Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Feb 2005




Oh Swami! I like to enter the mission of the Lord that is proposed by you

The Universal spirituality started by you will certainly change this world

I like to do your work on full time basis because this is a rare opportunity

I have passed through millions of births and enjoyed this routine family life

But this birth is very precious because I have met the Lord who has come down

To establish the spirituality and world peace, this work is most important

Arjuna fought for the sake of his wealth and that is personal work or swakaryam

At the same time the same work happened to be the assistance to the Lord

In establishing the justice and destroying the injustice on this earth

But in my case, my work is completely different from assisting your work

The assistance to the Lord is called as Swamikaryam or the work of the Lord

Therefore, I like to leave my personal work and attend only the work of the Lord



I am very much pleased with you for such divine thought moving in your heart

Once a thought came in mind, it is considered as the supreme level always

Mind is the king and action is the army but between these two, minister exists

Minister is the intelligence or discrimination which analyses deeply and

Advises the king to give a proper direction to the army, which is simple practice

Arjuna wanted to sacrifice the kingdom to avoid killing his grandfather

The aim of this sacrifice was more ignorant than the sacrifice itself

Bhishma the grandfather of Arjuna was not showing any love to Arjuna

Bhishma was ready to fight with Arjuna and so does not deserve the love

Bhishma was supporting the injustice and he is not correct even in Pravritti

He was also ready to wound the Lord with arrows, infact he wounded the Lord

Thus he is a total failure in Pravritti and in Nivritti also, he should know that

The Lord is above even the justice, but Bhishma fought with the Lord

Not for justice since he fought against the justice, Arjuna still loves him

If Krishna was in the side of Kauravas which is the side of injustice and

If it happened so that Bhishma came to the side of Pandavas, the justice

Even then Bhishma should not wound Krishna as Lord is more than justice.

The love of Arjuna on his grandfather is not justified and irrational too

At the very first outset, the Lord did not like the blind love of Arjuna

The Lord asked Arjuna to fight in the war from several diversified angles

He condemned the blind love of Arjuna on Bhishma, which is called as Moha

Love is based on analysis but Moha or blind love is based on ignorance

Another angle is that Arjuna being born as a prince in a royal family

He should not live by begging and should not live in a forest for food

Duryodhana refused to give even normal maintaining expenses to Pandavas

Infact the entire kingdom was conquered by the father of Pandavas only

Dhritharashtra, a blind fellow is not eligible at all to rule the kingdom

When king Pandu was going to the forest for a few days for entertainment

Dhritharashtra was made as a representative of the king and not the king

Therefore, the sons of Dhritharashtra cannot claim the kingdom even legally

Thus illegal and unethical force is succeeding and therefore Lord wanted

To establish the justice and destroy the illegal and unethical forces

Therefore Arjuna was not correct in his sacrifice because in that case

Arjuna will be also another Bhishma to support the success of injustice

If you analyse this in the light of Nivritti, then also it is not correct

Arjuna is not sacrificing the war for the sake of the mission of the Lord

He was sacrificing the war only for his blind love on his grandfather

He loved his grandfather more than Dharmaraja, his elder brother

He did not even mind his elder brother to loose his justified throne

He was more wishing the happy life of his grandfather,

Thus this is not for the sake of the Lord and so it is not Nivritti

Even Bhishma was not a devotee of highest order because

Bhishma wounded the Lord and gave more importance to the duty

The highest devotee gives highest importance to the Lord only

First Lord and then only duty or justice or anybody or anything

The main point in the mind of Arjuna was that killing his grandfather

Shall be the greatest sin especially when Bhishma nourished Pandavas

Like their own father, since they lost their father in the childhood

Moreover Bhishma had special affection on Arjuna out of all grandsons

The entire basis is only the blood relationship and blind love out of it

The basis is not any divine point, it is undivine and totally unjust

The main point of Arjuna was the fear for the sin in killing Bhishma

The Lord showed a new angle so that he can escape that sin

The new angle was to treat the war as the work of the Lord

The new angle was that Arjuna should become the highest devotee

For a highest devotee whoever is the enemy of the Lord will be his enemy

Prahlada got his father killed since he treated his father as his enemy

Therefore, let Arjuna fight the war not as the grandson of Bhishma

But as the devotee of Lord Krishna and kill Bhishma in the war because

Krishna treated Bhishma as his enemy standing on the side of injustice.

Now Arjuna will not acquire any sin because he was only assistant to the Lord

As a devotee of Krishna he should not have any family bond and should have

The only bond with the Lord, this is the reason why Krishna taught

Devotion or bhakti yoga also in the Gita apart from analysis or Jnana Yoga


Now when your situation is analysed, at the very first outset,

Your wife Devi is not like Bhishma because she is the highest devotee.

I have seen mothers who obstruct their children participating in mission

I have seen a few mothers who did not object to their children for God

For the first time in this world I have seen a mother asking Swami

About the future procedure to be adopted to send out her child

In the divine mission of the Lord, do you remember that your wife Devi

In the past asked Swami for the training that she should give to her child

So that the child will completely sacrifice her life in the divine mission?

She is an exceptional devotee of the Lord and she cannot be compared

To Bhishma and therefore your bond with her need not be condemned.

She never opposed your spiritual effort like Hirnyakasipu, who always

Opposed Prahlada, moreover she always supported your spiritual path.

Shankara left his mother because she was always fond of her son

Not based on the divine angle, but based on the blind love on her son

Such blind love will not only spoil the spiritual effort of Shankara

But also it will spoil the spiritual effort of his mother permanently.

Ramanuja left his wife because she opposed thrice his spiritual rules,

Buddha left his wife who was very fond of her husband and luxuries.

When the family is completely turned into devotees, it is real luck

Because you are supposed to be in the association of devotees only

Throughout your spiritual effort and so you can be in your home only.

Then you can serve your family members with full respect and love

Not because they are related to you by the bonds of the family

The family is only a drama and the bonds are unreal and dramatic.

You love them as devotees of the Lord, not as family members.

God has two addresses, one is the human incarnation and the other is

The highest devotee, in the human incarnation Lord pervades all the body

In the case of the highest devotee, the Lord dwells in the heart, therefore

Serving the Lord and serving the highest devotee are equal in every angle.

The inside Lord will receive all your service and becomes pleased.


You married Devi and also got a child which is one and half year old

If Devi is opposing your spiritual journey, yes, no mercy at all,

You have to throw her away because the Lord is highest as per Veda

The Veda says “Isheeka tulavat” which means that you must throw your family

Like the husk from the paddy grain, but when you should throw?

Only when your family opposes you in your spiritual trials to serve the Lord

Ramakrishna Paramhansa retained his wife with him since she co-operated.

She became his spiritual associate, in fact one should put up the spiritual effort

In the association of two or three spiritual devotees only and not alone.

Doing spiritual work alone is one extremity like draught and at the same time

Doing it in the association of several people is also the other extremity like floods.

Jesus told that if two or three devotees associate, He will be present there.

In the Gita Krishna told “Aratih Jana samsadi” which means that mass is not good

In the spiritual trials because some useless fellow will pollute the whole thing.

When all of you are immersed in the discussion of God, fully immersed,

That fellow stands and says “I have some urgent work, hence let me leave”

This pollutes the minds of the real devotees also, they think that perhaps

They are also having some urgent work in the home and perhaps

They are sitting there forgetting that work and then they start thinking that.

They will be searching the forgotten work in their brains and the whole time

Is spoilt by this drop of poison present in the pot of the milk.

Yes, the whole milk becomes poisonous by the single drop of poison.

Therefore you must select the devotees of your standard and likeminded.

Let them be a few diamonds, what is the use of mass gravel stones?

At the same time loneliness will not encourage the spiritual progress because

The human being is always accustomed to the association of fellow beings.

Shankara always discussed with his four disciples and always argued

With a small group of scholars in debates which are qualitatively rich.

He never addressed public meetings like the speeches in the elections.

Therefore a family always consists of a few members only and is suitable

To form a small qualitative seminar circle, in which the level is very high.

You find the research seminars always with a few scholars only.

The family if turned into best devotees, you are the luckiest devotee because

You need not go out in the search of this highly qualitative conference.


Therefore, you are justified to keep Devi and her child happiest

Not only from the point of Pravritti but also in the context of Nivritti.

In Pravritti there is no mention of the Lord, only social justice, since

You have married her, you are justified to keep her always happy.

This you should have thought before marriage, but any way

Nothing is lost because in your case Nivritti is synchronising with Pravritti.

She is the highest devotee of the Lord and if she is displeased

The Lord is displeased spontaneously, in fact the Lord is more worried

If His devotee is displeased and He will not mind even if He is displeased.

He keeps His devotees on His head, He becomes servant to His servants.

If Pravritti is contradicting Nivritti, you will have to crush Pravritti.

Once Ramakrishna Paramhansa was killing bed bugs present in his cot,

A devotee came and was hesitant to this action of such a preacher,

Immediately Paramhansa told “These bugs are disturbing Me when I sit

On this cot and do meditation, I do not mind to remove any hurdle

If it comes in the way to the Lord, I will cross the justice also for Him”

In fact, killing a small creature is the highest sin according to justice,

But the Lord is greater than the justice, which is the highest in Pravritti.

Oh Nikhil! In your case even this situation does not arise because

Devi is supporting you in all your spiritual efforts in the mission

I consider you as the embodiment of divine knowledge or Jnana yoga

She is an embodiment of devotion or Bhakti yoga, it is very clear, her sacrifice

Proves the devotion and your sacrifice proves your love for knowledge.

You know that knowledge generates devotion and devotion leads to the Lord

Therefore she is higher than you and so you must serve her sincerely.

Whatever I say is not a blind statement, it is based on complete logic therefore

It is truth and I don’t mind either you or anyone else for speaking the truth.



I prefer my husband to please the Lord than pleasing me.



Oh Nikhil! See her, again her devotion excels any level in this world

Swami speaks the theory whenever there is a real brilliant point.

At one place I condemn the bond and at another place I support it.

All cases will not have the same judgement since merits differ.

In one place I don’t find enemies and friends in another place

All are equal to me but I show the difference based on the difference

Present in the devotees, the difference comes in their mental set up

Which comes along with the soul in the form of subtle body

From millions of births, the difference is not in me at all.

Some devotees misunderstand me that Swami is favoring Nikhil,

They think that Swami is blessing the matrimonial bond of Nikhil

And Swami is cutting the matrimonial bond of some other devotee.

They think that I am blind and partial because they are blind and partial.

I have supported your bond with your wife not as a matrimonial bond

But as a bond between two pure devotees, this bond is more valid.

The Lord likes the bonds between devotees than the bond to Himself.

The father will be happy if his children are loving each other,

He will not be so happy with a child who loves him but quarrels with his brother.

The universal spirituality is aimed at this point only.

The Lord wants to see all His children to live in harmony, they should

Love each other and respect the religions with mutual understanding.

They are the children of one Godfather and they should understand

That they are students of one God preacher only in this world.

It is shameful on the part of the children in not believing a single Father.

Each religion says that their Father created the entire world and that

Their Father only created all the human beings on this earth.

When they say that their God Father created all the human beings,

How can they deny that there is only one God Father to all the human beings?

How there can be several God Fathers as represented by the religions?

They do not analyze even an inch deep with at least minimum common sense.

When there is only one God Father, there should be only one word of God.

But religions claim their scriptures only as word of God exclusively.

There need not be deep logic in this matter, just an iota of common sense

Just a square inch of open mind and just an inch of deep analysis will solve

All the quarrels and all the rigid exclusive conservative limitations.

One day this entire world is going to follow this universal spirituality.

In the name of the Lord I declare this without any fear and hesitation.

Of course people will be converted into this universal spirituality slowly

And step-by-step based on the levels of their present existence.

For an LKG student it will take fifteen years to come to the PG class,

For a student who passed the school, it will take five years,

For a student who is in the final year of the bachelor degree

It will take just one year. Therefore do not worry about the speeds of realization.

People will come in batches according to their own time schedule.

The Lord has His divine plan, well established from the beginning itself.


Change of one state to the other is quite essential even for the Lord.

Even the Lord comes down from His divine abode frequently to the earth.

Deep sleep in the night is created as a change from day-activity, the change is

Not opposition to any state, it is only an interval between similar states.

The crest between two troughs and the trough between two crests

Makes the wave to propagate the energy as per science, as you know.

Similarly the gap in the spiritual effort constituted by Maya is essential.

Maya acts like the deep sleep between the two consecutive days,

When you roam in the sunlight continuously and then reach shade,

You will really enjoy the shade intensively and with full vigour.

This is the very essence of Nature, which is created by the Lord.

This is the hard and fast rule inevitable even to the Lord.

He is in the full state of awareness when He is in His divine abode,

Where angels and sages receive divine knowledge from the Lord.

After some time He comes to the earth for a change from that state,

This is called as the entertainment, the reason for the creation.

Therefore you concentrate all your intelligence on your research work.

While doing your research work you forget the spiritual work.

It should be like concentrated deep sleep after hectic day.

It should be like the ignorance of the Lord when He comes down to the earth.

The Lord is deeply immersed in the ignorance in the human incarnation.

He wants to really isolate Himself from the divinity, which was the state

He left in the upper world and wants to immerse in the ignorance of Himself.

It is like for an officer who was strained by continuous work to go to a picnic

For a change and entertainment and he wants to forget all his office matters.

Similarly the Lord comes to the earth to forget all His divinity for some time.

This is the main reason why the human incarnation is reluctant to expose

His inherent divinity, unless an emergency is developed in which case

The office file comes even to the picnic spot and he signs the file.

Those who are not divine inherently try to expose their imposed divinity.

Such souls are demons, who perform miracles frequently to expose themselves.

Therefore treat the research work also as a part of the yoga, because

It is a good gap of interval diverting you completely for some time.

That gives you rejuvenated vigour to work with all freshness in the mission.

At the same time the concentration in your research to build career

Supports simultaneously your effort required to please your devoted wife.

Change of state is essential for any body unless he is mad continuously.

Madness is the ninth stage in the ten stages of the devotion.

Mad people live continuously in their own world and do not return.

You can take Me as an example, I did lot of research work in science.

I published several original research papers in international journals.

Just two months back also I communicated a research paper

On corrosion of concrete leading to premature failure of concrete works.

While doing research work I have written hundreds of books on spirituality

And I carried on several spiritual debates with several scholars in Sanskrit.

Therefore take myself as an example for what I preach you here.



Oh Swami! All my ignorance vanished by your preaching now,

Which is the Gita or devotional song and I shall act as per your guidance.

I convey my salutations along with my wife to your divine lotus feet.



Now it is midnight in America and therefore have a deep sleep

Which is strong ignorance of the entire awakening state of day

Have a nice sleep, the ignorance about the ignorance is gone.

Therefore enter into the state of perfect ignorance, which is deep sleep.

Now you have understood that ignorance has positive utility.

My dear Nikhil! Nothing in this creation is negative.

Even these family bonds obstructing the bond with the Lord

Are also created to test your love with the Lord and act as examiners.

The villain is essential in the cinema to glorify the hero.

In the Gita the Lord says that He alone created both knowledge and ignorance.

While enjoying the cinema, when you are ignorant of the screen and figures

You think that the scenes are real under ignorance and then only you enjoy.

But when you are trapped with those unreal dramatic bonds in the cinema,

Then you require the knowledge to come out of that trap of that net

And to unite with the Lord to please Him by selfless sacrifice in service.