Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 07 Feb 2005



Mother of Rohit:

Rohit is my son, who is following the study of your divine knowledge

I request you to restore his bonds with the family once again

There is a social need and social justice in my present request.


Oh! Mother of Rohit! You are equally mother to me also

You can order me to do anything as you please in this world

The Veda says that mother is first and then comes the father

Then only the preacher comes in the sequence in the third place

Therefore nobody and nothing is greater than the mother in this world

This is called as the field of Pravritti, which is the social life

In this field which has the boundaries of this world of humanity

Nobody should compete with the mother who has given the birth

Even if some body competes, one should vote to the mother only

If one leaves the mother and be after some other person in this world

He shall go to the hell and shall be punished severely, no doubt

But, Oh Mother! When the Lord enters this world to compete

With the mother, the mother cannot be voted before the Lord


The mother has given this physical body and nourished it

But the soul with its subtle body enters the womb of the mother

Through a food grain from the upper world on the order of the Lord

When the subtle body with the soul enters the womb of the mother

A physical materialistic body is being prepared in her womb

But remember that the physical body also was prepared

By the order of the Lord only and it grows by His order only.

When a couple unites, there is no hard and fast rule that

The child should be born, therefore, the parents are not responsible

For the birth of child, the child is created by the administration

Which is divine and which is constituted by the Lord

It is this divine administration that brings the child to the womb

Therefore, the ruler of such divine administration, who is the Lord

Should be considered as responsible for the creation of the child

If the Lord is not supporting, the child cannot be maintained

In the womb itself, the child is finished, which is the abortion

Even after the birth of the child, the child is maintained only

Based on the divine administration called as “Karma Chakra”

Therefore the parents need not feel that they have created the child

Let them not claim the credit in the creation of the child

Sometimes we hear the mother saying to the child in loud voice

“I have given birth to you, I was bearing your weight for nine months”

The father also says “ I have brought up you and made you educated”

All these statements are out of ignorance and egoism only


If these statements are true, why sometimes a child dies in the womb?

Why the mother could not deliver the child? In which case

The mother did not bear the child for nine months,

Since the child missed in the earlier months, if the father is true

Why some children could not be educated in spite of hectic efforts?

Therefore nobody should claim the credit of any action here

All the claim goes to the wheel of the deeds that revolves

Around the index finger of the Lord called Sudarshana chakra

Sudarshana means that which is visible on deep analysis

This is also called as a wheel of time or Kala Chakra

Whenever the appropriate time comes for anything to happen

According to the design of the Karma chakra, it happens

In the case of devotees there may be some modifications in this wheel

Thus either routine or special incident that takes place in this world

It is only due to the will of the Lord and not due to the will of any soul


This entire creation is the drama created by the Lord for entertainment

All the souls are created by Him, which are the basic pure actors

These souls are drops of pure awareness called as causal bodies

These souls are covered by different qualities, which are

The different actions of the pure actors that have to be followed

According to the actions the actors speak the various dialogues

All these different actions are called as different subtle bodies

The soul is covered by the external gross body made of five elements

These gross bodies are the different external dresses of the actors

The actor remains same in all the dramas, which are the various births

The roles change, role means both action and the external dress


In Ashtavakra Samhita, the preacher Ashtavakra told king Janaka

That two actors in a drama in two roles change their roles

In another drama, the preacher gave a horrible example here

He told “Oh King! Two souls acting as mother and son in this birth

Become wife and husband in the next birth”, really inaudible!

You are seeing this in the present cinema-field, two actors acting

As mother and son in one cinema act as wife and husband

In another cinema, this is the reality of the bond in this world!


Shankara says that these dramatic bonds are temporary and so unreal

He pleads that everything temporary must be invariably unreal

Yes, you examine the drama, all the bonds in the drama did not exist

Before the drama, they do not exist after the drama also in future

Hence, you call the bonds as temporary existing during the drama

But Shankara asks you to analyze carefully the present status also

Even during the time of the drama, the bonds are not at all real

Are these two actors really mother and son during the drama?

Therefore, neither you are the mother nor Rohit is your son

When the bond is always unreal, you can have the bond with me also

You can be my mother and I can be your son in this world-drama

Then, Rohit is my younger brother assisting me in my mission

The mother shall be happy if her younger son assists her elder son

Don’t you think that Rohit is with his family member in this context?

He is with his elder brother and both your sons are doing

The greatest work of the Lord who is the Father of the all the souls

Your two sons are together doing the work of your Father

You should be the happiest person in this set up that exists now


When Jesus was preaching about the Lord, a lady stood up and shouted

“Oh Jesus! Blessed is your mother who has given birth to you”

Then Jesus replied “ No. My mother is not the blessed one,

Those who participate in this divine mission are really blessed”

One day the mother of Jesus came to meet him and somebody told Him

That his mother is waiting outside for Him, but he did not care to meet her

He also told one disciple not to attend the burial function of his father

He told “Let the dead bury the dead, you follow me in my mission”

If you see the situation of Adi Shankara in Kaladi in the state of Kerala

You will be surprised, she was very old and was abandoned by her caste

Because she gave birth to Shankara as a widow and he was the only son

Shankara should not have left her under any circumstances

But He cheated her by creating a false crocodile in the river

In the field of Pravritti this is considered as the greatest sin

But Shankara did not leave his mother for some other worldly affair

He did not go to a town and married a beautiful girl and settled there

In such case he should have gone to the most intensive hell

He left his mother for the sake of the mission of the Lord

Of course she suffered a little due to the inconvenience caused

But that little suffering is temporary and was for that one birth only

Being the mother of Shankara, she went permanently to Brahmaloka

She got permanent bliss in the association of the Lord

Is it not far better than that little suffering caused by Shankara?

One birth is just one second in the infinite stream of births

Really the only person who had real love to his mother is only Shankara

He only served her really by giving her permanent happiness

Shankara knows all this and he left her not in ignorance

His love is real, a real love ends in the welfare of the other person

Whom you love, unreal love is always characterized by selfish happiness

Had Shankara stayed with his mother, he might have been also happy

The mother might have also been happy due to service of Shankara

But this happiness of Shankara as well as his mother is temporary only

It is ignorance if one cares for temporary and hence unreal things.

Therefore this happiness is not even real, Shankara analyzed all this

It may look harsh for the people who cannot understand this at the outset

Jesus while carrying on the cross said to the people who were weeping

“Oh ignorant people! Don’t weep for me, weep for you and for your children”, this means that the suffering in the crucification is temporary

And therefore it is unreal, the happiness of the people who are not

Crucified is also temporary and unreal, the reality is that those people

Are going to the permanent hell whereas he is going to his Father

To sit on his right side on the throne, both these are real things.


Jesus was born to an unmarried girl called Mary at that time

What does this mean? Parents are not essential for creation of the child

Therefore he did not like to give any credit to his mother

The Lord entered Him and not his mother and therefore

The credit should go only to the Lord who dwells in him

He is far greater than his mother not in the view of external bodies

But in the view of the internal Lord who dwells in the human body

Suppose there is a coil of wire and you have cut a small piece from it

The coil is the mother and the piece of the wire is the son

The piece of the wire is charged with the current and is alive

Now, which is greater? The coil or the piece of the wire?

The piece of the wire is valid since the current is in it now

It may leave in the future and it might not have entered in the past

How does it matter? Now the current is present in the piece of the wire

Therefore the human body of the human incarnation is now divine for us

The Lord might have entered in the womb or might have entered later

The Lord may stay up to the death or may leave even before the death

The Lord left Jesus just before the death and hence he cried

“Oh Lord! Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me?”

When Jesus was crucified and the mother was weeping for him

He showed one of his disciple to his mother and asked her

To treat him as her own son for the rest of the life.

But, you may think that how he can be the real son like Jesus

But, Jesus is a realized soul. He knows that all these bonds are unreal

He called every lady as his mother, for Him the bonds are made only


Society is only a drama containing different actors in various roles

The bonds between actors is only one that is the bond between colleagues

This bond is real between the souls, which are the basic pure actors

But the bonds between the roles in the drama are unreal only

What do you mean by society? Is it the real bonds between the actors?

Or is it the bonds between the roles in the drama? Please answer this

If you say that society is the bond between the roles, society is unreal

Because the society is based on the unreal bonds and cannot be real at all

If you say that the colleague-bonds constitute the society, in that case,

You need not worry whether your son is with you or with others

Since all are colleagues, he is with colleagues only always

Whether he is with you or with others elsewhere in this world.

Both these aspects can never protect any soul at any time

The unreal bond vanishes after the drama and your son cannot protect you

After this birth like the dramatic son cannot protect the dramatic father

After the drama, the co-actor is also not worried about the other actor

After the drama is over, therefore society can never protect you.

Only the grace of the Lord will protect you here as well as there

Therefore, you need not bother about the society, which is unreal

Shankara did not care for the society to leave his old mother

Prahalada did not care to get his father killed by the Lord

Meera did not mind to leave her husband for the sake of the Lord

Buddha left his wife, son and kingdom for the divine Knowledge

Ramakrishna Paramhansa married but did not touch his wife

If all these are fools, why is the world worshipping them?

As long as the field of Nivritti, which is related to the Lord

Does not interact with the field of Pravritti, the family,

The social justice and ethical rules stand and are alive

Shankara gave an example in this point, which is very nice,

He told that the knife could cut vegetables but not the stone

If the knife attacks the stone, the knife will be cut and not the stone

If your son is not in the Nivritti and went out in Pravritti only,

Then he can be warned against the consequences of the sin

When he entered the Nivritti, he crossed both the good and bad

The Veda says the same “Ubhe punya pape vidhuya” which means

That the devotee of the Lord crosses both the good and the bad

Good and bad are related to the society and limited to Pravritti,

In Nivritti, the Lord only remains and becomes the highest

The Veda says the same “Natatsamah chabhyadhikascha” which means

That nothing, nobody and no theory is greater than the Lord

Justice and society are protected by the Lord only

The protector is always greater than the protected

If a person neglects the family caught by the grip of another person

Or wine or wealth or horse race, then he can be warned

But when the person is caught by the grip of the Lord,

If anybody warns him, he will be severely punished by the hell

You are not turning to the Lord, which itself is a sin

Your also obstructing a person who turns towards the Lord

This is double sin and therefore you will be crushed here and there


Oh mother! Think patiently whatever I have told here

Analyse every concept with your intelligence and discrimination

Emotion will lead to intensive darkness of ignorance only

And you cannot find the truth in the emotion, use the torch light

Which is your brain, now you will see the goal and the path clearly

Arjuna was caught in this grip of emotion rising on the net of bonds

With his relatives, the Gita was the torch light analysis shown by the Lord

After that Arjuna killed the relatives and gave them a permanent farewell

I tell you in the name of the Lord, please hear me, this is truth

A person who is intoxicated by God will never fail even in this world

Because the Lord is the ruler of both this world as well as there

Could anything harm Prahlada? The entire nature bowed before him

The fire, the serpents, the elephants bowed at his feet

The son of the prime minister may go to any departmental office

Everywhere everybody gives a royal reception to him

Everybody will do his work, the prime minister will not phone

Because everybody knows that he is the son of the prime minister

Therefore be assured that the materialistic line will not fail

Because of the spiritual line, it is a full misunderstanding

In fact the Lord controls the material line also and does good only

To the devotees avoiding all the negative effects of that line

The spiritual line is like supplying the energy through the food

The energy is essential for doing prayers as well as the job

Therefore the Lord will protect both the lines in an excellent way

Those who have not taken food can neither pray nor do the job

When the electricity is absent, neither radio sings

Nor the tube light glows, therefore electricity is the source for

The radio, the tube light and for any other electronic appliance

Similarly the Lord is the source for your job and family

The same Lord is the source for your spiritual effort also

He is the only protector here and there at every step

If He is pleased with you, you are well here and there also

If He is angry you will weep here and there also

Do not think that He is related to the upper world only

He gives longevity, health, wealth, wife, son and everything

He also gives salvation from all these things as per your wish

He is the power that works under your direction

Therefore He is not bound to the result in any way

You climb the horse and go to the forest and you are killed there

By the same horse you may go to your home and feel happy

For both the results, He is not responsible in any way

But in achieving both the results He is the power of achievement

The horse has nothing to do with your death in the forest

Nor it has anything to do with your happiness at the home

The Gita says the same “Kartaramapi sarvasya” which means

That He is the doer of everything, yet doer of nothing.


Therefore, Oh Mother! You are praying the Lord to get your son

But your son is praying the Lord to get the Lord

If you pray the Lord to bring your son attracted by another person

The Lord will certainly grant your boon because you are the greatest

You are the first person within the boundaries of this world

But your son has crossed the boundaries of this world

And has entered the boundaries of Nivritti or the abode of the Lord

To please you, how can the Lord throw your son from Himself?

He can drag your son from another person by your prayer

Believe me, your son is a divine soul born for the mission of the Lord

He was closest friend of the Lord by the same name in Brindavanam

The attraction towards the Lord in his heart is strongest bond

Which cannot be vibrated even by millions of parents

He has found out the real bond with the employer of this drama

Lord is producer and director of this whole world cinema,

He also enters as the hero of Nivritti for the sake of spiritual people

You will be given the permanent abode of the Lord in future

For having only one qualification that is you are the mother of Rohit.


Oh Mother! You were also present in Brindavanam and treated the Lord

Like your own son, even though you misunderstood him in the beginning

You are also divine soul in this divine spiritual drama created by the Lord

The souls create their own dramas, but the spiritual drama is created

By the Lord only and all the dialogues are written by Him only.

You spoke like this based on the dialogue written for you by the Lord

Therefore you need not feel that you have asked like this.

You are well aware of this whole divine knowledge because

You have heard all this from Lord Krishna in Brindavanam already

You spoke like this only to get this answer from Me

Your question and my answer are the dialogues written by the Lord

You did your role well and I hope that I have played my role also well

Inspired by your dialogue, I thank you first and then the Lord

Because the script writer is indirect and behind the scene

But the actor delivering the dialogue is before the eyes.


I cannot help for this divine knowledge, which is written by the Lord

I am only delivering His script which is the Truth and hence harsh

Jesus tells us that he brought the sword of knowledge not for peace

He told that He would cut the family bonds and divide the family into two

He expects His beloved disciple to leave the entire family and even life

He left his family and also sacrificed his life for the mission of the Lord

I cannot bring down the sky to the earth to please you

Since you are standing on the ground, if I do this you will stay here only

If you know the Truth you will make constant effort to reach the sky

If you are in the spiritual effort constantly, the Lord will grant you

Any number of human re-births, therefore do not be discouraged

Even if you slip in the path and come back, you shall be granted

The human rebirth, which is sanctioned to “Yogabhrashta”

Yogabhrashta means the person who slipped and came back

In the Gita the Lord says the sanction of the human rebirth even to Him

Then why not to the person who is in constant spiritual effort?

Therefore you will certainly reach the goal on one day

Please keep on walking, that is only expected from you.

The present preachers either do not know the true divine knowledge

Or modify for the sake of devotees to please and get benefit from them

If I modify this knowledge, the devotees may be pleased

The number of devotees will increase tremendously around me

But the Lord will be very angry for modifying His script

Jesus did not modify the script of his father even by crucification

The true knowledge covers the entire depth and hence spreads slowly

The false knowledge is superficial and spreads very fast.


The divine work will be humble and little in the beginning stage

Like the shadow in the evening, which grows slowly

The work of the Satan is huge in the beginning but vanishes

In course of time like the shadow present in the morning time

How many were Christians when Jesus was alive?

How many Christians are present now in this world?

The knowledge becomes clearer and clearer as the Truth is revealed

You can always find the true object with very clear vision

The illusory object superimposed on a true object is obscure

The rope, which is true, is seen very clearly when it is realised

But when in the illusory snake appears over it,

The snake does not appear so clearly to the vision

Therefore the true item is always clearly visualised

And the illusory item is not so much clear

Therefore the clarity in the knowledge indicates the truth of the knowledge

When the illusory knowledge appears, no clarity, only confusion

The present mission is to remove all the illusory knowledge

Which has branched in several ways and to show the true knowledge

For some the rope is appearing as snake, for some as a stick

Therefore the illusory knowledge is interpreted in several ways

All these illusory interpretations have masked the true knowledge

Now it is the will of the Lord that the true knowledge is to be opened

Nobody can stop this, nor oppose this, nor can divert this.

The divine mission of the Lord will be completed with full success

Any example from any religion can perfectly suit the truth

Truth is universal spirituality and it can find its example in any religion

The well is same in a particular place only with limited circumference

But the ocean is found in every part of the world.


The true knowledge is like fire that removes the mental impurity

The false knowledge is like water that removes external impurity

The Gita says that the divine knowledge is like fire and burns ignorance

Which is turned into ash “Jnanaagnih”, when the tree is burnt

It cannot rise again from the ash, the previous messenger told

That Jesus will baptize by the fire, which means divine knowledge.

People pray the Lord and ask Him to grant a particular thing only

They do not give any freedom to the Lord since they feel themselves

As scholars and decide their own welfare and do not allow the Lord

Such people are the lowest category and will dip in the ocean of misery

The middle class devotees give partial freedom to the Lord by praying

That the Lord can give anything but that should be good to them

They gave freedom to the Lord to select any item from the list of

Good things, but He should not touch the list of the bad items.

The highest class of devotees pray the Lord that He should grant

Anything whether good or bad but it should please the Lord.

Jesus prayed in the last minutes before His arrest by the soldiers

That the will of the Lord should only happen, which means that

The will of the Lord always pleases the Lord and hence it should happen

Even if the will is the crucification, Jesus invited it and felt happy

Because the happiness of the Lord can alone be his happiness

Therefore Oh Mother! Pray the Lord to do whatever He pleases

If He is pleased in returning your son, let Him do so

If He is pleased in retaining your son, let Him also do the same

Then you will be considered as the top class devotee and

You will be granted His permanent place called as Brahmaloka