Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 25 Apr 2018



Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

(Scripture of Knowledge of God)
(Uttaraardha Charchaa - Second Half Part Discussion)

10) Itihaasairniruupyate vartamaanadrushyashravyopakaranaih pratyakshiikriyate. Madamaatsaryaprakrutih pradhaanahetuh. Naraah mishramaah naraavataarasya sthitih klishtaa.

[The human incarnations appeared all over the world, which result by total merge of unimaginable God with a devoted and selected human being- component. These incarnations have done plenty of miracles and the basis of perceived miracles is human incarnation. A devotee also does miracles and the source of any miracle is unimaginable God only. The miracles done through human incarnation are of very high level without limitations. In foreign countries, Jesus, a human incarnation, did several miracles. Of course, these miracles were called as magic by Prophet Mohammed. The context of the Prophet was totally different. He wanted to eradicate the concept of human incarnation because Jesus was crucified by undeserving devotees, having climax of ego and jealousy. Swami Dayananda Saraswati also opposed this concept due to exploitations done by undeserving false human incarnations. In fact, both by themselves, are human incarnations! But, they gave more importance to the reformation of society than their fame. The main problem with the human incarnation is that unless the unimaginable power is expressed, recognition does not come and recognition is necessary for the propagation of spiritual knowledge. If recognition is obtained, many devotees develop ego and jealousy towards the fame of human incarnation resulting in criticisms and crucifixion was the extreme step. Along with the recognition, the undesirable side reaction is that devotees start exploiting the unimaginable power for their selfish ends whereas the aim of the spiritual knowledge is to destroy selfishness! If the unimaginable power is hidden, recognition does not come and people will not pay attention to the spiritual knowledge preached by incarnation. To have a balance, miracles are performed by human incarnations very rarely in the context of most deserving devotee in order to help him/her in the spiritual progress. Miracles are never done by human incarnation as a proof for exhibition and for fame. The human incarnation is perceived specific human being and hence, by Itself has perceptional authority. The stories of Rama and Krishna, the famous human incarnations, were composed as the Ramayanam and the Mahabharatam (along with the Bhagavatam) respectively. These are not called as epics (kaavyam), but, are called as itihaasas. Itihaasa means the story that actually happened in the world (iti = like this, ha = practically happened familiar story, aasa = really took place). Epic is an imaginary story from the brain of the poet. The former is more valid due to its practical evidence. The bridge on the sea and excavations in Kurukshetra are the practical proof for these life histories of both the human incarnations respectively. Still, atheists may reject these as created stories. Several human incarnations of Lord Datta (Shripaada Vallabha, Shri Narasimha Saraswati, Shri Maanikya Prabhu, Shri Akkalkot Maharaj, Shri Sai Baba, Shri Gulaab Baba, Shri Gajaanana Maharaj, etc.) came in this Kali age, which did several miracles. Still, atheists may blindly refuse all these miracles. But, the latest human incarnation is Shri Satya Sai Baba, who did thousands of miracles in the presence of open public. The atheist may say that he has not seen Baba. Several audio-video cassettes exist while Baba performed the miracles. You can’t say that the miracles were shot as in the cinemas! These miracles were performed in the presence of open public, not in studios and many a time, famous scientists were standing very close to Baba! Hence, the atheists can’t deny the human incarnation and the miracle based on their perceptional authority. The main problem with any human being is that it cannot tolerate the greatness of the contemporary human being (incarnation). Human beings may accept the fame of human beings existed in the past. Hence, most of the devotees accept the energetic incarnations and past human incarnations, which are not present in this world. The Veda says that even angels have this disease of ego and jealousy towards the fame of any living being existing before its eyes (paroksha priyaa ivahi devaah pratyakshadvishah). This problem is not only with atheists, but also with major lot of devotees. Due to this reason only, the human incarnation acts mainly in the role of a devotee and not in the role of God. The human incarnation is always in critical condition like the saying “Well in front and pit in the back”. If miracles are expressed, it increases selfishness in devotees. If miracles are not expressed, nobody hears the spiritual knowledge preached. The energetic incarnation in the upper world is always with easy task since the angels are with full knowledge. The task of human incarnation is very difficult since the human beings are in the junction of knowledge and ignorance.]