Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 16 Dec 2019


Is it good to donate our organs and choose electric cremation instead of traditional cremation?

Smt. Priyanka Seethepalli asked: Is it considered wrong if someone chooses to donate one’s organs and go through electric cremation after they die? Is it alright in terms of skipping the traditional way of being cremated? What all rituals should their family members follow before and after electric cremation?

Swami replied: Donating organs after death is a meritorious deed and not a defect or sin. The cremation rituals have nothing to do with the absence of an organ in the body. Since the entire body is destroyed, the presence or absence of an organ is meaningless and the rituals are not affected by this, in any way. People with half-knowledge and half-ignorance speak their own poetry (imagination) to confuse the public.