual journey so far, I had a conclusion that the key effort in spiritual path is to attain Moksha/Liberation...

Swami Replied: Salvation means relief from the worldly tensions for which the worldly bonds are always responsible. One should not try for salvation or detachment without attachment to God. A bond breaks only by another stronger bond. A stronger bond with God can only break the worldly bonds. Hence, salvation from the worldly bonds (worldly tensions) should be a natural consequence of the stronger bond with God. The aim shall be attachment to God and not detachment...

Subject area: Islam


[June 04, 2017] Shri G. Lakshman asked: In the light of your explanation of Mandukya Upanishat, please clarify the following: 1) Regarding the state of deep sleep of Human Incarnation like Krishna and, 2) Regarding the visible objects to the eyes of Angels in the upper worlds.

Swami Replied: 1) The Upanishat mentions four states, i) Awaken State or Consciousness (Jaagrat): The human being or Human incarnation observes this world in which objects constituted by inert energy, inert matter and awareness are seen. The seer in the human being is the individual soul made of awareness. The seer in the Human incarnation is the individual soul of the human being with which the unimaginable awareness...

Subject area: Hinduism

DATTA VEDA - 10th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

12—08—1994, 04.00am

You think that a specific area on this earth is especially pious because a deserving sage has seen Me in that area. I surely tell you that there is no specialty in that area to treat it as very pious place to be visited as pilgrimage. I appeared in that area because the deserving sage was living in that area. You can attach importance to Me and that sage but not to that area. People come to that area in crowds thinking that that area has My special grace. This is the climax of ignorance. Priests have stressed some importance on that area...

Subject area: Hinduism


[May 18, 2017 2nd Message] Today Shri Phani asked: While explaining Mandukya Upanishat, You told that angels don’t sleep and hence there is no dream-state for them. But, the state of Taijasa represents dream only. Does this fact apply to angels (energetic forms of souls) and to Narayana also (energetic incarnation)?

Swami Replied: In the case of angels, there is no dream-state due to the absence of sleep. The deep sleep is also absent. Only the state of awakening is present, which is exactly similar to the dream state of human beings. In the dream state of human beings and also in the awaken state of angels the similarity exists because in both states...

Subject area: Hinduism


[May 18, 2017] Shri Anil asked: Some times, we find even just born babies are punished by suffering of severe diseases and accidents that lead to death. There is no possibility of doing any sin in this world in such early stage. If you say that their punishments are due to previous sins done in past births, the soul is receiving the punishments without the memory of its corresponding sin. The sinner is punished in this world by court so that the sinner is aware of sin responsible for the punishment. What is the answer for this?

Swami Replied: A good question indeed. When a soul is born in this world, the attitudes (samskaras or vaasanaas) follow it, provoking the soul to do related deeds and if these are severe, fruits are given in this world itself. Since sins and fruits appear in this life itself, the soul can correlate the fruit as punishment to its related sin and may develop fear towards the sin, which is at least...

Subject area: Universality


[May 17, 2017] Shri Gangaiah Garu (Advocate & Great Scholar in Gita & Upanishads): Today we are observing several people suffering with several types of difficulties with lot of tension. If God created this world for His entertainment, is it not pleasure of a sadist? God being omniscient, He knows this situation in the beginning itself. Then, He should have stopped this creation. God being omnipotent can change all these people in a fraction of second and put them in right path. God is always in bliss and should not wish for any entertainment. I am asking this question to know the truth in the subject and I am not asking this like an atheist to criticize God.

Swami Replied: I know very well that you are a strong theist. Hence, I know that you have raised this doubt only to know the truth about the planning and administration of God. First of all, we must have firm faith in God that He is omniscient and omnipotent and also that nothing goes wrong in His plan or administration. If any doubt comes, we must know that the doubt...

Subject area: Universality


[April 23, 2017] Prof. Bhanoji Rao (F/O Kishore Ram) asked the following Questions:

1) Jesus preached right spiritual knowledge upto the age of 32 years. Later on, His life ended abrupt. Had He lived more, the program might have been completed. What is your opinion on this point?

Swami Replied: Whatever quantum of Spiritual knowledge was preached by Jesus, it was as per the divine plan only. The knowledge preached by Jesus was planned as the prescribed first part of divine knowledge to be preached by Jesus. The extension of spiritual knowledge by disciples after Jesus was also as per the divine plan of God only. In the case of divine people like Jesus, there is no question of abrupt ending of the divine program...

Subject area: Christianity


[April 15, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked (on Phone), 1) One of my relative says “You need not leave the family bonds for the sake of God. We believe in the existence of creator. Doing Social service is good and that is also not compulsory. Spiritual progress is selfish only.” Please comment on these remarks.

Swami Replied: Nobody told that you should leave family bonds for the sake of God. For your information, by leaving family bonds, you cannot get the grace of God. What I told was simply that the family bonds get spontaneously dropped due to your over attachment to God. If I say that if one drinks divine nectar, he will leave coffee, this doesn't mean that you should leave coffee for getting divine nectar...

DATTA VEDA - 9th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

[09-04-1994, 9.00 p.m. On this day a special festival of worship was done to goddess Bhramaramba in Her temple. The doors of the temple were closed. In the external extension of temple (Veranda), Swami, Shri CBK Murthy and Smt. Bhavani were sitting. Shri CBK Murthy closed his eyes and was chanting the name of Shiva using a garland of beads. Little far from him, Swami was sitting reciting the 100 verses written by Shankara on Goddess Shakti (Soundarya Lahari) and Smt. Bhavani was sitting near Swami hearing the verses. It was 9 pm in the night. Suddenly, a 10-12 year old stout-black girl with round face having white ash on forehead with a central round...

Subject area: Hinduism


[April 01, 2017 2nd Message] Shri Kishore Ram Asked: 1) Padmanamaskaram Shri Dattaswami!!! Bond with God either is Pravrutti or Nivrutti is highly essential for any spiritual aspirant. This is what i understood as the essence of the spiritual knowledge from your preachings. However, due to a small incident in my house last week, I was deeply pained and have few queries on it.

a) If family bond becomes a hurdle in my spiritual progress directly or indirectly becoming an obstruction in the propagation of Swami's divine knowledge (Satsanga), What can I do?...

Swami Replied: In Telephone, I told some points related to yourself, which you should not have taken to your family members directly. I know your stage in the spiritual path and hence the knowledge suitable to your state was spoken by Me to you. If you take this knowledge to the people of a different lower state, there will be repulsion. A P.G. student came...

Subject area: Universality


[April 01, 2017] Shri Balaji Asked: 1) In the verse below,

“satyena labhyas tapasa hy esa atma samyag-jnanena, brahmacharyena nityam, antah-sarire-jyotir-mayo hi subhro yam pasyanti, yatayah kshinadosah”

Can we take the overall meaning of 'antah-sarire...pasyanti' to imply devotees freed of sinful actions will see God in human form?

Swami Replied: 'Inside the body' does not mean that whether it is own body of the sage (yati) or the human body of someone else. Due to this, we can take the meaning in three ways. 1) It can mean the soul present in the own body of sage. Here, the soul is said to be full of light (Jyotirmayah). Jyoti means light or inert energy. The word ‘Maya’ can mean a modification (Mayat vikaare). Since the soul or awareness is the work-modification of the inert energy in the specific nervous system existing within the body, Jyotirmaya can clearly mean the soul or awareness...

Subject area: Hinduism


[March 25, 2017 2nd Message] Dr. K.V. Prasad asked: What is the difference between Eshwara of Shankara and Hiranyagarbha of Datta Swami in the state of deep sleep?

Swami replied: In the deep sleep, imaginable relative awareness (generated by inert energy functioning in a specific nervous system) cannot exist. Of course, a part of the brain is always functioning sending signals for the sake of the functioning of various biological systems of the body and such inert activity can’t be called as awareness, which is just similar to functioning of signal lights for traffic in centers of cross-roads...


[March 25, 2017] Shri Kishore, Hrushikesh and Karthik asked: In one place, You said that a beggar is under the punishment of God and to help the beggar becomes sin since we are interfering with the divine administration. In another place, on other hand, You said that helping the beggars must be done by constructing beggar homes. How to reconcile and correlate both these contradicting concepts?

Swami replied: In your question itself, the answer is in hidden state as found through two words: 'In one place' and 'in another place'. The same true concept is taken in one angle in one place and in another angle in another place. The very important point is that when two angles exist for a concept, you should not take any angle as the sole true angle...

Subject area: Universality


[March 18, 2017] Shri Balaji asked: Respected Swamiji, Kindly clarify the following 2 verses of Mundaka Upanishad: 1) MUN.3.8 (Yatha Nadhyah... Vidvaan Nama Rupaath Vimuktah Paraathparam Purusham Upaiti Divyam).

Swami Replied: This verse is specifically aimed at removal of the difference between various forms of God by reaching the innermost and ultimate unimaginable God existing in all the divine forms. Let us take God Shiva of the Shaiva followers and God Vishnu of Vaishnava followers...

Subject area: Hinduism


[March 18, 2017] Shri Anil asked: In the recent reply to the letter of Dr. Nikhil, 1) You said that Datta will protect His real devotee. Does this mean that Datta alone is having omnipotence?

Swami replied: Datta means the unimaginable God given to the creation through the first energetic incarnation. The meaning of the word ‘Datta’ clearly indicates that Datta does not mean the first energetic incarnation related to a specific religion called Hinduism. 'God given' means in general and is related to every religion. The same unimaginable God is indirectly referred by different names and forms of the medium taken by God for His expression. Even the basic material of the medium is inert energy only and the innermost unimaginable God is also the same, whatever may be the religion. Other religions call Datta as Father of Heaven or Allah...

Subject area: Universality


[March 11, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji,

[With great hesitation I would like to seek Your advice on this personal matter. It has been going on in my mind for years and I have not been able to resolve it. You are my only Parent, Friend, Guide and Goal. So, I am taking the liberty to ask this to You. After millions of births, in this lifetime, You have given me this opportunity...

Swami Replied: My Dear Dr. Nikhil, The Veda says that God and world are opposite to each other like North and South poles (duramete...). Both God and world are the two election candidates competing with each other standing for your vote. World promises you to give happiness if you vote for it like the present politician promising several schemes of welfare provided you vote for him/her. God is totally opposite to this candidate...


[March 04, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I would like to submit this question at Your divine feet. Your servant, Nikhil.

Dr. Nikhil: 1) When education is such a low priority in India, how can a change in society happen through spiritual education?

Swami Replied: Dr. Nikhil represents a typical human mind facing all practical problems in the divine service and wishes that I should give a message for the sake of such devotees through him. Since he has true faith in Me that I am the human incarnation of Lord Datta, I responded in the line of his faith. My response is confined to My true devotees only...

DATTA VEDA - 8th Chapter : Part-3 (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

In the old age people think to go to holy places and live there so that they think that they will be far from the worldly issues involving their grand children. First of all you are wasting your energy and time by such thoughts in your house. Do you think that all those who stay in holy places got salvation? Do you think that all those who stayed in their houses did not get salvation? There is one psychological clue here. When you stay in congenial atmosphere, your mind will run to the opposite atmosphere. When you are at home, your mind goes to the holy place. When you are in holy place, your mind goes to home. Your mind always gets repelled by whatever is before you and is attracted to whatever is far from you!...

Subject area: Hinduism


[February 25, 2017 Maha Shivraatri] The three instruments (Trikarana) are 1) Mind, 2) Word and 3) Action. Mind generates word and action. Action gives full effect to others. If you injure somebody, the other person suffers a lot and thus action is the full potential field of fruit. Though, Mind is generator of action, by itself, it is ineffective to exhibit any practical fruit...

DATTA VEDA (8th Chapter: Part-2)

[February 12 2017] This creation can never touch Me and hence I am called as Nirguna. I can’t be captured by any extent of imagination or logical analysis and hence I am the real Avyakta. The soul is only a part of My creation and I am always beyond the creation. The real root-spiritual knowledge is the knowledge of My unknowable nature only. You can worship Me as this infinite cosmos or any part of it you like that stands as My representative model...

Subject area: Hinduism

DATTA VEDA (8th Chapter: Part-1)

[February 12 2017] {On 20—09—1993, the couple along with Swami visited a saint called as Swami Narendra Maharaj to whose feet all the three submitted their salutations with respect. Maharaj felt some divinity in Swami. On the evening of that day, the couple and Swami went to the temple as usual. Maharaj also came to the temple standing far behind and found Swami and couple in the usual crowd...

Subject area: Hinduism


[February 11, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked:: In the fourth chapter of Datta Veda (dated 10/01/2017), there was a discussion on the four states as mentioned in the Mandukya Upanishad. I seek a few clarifications related to it. Before posing the questions, I would like to summarize my understanding of the Upanishad. I request You to kindly confirm or correct my understanding. In the first section, the Upanishad explains that the symbol OM (AUM) indicates Brahman (God) in relation with the three stages in creation namely creation...

Subject area: Hinduism

DATTA VEDA - 7th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

(Smt. Bhavani got a dream in which Lord Datta appeared saying “I will now tell you three important points”. She suddenly awoke and found Swami sitting on His bed, who told her “following are the three important points: 1) don’t brood over past and plan for future dream. 2) Concentrate in the present time to do the important work and 3) no soul here, about which you are so fascinated, will at least even recognize you there after death...

Subject area: Hinduism

Passing of Nivrutti Test Should Not Be Based on Fear & Attraction

[February 10, 2017] Shri Anil asked (on phone): In the recent answers, you told that Peter failed in the Nivrutti test of God. But, Peter offered his life to save the life of Jesus. Does it not prove that he is a high devotee of the level of Nivrutti?

Swami replied (On phone): In the question paper given by God, which is referred by you, Peter failed. Peter might have passed in chemistry paper, but, failed in the physics paper conducted in March examination. The result given...

Last Birth for Getting Salvation Must Be Birth of Female Only

[February 07, 2017] Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami

1) A 30-year-old man killed himself by slitting his throat in Jharkhand in a ritual to appease a goddess depicted in Hindu scriptures as having severed her own head with a scimitar. Kindly give Your opinion on such extreme steps.

Swami Replied: All such deeds indicate the climax of ignorance and foolishness resulting due to lack of proper spiritual knowledge. The action is called as Karma...

Subject area: Christianity

Mind Gains Strength Due to Emotion & Intelligence Becomes Weak

[February 06, 2017] Shri Balaji (on Phone): Swami! Two colleagues become emotional to scold a concept not liked by them and I too become emotional. Please advise me.

Swami replied (on Phone): While doing propagation of spiritual knowledge to humanity in this word, the first required quality of the preacher is to have lot of patience without any trace of emotion. In the commentary of the first Brahma Sutra...

Subject area: Universality

Better to Analyze Yourself & Rise to Higher Level Irrespective of Your Religion

[January 29, 2017] Shri Balaji asked: Respected Swamiji, Kindly clarify the following questions which came up during discussions with my friends Shri. Shriram, Shri. Chandan and Shri. Sohan:

1) Today, many religious conservatives agree that the different religions are messages from the same God. But they add a point saying that "Other religions were messages relevant only to a particular time, region, and section of people. At that time and place, people were at a lower level spiritually...

Subject area: Universality

DATTA VEDA - 6th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

God Brahma is in the upper most world called as Satya loka or Brahma Loka sitting above 1000 petal lotus flower. Brahma is said to be the creator existing before creation. This means that Brahma represents the unimaginable God existing before creation as creator. Such God is the unimaginable God present above the intelligence (lotus flower), which conducts logical analysis in thousand (many) ways (petals). This means that you have to first recognize the unimaginable God, who created the entire world, by many ways of analysis...

Subject area: Hinduism

DATTA VEDA - 5th Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

Soul may be God as per Shankara. Soul may be part of God as per Ramanuja. Soul may be totally disconnected from God as per Madhva. But, the reality is that soul is awareness whereas God is unimaginable beyond awareness and hence not awareness. God is neither non-inert awareness, nor inert energy and nor inert matter...

Subject area: Hinduism

Reply to Dr.Nikhil's letter

[January 15, 2017] Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji, I had an amazing dream of You as a Professor last night. You were in an auditorium with Your students. But You were not on the stage, You were casually addressing a crowd of students, who were standing around You. You were wearing a greyish-brown suit...

Swami replied: The dream is always an index of two contexts: 1) Ideas from level of consciousness (this birth) and level of sub-consciousness (previous births) projected as dream and 2) God enters the dream to give you some message. The dream you got belongs to context...

Subject area: Universality

DATTA VEDA - 4th Chapter

Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva are not only scholars but are also preachers (Gurus). A scholar always concentrates on telling the truth and condemning the false concept irrespective of the benefit or loss to the receivers. A preacher always concentrates on the immediate practical uplift of the receiver to the next step irrespective of the truth of the concept. The preacher also knows the true knowledge like...

Violation of Justice in Certain Contexts Not Accepted in General

[January 08, 2017] Smt. Padma Ram asked: Please explain Dharma sukshma, which is useful in the daily activities of a human being.

Swami replied: Dharma means justice. It is clearly known. To speak truth is justice. To speak a lie is injustice. “Speak truth” is called as vidhi dharma or justice insisted. “Don't tell a lie.” is nishedha dharma or negation of injustice. Apaddharma means the justice modified in certain cases. Dharma sukshma means the deep analysis of a case in which the apparent justice...

DATTA VEDA - 3rd Chapter (presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

29-03-1993, 4.00 am: Generally devotees think that if one has seen the energetic form of God, it is the highest stage. But, I assuredly tell you that it is the lowest step. There is nothing in it. Several times Ravana saw the energetic form of God (Shiva). But, Ravana was not blessed by the God and was bitterly killed along with all his family! Rama never saw God Shiva, but was blessed by God ...

Subject area: Hinduism

DATTA VEDA presented By P. V. N. M. Sharma

[January 02, 2017] 2nd Chapter – Continued

28-03-1993, 5.00 pm I am extremely happy to hear your decision about printing these messages given to you in this sacred place of pilgrimage of Lord Shiva. I made it compulsory that I will not speak any spiritual knowledge if it is not recorded. Recording may have the opportunity of printing so that this holy knowledge reaches several people not only in the present generation but also in the future generations. I am extremely pleased with you to hear about your decision to also propagate this knowledge...

Subject area: Hinduism


[January 01, 2017] Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami
1) Swami! In Your recent message You mentioned that this universe is infinite and its boundary is invisible but imaginable as the core is. Due to presence of unimaginable God around the boundary one will never reach the boundary of universe to see its edge. If core and edge of universe...

Swami Replied: You cannot bring finite and infinite to the unimaginable domain (God). The reason is that you cannot make distinction between two unimaginable items since any number of unimaginable items become only one unimaginable item. Since you can distinguish infinite (universe) from finite (a tree), both these infinite and finite items remain only in the imaginable domain...

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