Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 01 Feb 2005




Oh! Swami! None knows your ways, which are always miraculous;

Rohit has a doubt now when the things are finalized for the mission.



You are Dharma Raja and Rohit is your brother Arjuna,

Who has let down his bow and arrows on the ground in the last minute.

Arjuna was mislead by the love on Bhishma standing before him,

Similarly, Rohit is mislead by that guy, who kindled his heart,

With the emotion, love and desire for self-bliss.

That quenched his sharp analytical divine knowledge-fire.

Arjuna was supposed to be the best director of the war,

Dharma Raja is to be the president or king in the future.

The Lord wished to destroy the evil forces on this earth,

And establish Dharma Raja on the throne to rule this earth.

The Lord now also wishes to destroy all the twists of ignorance

And establish the universal spirituality in this world.

You will propagate this divine knowledge like Dharma Raja,

Who propagated the justice through his rule.

In future, you will be awarded noble prize for the world peace.

The Lord showed His Vishwaroopam to Arjuna,

In which He showed Himself killing Bhishma and Kauravas.

What did it mean? It meant that the Lord would do every thing,

And gives fame to His devotees, no external help needed for Him.

He wanted to give the credit to Arjuna for his high devotion

Similarly the Lord wanted to give credit to Rohit,

Who entered the heart of the Lord deeply in the first step itself?

Like a marriage at the first sight itself without any interim procedure

Like writing Love letters and making several dialogues!

At the end of The Gita the Lord told Arjuna “I gave the analysis

For all your doubts, now you are free to do anything”.

The Lord did not use any super power to change the mind of Arjuna,

Because the path of divine knowledge and devotion should be

Spontaneous, natural and real without any force on the mind.

I am telling the same to Rohit, now it is up to him to decide in any way.

The sword of divine knowledge is always royal and with dignity

It always attacks from the front only and not from the backside.


Did I invite anyone to participate in My mission at any time?

People came by themselves and were eager to serve this mission.

When people came, I did not climb the crest of the wave,

Nor I have fallen into the trough of the wave when people leave Me.

People serve the mission of the Lord and they are only benefited,

This not at all benefits Me, in any way, one should note this.

I have not lost anything if people leave the mission.

I remain what I am in the present, in the past and in the future,

Jesus propagated the divine knowledge on the order of the Lord,

His sole aim was to finish the duty assigned to Him by the Lord,

So that when He goes to heaven, the Lord is pleased with Him.

He never cared for the fame in this world, which is illusory only;

None recognizes even his son when the gross body perishes.

Nobody will praise you in the upper world as His preacher,

Because he does not recognize you in the upper world.

Instead of fame, He was insulted and crucified finally,

But His goal was not this world and His goal was the Lord only.

Therefore, He never modified the divine knowledge in any way,

He told as it is as told by the Lord to Him to propagate,

He never modified it since consumers are very less in number.

He never asked the Lord for modification to increase the number.

He is not bothered about the number of consumers visiting,

He was only employee of the Lord and the profit or loss belongs to the Lord.

He was paid His salary in the upper world, when he went there.

The Lord made Him sit on His right side on the divine throne.


Suppose a person did not work and therefore did not get his salary,

The pain in this case is little because he neither gained nor lost,

But a person worked hard and got his hard earned salary,

But he lost it on the way, this gives extreme pain.

Similarly one did not recognize the Lord on this earth,

The pain in his case is very little since no gain nor loss,

But a person recognized the Lord in the very first sight itself,

And expressed his proven love practically at once,

As Hanuman recognized Rama in the very first sight itself,

But looses the Lord due to some diversion, this is the highest pain.

The Lord will try His best to hold him on the true path,

Because it is duty of the Lord to protect all His sheep

From the Saturn, who comes like a fox in all the trickish ways,

The Lord is worried about His missing sheep only,

Because the sheep belonged to Him and was stolen by the Saturn.


Saturn tried to attract Jesus by offering the kingdom of the world,

Which gives highest bliss but Jesus refused it as a dust particle,

Jesus preferred the Lord only even if He was crucified for the sake of Lord.

Saturn offered self-bliss, the Lord showed the cross!

Jesus told that one could not be His dear disciple unless one throws,

Wife, children, brothers and sisters, wealth and even one’s own life.

Does this mean that the path is self-bliss or self-sacrifice?

Shankara, Meera, Buddha, Prahlada etc. underwent self-sacrifice only.

The Gita is really blissful knowledge, but for whose bliss?

It is for the bliss of the Lord and not for the bliss of the devotee.

Arjuna wanted not to kill his grandfather, Bhishma,

Who nourished him like his own father and loved him highest

If Arjuna leaves the war, Bhishma will be alive and happy,

That will give immense happiness or bliss to Arjuna

But after hearing the Gita Arjuna killed Bhishma in a horrible way,

He shot arrows on every inch of the body of Bhishma,

It is not for self-bliss, it is for the pleasure of Lord Krishna.

After the Gita, Arjuna became the real devotee of the Lord.

He understood the real meaning of the word bliss in blissful knowledge.

Here bliss refers to the bliss of the Lord and not to the bliss of the devotee.


In the world such blissful knowledge exists in practice,

People do not like to apply the same to the case of the Lord.

People undergo all difficulties for the bliss of their sons,

When the son is blissful, one gets the real self-bliss,

But, one loves his wife as an instrument of his self-bliss,

Such love is not the real love as said in the Veda itself.

One should love his wife for the sake of bliss of his wife,

And for that one should even undergo lot of unhappiness,

Such love is real devotion expected to be on God also.

If you are approaching God also for your self-bliss only,

What is the difference between you and a worldly man?

The worldly man uses worldly items for self-bliss,

And you are using God for your self-bliss.

For such self-bliss, why to use the purest Lord?

Worldly items like wine, wealth and wife are available.


You are supposed to taste the bliss of divine knowledge,

That is emitted from the Lord for identifying Him.

You are asked to taste the sweets in the house so that,

You will identify the best sweet among all the sweets.

Yes you have identified the best sweet by tasting.

The purpose is over and you are not supposed to go on,

Eating that sweet till it is finished!

After the recognition of the Lord, you should not have

The aspiration for the bliss, only aspire to serve Him.

You have tasted the bliss to recognize the Lord,

There also you are not aspiring to enjoy the bliss.

Now your love should be in the service of the Lord

To see the bliss radiating on the face of the Lord.

This is not possible if the Lord is formless or statute,

It is possible only in the case of human form of the Lord.

Hanuman worked to see the pleasure in the face of Rama,

Arjuna killed his grandfather to see the same pleasure

In the face of Krishna, both are human forms of God.

Are you greater devotee than Hanuman? Certainly not.

Hanuman worshipped the objective form of the God.

The subjective form of God is original, no doubt,

But what is the use? It is unimaginable for your intelligence,

Which cannot cross the four-dimensional space-time model,

The subjective God is beyond the space and time.

Therefore, your intelligence cannot touch that original form.

What is the use of your high jumps? You cannot touch the sky.

The sky will come down in the form of rainwater to the earth itself,

Take baths in it and drink and get full happiness,

Do not continue with that self-happiness always.

Think of the service to give happiness to the Lord who came down.

If you neglect the objective Lord and also cannot reach the subjective Lord,

You are lost from both the sides, you are the most unfortunate.

The next human birth is not sure and thus this may be your last chance.


When Madhav came as Yadav in Brindavanam,

This Yadav was also there as His best friend in His circle.

You will be surprised to know that his name then was the same as now,

He was fast and hasty even in his previous birth also,

Neither the Lord is new to him nor he is new to the Lord.

I have finished my duty to clarify all his doubts,

I am not attached to the result of my efforts in any way.

The Lord preached both Arjuna in the war and Duryodhana before the war,

The Lord showed Viswaroopam to both in the same way.

Duryodhana neither heard the Lord nor could see His Viswaroopam,

Arjuna heard patiently and saw the Viswaroopam.

The cloud rained equally on the pearl shell and the mud pond.

The raindrop becomes pearl in the pearl shell,

And the same becomes mud fallen in the mud pond.

The raindrop is a requirement, no doubt in it,

But the main requirement is the pearl shell.

Therefore, more important is the mental set-up,

That has come all along the previous millions of births.

The Lord told Arjuna that he would fight the war mainly

Not due to His Bhagavad Gita, which is a raindrop only,

But he will fight based on his inherent nature

That was developed during the past millions of births.

Therefore, the result lies in the inherent nature of the devotee,

I gave the same knowledge to every devotee,

Some did not come to Me, some came and left Me,

Some stayed with Me till I did not start testing their faith,

Some stuck to Me inspite of My severe tests.

Why this difference, when I taught the same knowledge to every one,

In the same manner with the same illustrations?

The difference is not in Me, it is in the various natures of the souls,

Thus I am entertained in this world - play ground,

With various types of games, each game at various levels.