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Posted on: 27 Oct 2019


Discussion About The Shri Datta Swami Arati

[On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Dr. Nikhil sent to Shri Swami, a devotional Hindi song dedicated to Him. The song was named “Shri Datta Swami Ārati”. Given below is the conversation that occurred between Swami and Dr. Nikhil, in this context, which will be useful for devotees in the spiritual line.]

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Shri Datta Swami: The song is so sweet and palatable that even Guru Datta, the embodiment of spiritual knowledge, got injected with ego!

Dr. Nikhil: Swamiji, You are testing us! It is Your way of saying that we should not develop an ego! While giving knowledge, You (Lord Datta) always give it in a straightforward manner. But while dealing with people like us, who have a contrary attitude, You use reverse psychology. When You say, You developed an ego, we should understand it as, we should be careful of not developing an ego. As such, we know very well that it is impossible for You to develop an ego. Ego is the quality of the human medium. Even though You possess a human medium like us, God Datta has merged with it through-and-through (Antarbahiśca—Veda). In theory, the Human Incarnation is a two-component system consisting of the human being (medium) and the unimaginable God. But that duality is imperceptible to us devotees. From our point of view, as human devotees, there is perfect monism alone between the medium of the Incarnation and the unimaginable God. So, the human body of the Incarnation is the unimaginable God Himself. The unimaginable God is beyond all qualities and He alone expresses Himself to us as You. Qualities like ego, are only applicable to human devotees like us and not to You.

Dr. Nikhil: Actually, when Devi started composing the verses of the ārati, a few months ago, she would compose a few lines each day. While composing them, she would experience miracles from You. The words and the concepts that would come out, were so surprising that she would be shocked! It was clear that You were composing the verses and not she. Sometimes, she used to get stuck at some point, not being able to proceed further. Then she would pray to You to complete the verse and suddenly, the right words with excellent meaning would come out. All the concepts are from You alone, without a doubt. Even the words are from You. Along with the right words and meaning, You would also grant the most wonderful and sweetest emotions. She would cry in joy, knowing that these experiences were being given by You. She used to tell me every day, when I would come home from office, about the new verses that came on that day.

We are not capable of serving You. If any service takes place through us, it is only due to Your grace. We can only make errors.

Dr. Nikhil: Should this ārati video be published on the YouTube channel now or is it better to publish it later? At present, the ārati has not been made available to the public. It has been privately shared with You. It can be published to the public, if You permit.

Shri Datta Swami: You can publish it on YouTube. Actually, whenever I speak divine knowledge or compose songs, My experience is also similar to that of Devi. Datta illuminates me and I illuminate Devi. It is just like the sun illuminating the lens and the lens illuminating a piece of paper that gets ignited due to the focussed sunlight.

Dr. Nikhil: It is all Your grace, Swamiji, otherwise we are nothing. It is a great privilege to serve You. Padanamaskaram to Your lotus feet, Swamiji—from the three of us (Nikhil, Devi and Arsha).

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Antar bahishcha Antarbahishcha Arati