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All the divine works of Swamiji are available for free download. One can participate in the Divine Mission of Swamiji by spreading this wonderful knowledge.

Available formats for download include: PDF, ePUB and Mobi (Kindle format). Please check the eBook reader settings in your smart phones/tablets for best view of the books.

  • Divine Discourses (updated on 11-04-2018)

    Shri Datta Swamiji has delivered several volumes of divine discourses which help all the aspirants to understand spirituality and serve the God practically. His divine preachings include topics ranging from atheism to advaita, formless to human form of God, unification of religions, Science and spirituality, solution to current problems in the society through spiritual education etc. The collection of all these discourses are listed below in chronological order.

    Dvivine discourses - 21

    Dvivine discourses - 20

    Dvivine discourses - 19

    Dvivine discourses - 18

    Dvivine discourses - 17

    Dvivine discourses - 16

    Dvivine discourses - 15

    Dvivine discourses - 14

    Dvivine discourses - 13

    Dvivine discourses - 12

    Dvivine discourses - 11

    Dvivine discourses - 10

    Dvivine discourses - 9

    Dvivine discourses - 8

    Dvivine discourses - 7

    Dvivine discourses - 6

    Dvivine discourses - 5

    Dvivine discourses - 4

    Dvivine discourses - 3

    Dvivine discourses - 2

    Dvivine discourses - 1

  • Questions & Answers

    A compilation of Swami's detailed answers to questions asked by devotees world wide:

    Questions and Answers-1

    Questions and Answers-2

  • Mahima Yamuna

    A collection of miracles by Swami as experienced by devotees:

    Mahima Yamuna-1 (in English)

    Mahima Yamuna-1 (in Telugu)

  • Bhakti Ganga

    A collection of devotional songs (bhajans) composed by Swamiji:

    Bhakti Ganga (in English) Download

    Bhakti Ganga (in Hindi) Download

    Bhakti Ganga (in Telugu) Download

    To download audio (MP3) of these bhajans, CLICK HERE

  • Parabrahma Sutras

    Sage Veda Vyasa, who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Kalaavatara), wrote Brahma Sutras. Jagat Guru Adi Shankara, who is an incarnation of Lord Shiva, wrote the commentaries on these Sutras. Now, His Holiness Shri Datta Swami, who is an incarnation of Lord Datta, is writing for the first time in the creation, the Parabrahma Sutras - "Condensed Aphorisms on the Unimaginable God" along with their commentaries also.

    Parabrahma Sutras

  • Avatara Sutras

    Avatara Sutras (in English) Download

  • Divine Poetry

    Parabrahma Gita (Unimaginable God Sings)Updated on 14 August 2017

    Uttara Parabrahma Gita (Unimaginable God Further Sings) Updated on 08 July 2016

    Kashi Gita

    Lakshman Gita

    Rohit Gita

    Essence of Gita

  • Ohters Divine works of Swami

    In English:

    Sri Datta Vani (English Magazine)

    Sri Dattashtakam with English meaning

    In Telugu:

    Message to Brahmin Priests (in Telugu)

    Sai Vimarsa Khandanam and Sri Dattashtakam with Telugu meaning

    Dattatreyam with Telugu meaning

    Sri Datta Vani (Telugu Magazine)

    In Hindi:

    Dattatreyam with Hindi meaning

    Sri Dattashtakam with Hindi meaning


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