Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Feb 2005




It is a good point that not only God is unimaginable but also

 The inseparable characteristics of God are also unimaginable.



The unimaginable God is called as Brahman

Or Jehovah or Allah, beyond the space & time

If the characteristics of God are imaginable, then

Brahman becomes imaginable, if the sunlight is seen

The sun is seen, neither Brahman nor its characteristics

Are unknown, then only Brahman is totally unknown.

The unimaginable nature or the inexplicability of Brahman

Is called as Maya, the Gita says “Mayinamtu Maheswaram

It means that the Lord or God possesses the power Maya

The sunlight is Maya and the Lord is the Sun.

Therefore no one can catch God or His total power, Maya,

If you catch Maya it means you have caught Brahman.

The sun may hide behind a black cloud

You may see a little light coming through the cloud

You cannot say that you have seen the original full Sunlight

In which case you will see the sun also simultaneously.

You saw only a little sunlight filtered through the cloud,

By that you have known simply the existence of sun

In a particular cloud only, in the sky several black clouds exist.

Similarly the Lord hides in a particular human form only

And sends out a little Maya seeing which you can decide

That the Lord is in that particular human being only,

Where as the other human beings are ordinary people only.

You have not seen the full Maya of the Lord

In which case you will see the Lord simultaneously

You cannot bear the vision of full Maya and simultaneous Lord

You cannot see the sun with His original shinning light


When God enters the human body in the incarnation

God mixes a little of His inexplicability or Maya

With a characteristic of the human body so that

The imaginable characteristic of the human body becomes

A little unimaginable, which can be called as wonderful.

The word wonderful indicates a little higher state than

Explicability and much lower state than full inexplicability.

It is like the roof of a house, which is higher than the floor

But much lower than the sky, you can grasp it

And at the same time cannot understand it.

For example the human body has an explicable characteristic

Called as “Lifting power” by lifting a suitable stone.

The boy Krishna can lift a small stone, which is

Explicable characteristic of the body boy, the nature,

Nature or Prakruti is explicable by your analysis.

A crane can lift a small mountain, it is also explicable

But the boy lifted the hill on his finger, this is wonderful,

Because the lifting of mountain is grasped by you

Since you can imagine the crane lifting the hill.

But little inexplicability comes when the boy lifts the hill

The boy, little lifting power of boy, crane lifting the hill,

All these are explicable signs of the nature, fully grasped

Among these explicable concepts only one concept lies

Which is inexplicable that is the boy lifting the hill

Assuming that the power of the crane is in the boy,

Can that tender body withstand that much power?

The material of work is metal in the crane, it can withstand,

But the body is a tender flower, how it withstood?

One inexplicable point mixed with several explicable points

Is called as wonder, it is a diluted inexplicability.

The full inexplicability is unbearable to human beings.

Even this wonder causes so much anxiety and thrill,

Sometimes it leads to the failure of the heart by shock.

Can anyone withstand the full inexplicability, if shown?

If Krishna stands by uplifting the entire earth on his finger,

The devotee will collapse with the shock of surprise.

He showed the entire world in His mouth to His mother

She could not withstand the vision and became unconscious.

The most confusing point in that vision is that

She along with Krishna is also found in His mouth!

The scene of vision and the entire site is in His mouth!!

He showed the entire cosmos within His body to Arjuna

The cosmic energy will burn the eyesight of Arjuna

Therefore He gave the inner divine sight by which only

Arjuna could see the entire Electro magnetic spectrum,

Which is in the form of the world, energy in the units of matter.

Therefore the Lord shows tolerable miracles only,

Which you can see even with your physical eyes.

Miracles are wonderful, which are diluted inexplicabilities.

When you see a vision, you become shocked with excitement

As long as you believe the vision is true, the shock continues.

To save the devotee, a doubt in the mind of the devotee arises

By which he thinks that whether the vision is illusion.

This doubt neutralizes the shock and arose by His will only

In the Gita the Lord says “Mattah Smrutih Jnanam”, which means

That the same Lord gives true knowledge and also the doubt.

Jnanam or knowledge is the imaginable sign of the human body.

When the Lord entered into the human body in incarnation,

A little of His inexplicability or Maya enters jnanam.

Now His knowledge becomes wonderful, which is both

Understandable and little unimaginable, hence wonderful.

Such divine knowledge is Prajnanam or special knowledge.

The Upasarga or suffix “Pra” means wonderful specialty.

This will help you to detect the existence of His place.

The Veda says “Astityeva” which means, “Only existence is known”.

Thus devotee who believes Him knows him a little.

This little awareness of God is the experience of God

You cannot experience the full nature of God, because

You cannot withstand the quantitative aspect of His Maya

You have tasted a little water from the sea and you can tell

That the sea is saltish, that is sufficient since you tasted the sea.

The entire sea cannot and need not be swallowed by you to say

That the sea is saltish, the qualitative conclusion is same

Whether you taste a drop or the entire ocean itself.

You can know through the miracle that God is inexplicable.

You need not understand the entire quantity of His power,

Which is impossible and you can not withstand it.

The Veda says “Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma”, it means

That the special knowledge of the Lord is infinite.

The devotee can never receive that entire special knowledge

After receiving a little special knowledge, he can conclude

That His special knowledge is infinite and unimaginable.

A person who took a tumbler of water from the sea

And a person who took a pot of water from the sea-

Both can say that the sea is infinite.

Let the tumbler not think that the pot has swallowed the whole sea,

Let the pot not be proud that the tumbler has not taken even a drop.

Let the scholar not think that he received entire knowledge,

Let him not think that ignorant people have no knowledge.



Swami! I have a small doubt here, excuse me for asking

The miracle like lifting the mountain can be also taken

As the inseparable sign of God, then why you stress on

The divine knowledge of God only as the main sign?



Then, Ravana who lifted the Kailasa Mountain is God

Hanuman who lifted Sanjeevi mountain is also God

Ravana is demon and Hanuman is a devotee

Rama who did not lift any hill is not God.

Therefore, miracles are no doubt His signs only

Miracles are His powers only but they are granted

To demons and devotees also by the Lord.

No body asks for the transfer of divine knowledge

From Him, every body asks His powers only

Even people approach the human incarnation

For His powers only and not for His divine knowledge.

He kept the divine knowledge with Him only.

Only Lord Krishna could preach the Bhagavad Gita

There is a danger if the divine knowledge is transferred

The devotee may mix his own thoughts in that

As a result of this, people will be mislead in their spiritual effort

In the miracle, even if the demon mixes his thought

And say that it his power and therefore he is God,

Only ignorant people may worship him.

But the scholarly sages will analyze him

And easily find out that he is not God at all.

The ignorant people also will follow the sages

But if the divine knowledge is transmitted to devotee

All the knowledge may belong to Lord only.

A small point twisted will act as a crystal of salt

In the pot of milk, the entire milk gets coagulated.

That small crystal of salt hides itself and is undetectable

But it spoils the whole milk and remains undetected.

It can easily mix with the entire divine knowledge

It looks like a piece of the scam of milk and is inseparable

The people cannot isolate it and become victims

Very difficult to convert them to the truth.

The maximum pollutant in the miracle is only egoism

Which can be easily detected by anybody

Demons who are ignorant people mix this pollutant

But in the knowledge sharp scholars mix pollutants

It is easy to isolate the idea of an ignorant person

But it is very difficult to isolate the idea of a scholar.

Therefore God keeps this portfolio of divine knowledge

With Himself only so that He can preach it perfectly

Krishna, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad are considered

As the world spiritual preachers of originality.



Rama is also considered as human incarnation!

Neither He preached nor did He do any miracles.



There are two fields for the human beings in this world

One is Pravritti, in which the human being must know

How to live in the humanity and how to behave here.

This is like the discipline in the class, which is basic for

The transmission of higher knowledge from teacher to students.

If the class is undisciplined, teaching cannot take place at all.

In this, justice is upheld and injustice is destroyed.

This is also done by God and for this no need of incarnation.

His power can carry on this work because in this world

His administration and kingdom is pervading all over.

It is this kingdom, Jesus was talking about and

People misinterpreted it as a political revolution

On the then Government and for this false allegation

Jesus was crucified. This entire creation is His kingdom.

He is the king because He is creator of this kingdom and

He is the ruler of this kingdom, people think that

A particular ruling party is the Government in the country.

But people have forgotten that there is the basic Government,

The Government of God that pervades all over the earth.

Rama came to establish this Pravritti, which is the stage

For the drama of the spiritual journey of the human beings.

Once this stage was established as the foundation,

Krishna came and preached Nivritti to this world.

Dharma or justice is very simple compared to Vedanta.

In Dharma one can learn it by observing the practice.

Therefore the practice of Rama itself was His preaching.

Ravana disturbed this Dharma representing the injustice.

If the stage is broken, no drama can be played on it.

In Pravritti you have to vote for Dharma only and see

That injustice gets defeated, which is the disturbance of the class.

Not only teaching but also discipline in the class is

The bound duty of the same teacher. Krishna also told

That He will establish Dharma whenever it is disturbed.

He killed Kauravas without taking weapon directly.

He killed them by transmitting His power to Arjuna.

This means to establish Dharma, He need not interfere

Directly in the Pravritti, which is His routine administration.

If some one harmed you, Lord need not come directly,

His power will enter some one and he will help you.

Such a person is also called as human incarnation.

Which is temporary, as long as the work is, it exists.

When some body beats you, He will not take birth

And come to you to help, which may take several years.

Some human being will help you provoked by the Lord,

In to whom His power enters like the solar energy into lens.

Therefore Rama behaved like an ordinary human being

Charged by the power of the Lord to establish the justice.

Mohammed also preached Pravritti like Rama.

But in Nivritti you have to leave even the justice for His sake.

He teaches the entire Nivritti as the Bhagavad Gita.

You have to vote to the Lord and not to the justice.

Justice is greater than injustice that is Pravritti.

You must do the duties and serve your family.

Your family is better than the entire society.

But when God comes into the picture, it is Nivritti,

You have to leave the family like a blade of grass,

For the sake of the most beloved Lord in human form

Krishna was the Lord in human form and stated in the Gita

Sarva Dharman Parityajya...’ which means that you have to

Abandon every body and every thing for His sake.

On the order of Lord, Arjuna killed his own grand father

After hearing The Gita, which is the knowledge of Nivritti

Jesus told that unless one leaves his parents, wife, and children

And wealth and even one’s own life for His sake,

One cannot be His dear disciple.

The demons who got miraculous powers from the Lord are

Not at all dangerous because they can be easily identified.

When a beggar comes with the crown on his head,

We can easily identify that he is not the king, but beggar only.

Because we know the face of the king very well.

Similarly when the demon exhibits miracles, we know that

He is not the Lord because he cannot deliver divine knowledge.

But the false preachers are more dangerous than demons,

Because the beggar now comes with plastic surgery

And his face is just similar to that of the king,

Whether he has crown or not, we will be easily mislead

And conclude that the beggar is definitely the king.

The knowledge of the false preacher looks like

The divine knowledge and we conclude him as the Lord.

The beggar will behave as the beggar only and not as king,

We will think that that must be the behavior of king.

Similarly the false preacher will mislead you very easily

And deviate you from the path by his misinterpretations.

Therefore you must analyze completely all the angles.

Then only you can catch the false preacher, who escapes

The Lord by a very narrow margin and you can filter him

Only by a very careful spectral micro-analysis.

If you are clear in the goal, path and about your self,

If you are aware of even the minute details of these three,

If you are aware of all problems and solutions in these three,

You are sure to succeed and catch the very delicate goal.

Miracles can only prove the existence of little Maya,

Which can be transferred even to the demons and devotees.

The solar cell works even in the night by lighting the torch,

The torch is the miracle and the solar energy is little Maya.

The photocell is the demon in which little Maya exists.

The photocell got this little energy from the sun only.

Similarly the demon got this little Maya from Lord only.

If you conclude that the solar cell is the sun, it is absurd,

Because the torch light in the night can not show the sun.

When you experience the direct sunrays, the divine knowledge,

You can see directly the sun based on those sunrays.

Do not put your step in practice unless you decide.

Decision is the characteristic of the intelligence, which is

The faculty of logical analysis and powerful discrimination.

Mandana Mishra participated in a twenty-one day debate,

He was perfectly convinced by Shankara in all logical angles.

Once he was convinced, he did not delay even for one minute

He took the saffron clothes and followed Shankara as disciple

He never returned back to the householder’s state again.

He could never be deviated by anybody on the earth.