Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Mar 2020


Since Buddha left Sanatana Dharma to establish Buddhism, does it not mean that Sanatan Dharma had some shortcomings?

[A question from a discussion forum forwarded by Shri Anil.]

Swami replied: In any religion, there are always some shortcomings. The specific shortcomings may differ from one religion to another. If you point out one defect in Me, I can point out another defect in you. But there are also merits in each religion. The merits in any religion come from concepts and practices established by the Human Incarnations who founded that religion and who incarnated even later on in that religion. Some good followers implement those good things in a correct manner, which leads to development and progress in the religion. Some bad followers misinterpret those good concepts and practices in the religion. These misinterpretations are the defects and shortcomings observed by us. The follower of every religion hides his own defects and the defects of his religion and shows only the merits. Simultaneously, he only points out the shortcomings of the other person and the other person’s religion.

This attitude has become quite common in this Kali age, both at a personal level and at the level of religion. This must be reversed by our propagation of true spiritual knowledge. One should find defects in oneself and in one’s own religion. Similarly, one should find merits in others and their religions. If a person feels like converting to another religion, the person should recognize the defects in the other religion too! Thereby, the person will realize that conversion to another religion is foolish and whoever is trying to convince him to convert, is simply trying to brainwash him!