Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Dec 2019


Isn't it true that we need a lot of courage to debate with a great saint?

Shri Balaji asjed: In the spiritual line, a lot of courage is needed, in general. When we debate with a great saint, a lot of courage is needed, isn’t it?

Swami replied: There is no need to have any fear during a spiritual debate because our strength lies in our argument and not in the status of the opponent. It does not matter even if the opponent is the greatest saint. It is the question of a wrong point being defeated by the right point. It should not be taken to be a personal success or personal defeat. People fight for properties registered in their names. But there is no need to fight for concepts, which are not registered in anybody’s names! In fact, the defeated person is the one who really gets benefitted because his wrong concept got corrected. There is no personal benefit for the winning person. Hence, one should not view the discussion as a debate between a great saint and an ordinary soul. If the concept is perfectly true, one must be courageous enough to stick to it, even if the opponent is a great saint!