Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Feb 2005




Swami! I thank you very much for bringing me into the true path

From the mis-guidance of others, I am very grateful to you.

I need no miracle since True believers do not require any proof.



Oh! Rohit! Do you think that You have deviated from the truth?

How can you deviate from the Lord, who is such a practical philosopher?

It is by the will of the Lord, that guy misguided you from the truth,

Realize that the Lord Himself spoke through that guy to you

Therefore, even that guy is under the control of the Lord only.

He need not be misunderstood at all, he acted as the Lord guided him.

Therefore, you are not responsible for whatever happened

Do you think that Arjuna by himself left the bow before the war started?

He knows surely that he has to fight with his grandfather and teacher

He went to Dwaraka and requested Lord Krishna to be his driver

In front of all the soldiers, Krishna stands fixed as a driver of chariot,

Will he withdraw like that and insult himself and also Lord Krishna?

No, he did like that on the will of Lord Krishna only

It is by the will of the Lord only Arjuna was overwhelmed

By love, kindness and emotion on seeing Bhishma and Drona

Who is Arjuna? Arjuna was His closest associate in all previous births

Both of them always lived together called as Nara and Narayana

Both are best friends, all that was the drama created by Narayana

He wanted to give the Bhagavad Gita to the world to uplift devotees

For this purpose He created this incident and Arjuna was a role in it

Similarly the Lord wanted to speak Rohit Gita to this world

Rohit Gita will stay in this world as long as this creation exists,

Rohit, Nikhil and Devi will be remembered forever on this earth

As long as the hills stand and rivers flow on this earth

The fame of these three shall remain, they shall be worshipped

Even by angels, believe Me, the word of Swami is the Veda.

Oh! Rohit! Do you remember one incident in Brindavanam?

In your circle of friends there was one guy called “Neela”

He told you, one day that Lord Krishna was a wrong Guy

In fact his mother told him so, he believed it sincerely,

Then he came to you and passed on that news into your brain

You are confused, deeply pained and stood still with doubt

You told your friend, Sudama who asked you for your dullness,

Then Sudama came and told Lord Krishna about your doubt.

Do you remember? Lord Krishna called you and told you

Some divine words, which are sweeter than the divine nectar

Lord Krishna told you “Oh! Rohit! Why don’t you ask Me straight?

I have come to this earth to clear the doubts of My dear souls only

Oh! Rohit! How much you love Me in your heart don’t I know it?

When our friends see Me, they come running and crying

‘Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! You are here! You are here!’

But as soon as you see Me, you run away to your home,

And bring butter for Me, though your mother scolds you,

You jump to the final step in the first long high jump itself

Sacrifice of fruit of work is the final step as said in the Vedas

You are My best friend and I shall reveal Myself to you”

Then He talked with you for a long time and cleared yourself.

You have come to the Lord like the first arrow of Arjuna

It was like the straight arrow of Rama, which pierced the heart deeply

It is like marriage at first sight unlike the love at first sight.

If you leave that married girl, your wife, will she keep silent?

She will run after you and try to convince you to bring back to her!

Generally people approach Sadguru with devotion

To solve their problems and get bliss and peace

They approach the Lord and offer the business terms to Him

“You solve this problem and then I shall offer this service”

When this is the normal procedure, you never asked for anything

You offered the service in the very first step itself as proven love

First devotees offer prayers by words, meditation by mind

And spiritual discussions by offering the intelligence

Slowly they offer the work and finally they offer the fruit of the work.

Sacrifice of wealth, which is the fruit of work is the final step

Yes! There is no trace of hesitation to announce this as the Veda says so

The Veda says “Dhanena Tyagenaike Amritatva Manasuh”, which means

That by sacrifice of wealth only one can reach the Lord.

It looks very odd to hear this, but what can I do in this point?

The Veda says so, and the Veda is final scripture in the spiritual knowledge

The Veda was the only scripture in the world, which was protected

From generation to generation through recitation process

No word could enter the Veda at any time since the beginning of this creation

All other scriptures have some injections of insertions in course of time

This point is perfectly true, if you analyze the very experience itself

In this world whom are you really loving in your heart?

You are loving your children only because you give

All your wealth to them only and to none-else

Therefore, it is proven real love and you place the Lord

In that position and think of your real love to the Lord

You have expressed this proven love at the very first step

Knowledge leads to devotion and devotion leads to service

Service consists of sacrifice of fruit of work and work

You have started with service itself in the beginning

What does this mean? You had passed the two steps

Knowledge and devotion, already in the previous births

Therefore, you have climbed the third step straightly now

The hunter Kannappa started with sacrifice only

Because as Arjuna in his previous birth he passed the two steps

He heard enough Bhagavad Gita, the divine knowledge

He worshipped Krishna with intensive pure devotion always

Therefore, now in this birth there is no need of first two steps for him

You have done service to your children, which alone is real

You have sacrificed work to them by clothing etc.,

You have sacrificed the fruit of work to them only

By giving all your wealth earned in their name only

Work and fruit of work are one and the same.

Work is power, which is the energy, and the fruit is matter

Matter and energy are inter convertible forms

Work or fruit depends on the state of devotees

And also on the need of the Lord in human form.

Saints sacrifice work and householders both fruit and work

Hanuman was a saint and Gopikas were householders

Lord met Hanuman in the latter part of His life

Because He needed work from Hanuman

Hanuman was suitable for the work to fight with demons

Gopikas were not suitable for the wars with demons

They have plenty of cows and lot of butter

The Lord met them in the early part of the life

When there was no need of any war,

He alone killed the demons who attacked Him.

In the latter part of life, He met Arjuna

Who was suitable for the war like Hanuman?


Nikhil: Oh! Swami! All this is your play (Leela) only

Who can understand the plan and aim in your divine game?


Swami: Bade Bhayyah! Nikhilji! Apto Sub Kuch Jante hai

(Oh! Elder brother! Nikhil! You know the whole divine secret)

How can the Lord give you His experience without the divine game?

Lord created this play only to give you the experience of Para Brahman

The very aim of the creation is only entertainment by the divine game

The Veda says this “Ekaki Naramate”, which means that He was one only

Before this creation and He was very much bored with the loneliness

This earth is the field of deeds (Karma Bhumi), a real play ground

The Lord comes to this playground to have the full game here

He will play with all His closest devotees only and not with everybody

When you go to play a game, whom are you inviting?

You will invite your close friends only to participate in the game.

You will not invite unknown people or enemies for your game

Similarly, you are His closest friend with whom only He can play

So that He can give the experience of His internal divine nature.

He told you long back that He wants to give the Gita in the name of devotees

Previously the Gita told by Him was named after Him as the Bhagavad Gita

That gives the fame to Bhagavan or the Lord

But the Lord wants the fame of His devotees on this earth

And not His fame, since He is bored with the fame in the upper world

Due to this divine will only, He created all this divine drama

His aim is to give this eternal Rohit Gita to the devotees here

The game of the Lord is of high level since the Lord is highest

It is not like the cricket game of school-boys playing

It is like the cricket game of Kapil and Gavaskar .

In this game the Lord plays only as a role but not as the actor

He has entered the drama in a role of ordinary human being

He can not reveal Himself as the actor, He has to play as the role

Suppose the producer himself acts in the role of servant

He has to sit at the feet of his master-role only in the drama

The actor in the master-role was only his employee, no doubt,

The master must play as the master only through out the drama

The servant should not come out as producer at any time in the drama

If Lord Krishna shows His Viswaroopam in the beginning of the war

And swallows all the army along with the evil Kauravas in a minute

The whole cinema is over in a minute and is not for three hours

The audience who purchased tickets to see a three hour-show

Will through stones on the curtain and walk out with slogans

Krishna acted as the driver of the chariot only and not as the Lord

Therefore, the war went for 18 days as a three-hour show.

I never claim that I am the Lord, nor I ever claimed

That the Lord stays in Me, nor even I ever claimed

That I am the messenger sent by the Lord from heaven.

I always say that I am the last person in the devotees’ list.

When the devotees come to Me and praise Me as the Lord

I negate their praise at least one thousand times

But still they continue their faith and say that they are very firm,

Then I start testing their faith, some run away

But some of them stuck to Me inspite of serious tests

To them only I speak as the Lord


I test their faith in two stages, in the first stage,

I test how much they believe Me as the human incarnation

In the second stage, even if they have believed Me as the Lord

How much value they give to the God Himself in this world

Some people pass the first stage and fail in the second stage

Some people fail in the first stage itself and no need of second stage

Even if they give highest value to God, what is the use?

They do not like the form in which God is ready to receive their value

The form for which they give highest value is not ready to receive it

Since the form is not receiving, therefore they like that form!

The Veda says that the unimaginable God (Avyaktam) is greater

Than this imaginable world (Mahat), this means

That God is not in the entire world, in which case,

This entire world must have become God and so greatest.


The unimaginable God enters a particular item of this world,

Which is the human body (Vyaktam) and becomes imaginable God

The imaginable God is greater than the unimaginable God, why?

The unimaginable God is of no use to the human beings

The imaginable God is of immense use to the human beings

By preaching and clearing all the doubts of the devotees

And by receiving their practical service as the proof of their love.

This is explained by the Veda as “Mahatah Paramavyaktam

Vyakto Avyaktat…”, the fish can never find the Bombay city

In the ocean, because the city lies only out of the water

God is beyond this creation and He can never be found in the world

The Veda says “Neti Neti” which means that nothing here is God

Esavasyam says that He enters a mini world present in this gross world

The mini world is representative of the gross world

The five elements and the four Antahkaranas, which are

Mind, brain, ego and memory, totally nine items of Nature

Which are called, as ‘Navavaranas’ are present only in human being.


Oh! Nikhil! Enjoy this divine play that takes place

In every human generation with the Lord at the centre

Along with His closest devotees for the sake of world

The actors are the same, only the dress changes

In cinema of Maha Bhartha, our dress was different

And in the present social movie our dress is different

But all of us were present, are present and will be present

As actors, the names of roles and dress only changed

Lord Krishna told this point in the very beginning of the Gita as

Natvevaham Jatu Nasam Natvam Neme Janadhipah