Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Feb 2005



Rohit: Swami! We should not follow a wrong person at any cost.


Swami: Yes, Rohit! You are absolutely correct in this point

It is better to be in zero if not plus, but should not be minus

But one should try and succeed to achieve the plus

Fearing that you may fall in minus you should not be in zero

The system should not be discarded due to fear of error

Fearing copying the examination system should not be cancelled

You must be patient in studying the procedure for plus

You must achieve the highest goal, which has lot of risk

Without taking the risk one can not achieve the highest goal

Since you are trying for the highest goal, which is the Lord

The Lord will help you by catching you from the deviation

What you say shall apply in the case of materialistic matters

But in spiritual matters the help of the Lord is there with you

You have to climb the steps with your own effort only

But if you slip, certainly the Lord will come to your rescue

That much help is justified and it is not partiality shown to you

Such help will be extended to any traveler in the spiritual path.


God is unimaginable and so all His inseparable characteristics

Also become unimaginable, you cannot directly detect Him.

You can say that this is fire since it is hot, a direct detection

But when fire and heat are unimaginable, how to detect?

The Veda says that God can be detected by negative analysis

That is to reject every imaginable item as not God

Neti Neti’ means every item of the creation is rejected

By the sages who said that this is not God, this is not God

Finally they rejected all the items of the creation as not God

God is unimaginable and is beyond this entire creation

The Veda says “Yatovachah” No Word can indicate God;

“Aprapyamanasa” Mind cannot imagine God;

“Namedhaya” The intelligence cannot discuss God;

Naisha Tarkena” God is beyond all imaginations;

Yasyaamatam” Know that God can never be known

The Gita says “Maamtuveda Nakaschan” None can know God

Regarding God, the scriptures are only the authority

If the story stops at this stage, you need not worry about God

When we are unable even to imagine God, why God?

The real story starts now only because God becomes known

But He is known not directly but only indirectly only

Perception is not the only single authority of the truth

Inference is also an equal authority to know the truth

Direct knowledge of the object through senses is perception

Indirect knowledge of the object through analysis is inference

You see the fire directly with your eyes and say it is fire

This is perception and no identifying mark is necessary.

The inseparable characteristics of the fire are also seen

The fire is burning and very hot as known by senses

The inseparable characteristics are also grasped by senses

Burning and heat are the inseparable characteristics of the fire

Similarly, if you take the case of God, perception is impossible

Neither God nor His inseparable characteristics are perceived

God enters an imaginable item of the creation and gives

The proof of His existence through that medium

The proof is not His inseparable characteristics at all

Because they are also unimaginable like Himself

He will make a characteristic of the medium itself

Wonderful which is imaginable but special

Special means that it is not seen in another place

Knowledge or Jnanam is imaginable sign of the medium.

Every human being has some amount of knowledge

But when God enters the human body, the knowledge there

Becomes Prajnanam, which is the special knowledge

The Veda says “Prajnanam Brahma”, no human being can show

This Prajnanam, it is special only to human incarnation

Thus Prajnanam is imaginable characteristic of human being

So that imaginable human beings can grasp it

But at the same time it is special that is wonderful

However, Prajnanam is not the inseparable sign of God

It is not the sign of God at all, no sign of God is known

But at it acts as inseparable sign of God by which

Only the existence of God is known and this does not mean

God is known, the existence of unknown God is known

We have recognized a person hidden in a house

By His special voice, by voice you cannot know

The inseparable signs of the person like height, colour etc.,

By the yellow thread in the neck you know the lady is married

And she has a husband alive, only that much is known

By the yellow thread we have not seen her husband

She may donate any jewel to any one but not the yellow thread

The yellow thread can act as inseparable sign of her husband

But the color and height of the husband are not seen by it

Therefore the yellow thread can act as inseparable sign

Similarly, Prajnanam acts as inseparable sign of the Lord

The human form with Prajnanam is like the married lady

Prajnanam is the yellow thread and the Lord is like husband

Prajnanam is the main characteristic of human incarnation

Love and bliss are associated with Prajnanam always

But, the reverse is not true, you may see love and bliss

But Prajnanam need not be with love and bliss.

Love and bliss can be obtained in the world also

They are limited and expressed as “Anandamaya Kosa”

Every human being is having love and bliss in him

Love and bliss are inseparable since Veda says that one gets

Bliss through love only “Rasam hyeva… Anandee”.

In fact love and bliss of human beings are finite only

But the love and bliss of human incarnation are infinite

You may misunderstand the love and bliss of a human being

To be infinite, because you have not seen their infinity

Since you have not come to the human incarnation.

Even the finite knowledge of a person may appear to you

As infinite knowledge since you have not received it yet

From the real human incarnation, yes, the subject is

Very very complicated and this is called “Brahmma Jnanam”

You have to catch the original diamond very carefully

At every step artificial diamonds stand before you.

The detection of the Lord in human form is His divine game

The wrong persons claiming as human incarnations are

The artificial diamonds created by the Lord only

An examiner gives four answers to a multiple-choice question

Three answers are wrong and one answer is correct

Using your analysis you must find the correct answer

Remember, the wrong answers are also set by the same examiner


Please understand the delightful divine game of the Lord

The producer of cinema also remunerates the villain

The role is Saturn, which opposes the human incarnation

The villain opposes hero in the cinema only

The actors of villain and hero are good friends personally!

Jesus told “Hate the sin but not the sinner” means the same

The Hero hates the villain in the cinema only

There is no hatred between the two actors

Lord Vishnu and Jaya love each other in the upper world

Jaya is the gatekeeper of Lord Vishnu, most faithful servant

Vishnu acted as Rama and Jaya acted as Ravana

Rama fought with Ravana and killed him in the war

It is the entire apparent cinema only, hate Ravana but not Jaya

There is no Ravana really, there is really Jaya only

Ravana is the role and Jaya is the actor

Role is inert dress only, Jaya is the living being

Therefore you should not hate the wrong person also

Oppose the wrong theory of the wrong person

His wrong theory is also the dialogue written by the Lord

When Shisupala scolded Krishna, Krishna was smiling,

Because all those abuses were written dialogues of Krishna

As actor Shisupala is Jaya and Krishna is Vishnu

Jesus opposed the attraction from Saturn that is all

Jesus never scolded Saturn or even the people killing Him

He knows that they are roles in the drama

And their abuses were written dialogues of God

Therefore, argue with wrong persons and analyze truth

Reject their wrong arguments, which are false

But love them as your friends, realizing that

They are the set roles in this divine drama by the Lord only.


You have to catch the human form, no alternative,

Except in the human form God remains unimaginable

Even if you have caught correctly, He is not in your grip

This Prajnanam gives the inference of the God

The smoke is associated sign of fire but it is inseparable

You have seen the smoke and not the fire at all

You have inferred the existence of fire only

You can infer God through the human incarnation

The Veda says “Asteetyeva” which means that at the maximum

You can infer the existence of God but not His perception

By seeing the bridge you can infer the existence of Engineer

But you cannot infer the place where exactly Engineer exists now

Similarly, on seeing this universe, you can infer existence of God

But you cannot infer the exact place of the existence of God

Prajnanam gives the exact existence of God

Like the voice of the engineer coming out from a house.

The bridge is universe and the house is a particular human body

Remember that the medium into which God enters must be

Only the human being because knowledge can be only

In the human being, not in inert statues, plants, and animals

Inert objects give the existence of physical materialistic item

Plants give the extra existence of life, animals give still more

Extra existence of mind, finally human beings give

Extra existence of intelligence, which gives knowledge.

Since Prajnanam means special knowledge, which is not present

In any other human being, finally this concludes that

Only a particular human being is the special human incarnation

This may kindle jealousy and egoism in human beings,

I cannot help in this matter since it is the bitter truth.

The Gita says that He comes in the human form only.

The incarnation has not come for the sake of entire humanity

It has come only for those human beings who have conquered

The egoism and jealousy and craved for the God to come down

Therefore human incarnation is not the subject of all

For all the people the incarnation acts as ordinary man only

Krishna never told to any one that He is God

Except to Gopikas and Arjuna who were great sages

Therefore any body with jealousy and egoism need not worry

About the human incarnation which is not his subject

But this fellow does not keep silent with this clarification

He asks the devotee about his experience of the incarnation

The devotee says that he has experienced the Lord in Him

This fellow becomes jealous of the devotee also

He wants that the devotee also should join him

He will plead that God can not be in the human form

He neither experiences nor allows others to experience the Lord

If he has not experienced, others also should not experience

He pleads all should come to formless or statues

Or past dead human incarnations who are in the pictures.

The human incarnation never says to all that He is God

He says and also behaves as an ordinary human being only

But He allows and declares also that He is God

Only to a very few really deserving devotees since

He gives His experience through the medium to them

In which case He can say that He is God, nothing wrong.

As Nikhil rightly pointed out that all this is divine game (Leela)

If one remembers this single point in his entire life

He is never disturbed by any situation because

Even if he is scolded by some body, he is happy

Since he is a part of drama for the entertainment of Lord

The person who scolds is an actor with his dialog

The person who is scolded is also an actor, who weeps

The scolding and weeping are directed by the Lord

Both are in the service of the Lord only

You have to withdraw from the worries of the world

You must become peaceful by such detachment

This is the state of self-realization by becoming self

Then you must identify the Lord in the human form

With the help of His wonderful and blissful knowledge

You taste the bliss of the Lord just for His identity

The self-peace and bliss from Lord are only intermediate

They should not be permanent since both are selfish

You have to sacrifice both the peace and bliss

For pleasing the Lord through His service

Service is worry related to the work of the Lord

Therefore you are transferred from world-worry to

The worry in the work of God that is divine service

Peace and bliss are temporary only in the interval.

Jesus ended with terrible worry in the work of the Lord

He did not end in selfish peace and bliss

He also asked the devotees to sacrifice wealth and come

He stated that unless one leaves his family and even life

Cannot be His dear disciple.

He also stated that He has come with knowledge sword

Not to establish peace in the family of the devotees

He said that He would divide the family members

All this indicates worry and disturbance in the service

And not the selfish bliss and selfish peace

The life histories of devotees clearly show

Lot of worries and problems, not peace and bliss.