Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 May 2020


Swami Answers Devotees' Questions

1) Can You please interpret my dreams?

Smt. Latha asked: Namaskaram Swamiji! Two things happened to me in the past three days that I am not able to understand. I request you to clear my confusion. Three days ago, before dawn, I saw a person wearing a white dress in my dream. I felt as if Sai Baba was telling me that lots of money is going to pour from the nairuthu (south-west). Next, usually, I do not sleep during the day, but yesterday, I was feeling sleepy at about 10 o’ clock in the morning. A few minutes after lying in bed, I could not breathe. I saw something come out of my body and it was floating in air, beside my body. I was not able to breathe or move. Then I do not know how, but I started falling asleep and went into deep sleep. Please can you explain these two incidents to me? Namah Shivaya!

Swami replied: O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! Do not give much importance to dreams. They are generally our thoughts from our subconscious state which materialize as dreams. If the dreams are divine and if God is giving some message to you through them, you will see God in the dream and receive His valuable message. Most dreams have no spiritual significance. You can forget what all you experienced.

2) What message did You want to give me by coming in my dream?

Shri Nyoman Guna asked: My salutations at the lotus feet of Lord Shri Datta Swamiji! Swami, some weeks ago, You appeared in my dream. You smiled and sang a song. Could I know what message You wanted to give me through the dream? Swami, my life is full of health and financial problems. On the other hand, I also want to serve You, Swami, until the end of my life. Please forgive me for all my sins. Great thanks to You for coming in my dream. With love, Nyoman Guna.

Swami replied: Lord Datta will always bless you for your sincerity to Him.