Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 14 Apr 2020


Swami Answers Devotee's Questions

1. Does Vāstu Śāstra support sinners and promote their sinful activities?

[Shri Anil asked: You have said in Your discourse on March 7, 2020 that a south-facing property is beneficial for people who regularly kill animals and are involved in the meat business (Kirātānāṃ dakṣiṇā). This means that by occupying a south-facing house, such people will not experience any bad effects and will continue to prosper. Does this not mean that the sages who gave the Vāstu Śāstra are promoting their sinful activity?]

Swami replied: Vāstu does not deal with sin and merit, it only deals with profit and loss. Souls of this level, who are involved in killing animals are not connected with spiritual knowledge. The connection between the south facing house of a butcher and the profit earned by him is unimaginable. The unimaginability of this connection paves the way for developing faith in the unimaginable God. Vāstu is not a physical science in which worldly logic alone is perfectly applicable. It deals with the unimaginable powers of the planets (deities) in carrying out the administration of the deeds and fruits of souls. A butcher killing animals in the meat business, earns profit due to the south-facing house because God Yama, the lord of the hell, is situated in south. Facing south means that this butcher will go to hell because the profit earned by him is based on the sin of killing animals. Of course, the sin is also shared by the people consuming the meat as food because it is their demand that prompts the butcher to supply the meat to them. Demand and supply is the basis of any business.

2. In what way do the horoscopes of the dependent wife and children support a man?

You have stated in Your discourse on March 7, 2020, that the horoscope of the non-earning wife supports the husband and the horoscopes of dependent children affects their parents. Can You please clarify the meaning of the word support? Are You referring to the financial support derived by the wife and young children from the man of the family?

Swami replied: Support in this context means that the wife positively increases the strength of the husband in any positive aspect like wealth, health, fame and so on.

3. In the spiritual effort, which is more important; uplifting others or concentrating on self-purification?

Swami replied: When one preaches spiritual knowledge to others, it is a double-edged knife, cutting both sides. By constantly preaching spiritual concepts, the concepts get well-digested by preacher, which leads to the purification of the preacher’s soul. It naturally leads to the purification of the other souls listening to the knowledge of the preacher. When this happens, God will be highly pleased with the preacher, who is helping God in making the world created by God run smoothly. In this way, propagating spiritual knowledge is a three-dimensional work, yielding three good results.


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